Legoland Malaysia's 1st International Theme Park

So I finally stepped foot into Legoland last year December. We should all be proud that it's Malaysia's very 1st international theme park. And mind you, I'm a huge fan of theme park and this one's awesome! There's gonna be tons of photos ahead. So go get your popcorns and chips and start scrolling!

The main entrance of Legoland. Greeted by sunshine and hundreds of humans! It was a school holiday so you should expect this crowd. Damn pack!

Holla!!! Thank you so much for the great weather that day. It was shining bright all the way til late noon.

The ticketing counter gives great service! Not only they're friendly and informative, they're fast too! Ticket priced at RM120 for adults and RM90 for kids. The price includes a RM10 food voucher. Nice! But remember to bring your MyKad. Else you'll be paying the unnecessary extra =)

Entering Legoland! Roller coaster and rides here I comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

The view upon crossing the ticket toll.

To the left you'll find the toilet. So help yourself before embarking on the adventurous journey!

To the right you'll find mini market. Grab some smoothies and snacks so you won't be starving later =D

Nikonian vs Canonian of Legoland. Hiak hiak hiak! Canon is one of Legoland's official partner.

Oh yes it was December and it also means Christmas was around the corner, thus the huge Christmas tree made out of Legos! I saw on Facebook that they made a red colored snake during Chinese New Year this year. It's lovely how they change their theme accordingly eh.

Toot tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttt!!! Train coming train coming~~~

Hop onto this train and the guide will bring you around Legoland. I don't know big is the round though. Cos I always prefer to venture on feet myself =P

So do you want to be a driver or a captain? Hehe

Driving school for kids. Not for us lah. Can't fit my bum into that thing.

Tan Chong Motor is also one of Legoland's official partner. There's car wash too! Oooo..........

Petrol refill anyone? Hehe

Traffic light spotted in the driving school. And look at that pedestrian! Cute right?

Next, to the boating school! Aye aye Captain! It seems boating school is more pack than driving school. Looks like the kids wanna be Captain Sparrow!

The shipyard that I didn't bother to check out cos no one was even there =.= I wonder why...

The restaurant where you feast for lunch! This is where you can spend that RM10 voucher on those yummylicious food!

A place for the adults to rest. I think this is like the sea for the boating school?

Next up is....................................................

Me and mi amore, Fung~ We're such poser. Haha!

What do you see? YES! Fire brigade trucks! This is the fire brigade station.

And on we hopped! You gotta pump the gear to move the trucks. Yes my parents are as playful as us too! Haha!

Rescue rescue rescue!!! Cmon the house is on fire! Pump those water now!!!

Mission completed! Er wait. Why is our truck written Police? Hmm...........

We graduated from the Rescue Academy! Oh yeah! Haha!

Airport! Let's fly away to lalaland~~

Found this lil one very amusing. Cute lil boxer shorts with hearts. Hehehe

Nope. We didn't play this. Haha! Only we were transported elsewhere.................................

Oh they even have a roundabout! In midst of transporting from the airport. We landed at............................

The Land of Adventure!

We flew from JB to Egypt! In our dreams yes =P

A camel made out of Legos. Damn they're so good at building all these stuff.

And to another rescue adventure we went! This time without our mom cos she thought it's a roller coaster. Haha! Ok I won't tell you what is this but you've got to try this! It's fun!!!

The Jungle Cafe to quench your thirst and for light snacks. Souvenirs are available too.

Alright. Let's go back and bring out the kid in everyone of us. Time for some Imagination~~~

This water fountain actually plays music according to which instrument you approach. There's sensor on the floor. Just tap your feet and the drums and violins and the rest will start playing music.

Random poser asking for shots =P

We found Barney's sibling! Um....I think it's more like Barney's sick. Turned from purple to red.

Hello hello hello!

Wink wink! Nice eyelashes you've got there girl =D

Playtown for the little ones.

Hmm...I think I just realized that they actually have a fountain in each park. This one's a fountain too.

This is the mini USS Tiger Tower. Haha! No lah. This is also the same viewer. Only shorter and smaller. Allows you to see the whole Legoland =)

This one looks fun. Why didn't I try this?

Oh no! Don't! We can bring anything into discussion. Noooooooooooooooo! Haha!

Looks like someone's hungry =D When mom buys, you know you can always count on her to buy for everyone else. Hiak hiak!

Now let's venture deeper into Legoland. What do you see? Hehe

And what do you see here? =D

Welcome to the hidden castle in Legoland! I was gasping when I saw this! Man! Is it me or is there a castle-effect on everyone? Haha!

The other angle of the castle. Was enjoying myself taking shots of different angle. Hehe

Time to enter the castle! It's actually a queue to the roller coaster! I can't have my camera with me so nope, no shots from inside the castle. But what I found in my camera when I came out was the two photos below.

I don't know where Fung found this dwarf. Haha!

And a frightened lil mouse. LOL

The roller coaster that I didn't manage to get on =( SO SAD! Because the queue to this roller coaster was way too long that the crew actually told us we need to wait for an hour. No way I'm waiting that long. So me and my bro left. Sob................I love roller coaster!

Sad view. Can't enjoy the fun ride. =(

Found this somewhere. Had a real hard time capturing the perfect angle. Had to go around the bushes and tree branches to get this shot.

Beep beep!

Leaving the kingdom now. Let's venture elsewhere~~

Welcome to the MiniLand! No I don't know the name of this park. I just created that. It's everything built into miniatures using Lego. 

The famous Taj Mahal of India. 

This must be from Thailand. I don't know what do you call these though. 

Welcome to China! 

Ok someone please tell me where is this. Looks like Singapore to me. Hmm......

And I've no idea where's this as well. Looks like Melaka though. 

Ok I'm gonna stop guessing. I seriously have no idea where is this. 

Nope. I also have no idea what or where is this. Damn I suck at this game. 

Random shots. Ok I'm just gonna call them random shots.

This looks like Tasik Selatan bus terminal. Hehehe

This is the back of the boating school. But I see no boats. 

Welcome to Malaysia! Duh~ 

Putrajaya in Legos!

Petronas Twin Tower in Legos! See how mini it is!!!

Suria KLCC. Shopping anyone? Hehe

Menara KL. Looks real doesn't it?

Cute little architecture. They're so creative kan?

This looks like.................I know this is KL. Looks a lil like Bangsar station. 

Now this one caught my attention. Haha! They actually produced sounds while those little guys lift the van. Damn cute!!!

This is Dataran Merdeka KL. The centre of KL city. 

Masjid Jamek at KL. 

And I don't know what is this place. 

This looks like some court house. Or is it the City Hall? No idea. 

Some random building at KL.

Alright. The miniature land was the last place we ventured into. It was the end of Legoland already. By then the time was around 4pm. And I remember, the sky was already giving in. Grey clouds forming already. So we decided to leave for home and then to dinner. 

This is the area before entering Legoland. They consist of cafes and souvenir shops and some convenient store. A cool place to hangout =)

A stage was being put up for performance. 

I might not be going back to Legoland so soon. They're still building the water theme park and the hotels. When everything is done, estimated in year 2015, I'll be going back again =) Til then. Cheers and have a good night!


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