Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where to download???

Can anyone tell me where to download dramas or movies??


I desperately wana collect the whole 5 seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

IT'S SHOOOOO NICEEEEE!!!!Now that the drama had ended on ntv7, I wish to keep them all. But can't seem to find them anywhere to download. Sobs...

Anyone? Please? I promise to buy you dinner if I get to download the full 5seasons. Hehe =D

I just miss the drama so much! Love it so much too!
Now now...McDreamy....awww......

Anyone please tell me if you know ya? THANK YOU!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Catch Snake~


Today I took off day. Hiak hiak hiak!

Let's see my diary for the day...

:: 17-10-2008 ::

6.45am - Woke up
6.50am - Called darling
7.00am - Shower
7.15am - ONLINE! Muahahaha!!! (While eating breakfast) Kekeke =D
7.45am - Mum called to ask where am I and what am I doing
8.00am - Dressed up and made up
8.30am - Left home and headed over ING
8.40am - Reached ING and waited for mum
8.48am - Mum reached and headed over Maybank
8.55am - Reached Maybank (haven't open =.=''')
9.15am - The first customer to be served. Nyehehe =D
10.05am - All things done. Account created. Cheque deposited. Cash deposited *happy* =D Headed over Digi centre.
10.15am - Reached Digi centre and was very satisfied with the service. Had my MTV Powerpack plan changed to the latest Prepaid I Like plan with added SuperSMS. Woo Hoo!!!
10.45am - Went back to ING. Mum want to go Toto. I went up to visit Ms Chan. Sadly my granduncle was having meeting. Everyone having meeting. Sienz~
11.15am - Head over Mini Poslaju with mum. Curi curi see the price rate. Kekeke =D
11.30am - Time to find baby for lunch
11.40am - Arrived and waited
11.50am - Went over Jadepot for lunch
12.30pm - Baby said to go RHB bank wana tut tut $$
12.45pm - Went to Nationwide Express to ask about the rate. Ended up, found out it's all a misunderstanding. Haiz... Long long story
1.15pm - Went over Public Bank behind Everise. Saw Sultanah's car in front of Tom's with many police. A lot of Digi people walking around Padungan area =.='''
1.45pm - Sent baby back to work
1.55pm - Passed by St Jo to look for bro but didn't found him. Should be mummy already picked him up lor
2.05pm - Went to Satok Unisense. Saw Barbara, Wilfred, Sophyna, Siti and Puspa. Then walked to Guardian pharmacy and bought the Nivea lip care essential
2.15pm - Drove back home
2.30pm - Reached home
2.40pm - Helped mum dyed her hair
3.00pm - ONLINE! Nyahahaha!
3.45pm - Writing this post while chatting with baby and kelly. Gonna sleep soon.

Hmm...plans for later...

5.30pm - Wake up from nap and shower
6.00pm - Gonna dress up in my gold mini dress and put on light make ups
6.30pm - Will leave home and go baby's house
7.00pm - Reach baby's home and out to Patio
7.30pm - Time said to reach Patio and celebrate baby's friend's bday

Dinner and dinner and drinks and drinks don't know til what time lor. Hehe =) That's all for today~



Thursday, October 16, 2008

Star Cruise: Virgo

Wish my dreams will come true for...

Monday, October 13, 2008

My dream...My wish...

I was being asked...

When the time comes...what car would you get?


A simple answer I gave. BMW I said.

Then a question came back...

What model?

Haha! Now I'm confused. Then I was given some guidelines.

Let's have a look...
I was told about the new BMW 1Series Coupe. I asked, why 1Series? And the reply was, the size is just right =) With a smile, I give it a thought...Hmm...Why not? =) Let's consider some more...
BMW E92 335i. Not bad also right? I do love the 5Series ones but I think, price wise, it's a lil *ahem* too high? Hehe =D

And then...something else came to my mind...
How about...a 3Series convertible? Hehehe =) Even better do you think? I love convertibles Kuching? A
And speaking of about Z4? Hahaha!
And this! The CS concept!!! Urgh! All these are itching my hands. Hahaha!



One of my wish is to own a BMW one day =)

Back to life~

The other day I went to Saberkas with mia darling. Wanted to look around for my bro's pc. And you know what I ended up with?

Hehehe =D

A life back!!!

Back to dancing!

It's been quite some time since I stopped dancing at EarthDance. Haven't been dancing anywhere else too. So I decided to buy myself a dance mat as my bro has a PS2. Hehe =D

Slurps...This dance mat costed me RM38. Actually I wanted to spend RM50 on both the mat and a ring for myself. But in the end, I spent most of it just on the mat itself and didn't get myself any ring.
Tadah~! I started dancing the next day. Haha! Accompanied by my bro. But he only plays it with the controller. Hehe =)
Stay Cool babeh! Hehe =)


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hugs? Anyone?

I need a hug....




You know....

Just that 'someone'...







Just a hug...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Anniversary dinner @ Garden Hill

Last night baby and I went to Garden Hill to have our anniversary dinner. It was postponed due to some circumstances. Anyway, actually we wanted to have it at Shiloh but unfortunately it was closed. So there we go, Garden Hill which is located at 4th floor of Taman Kereta.This is the main entrance. We actually went in through the side way. Haha! Then baby went to snap a few shots of the place.
I'm not quite sure where is this signboard been places at. Cos I'm not the one taking this pic.
And the same goes to this one as well. They're nice aren't they? =)
This is the menu put by the entrance.
From our seat viewing to the back of the restaurant.
Huge screen just beside us. Teeheehee~ It's by the edge of the pool.
This blue lights are just next to out table. They goes blinking.
Hmm...nice place huh...
There's a lil hut below the restaurant. Not so sure what is it inside.
Just a lil exterior view...
That's our drinks. Baby ordered Iced Bubble Peach Green Tea and I had Blue Curacao Soda Drink. Not bad *grins*
They served main western foods but do have some local foods like rendang, nasi lemak and sorts. I had creamy carbonara cooked with turkey ham and mushroom.
This is baby's meal. Chicken Bolognese. Looks yummy~

The dinner was my treat. Costed me RM44.65 overall included tax. But I say, it's worth the experience. Love the environment and foods.
Great place for romantic meal...


Thursday, October 2, 2008



Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Recently I'm so lovin' all these espadrilles wedges. Haha! Just now went for window shopping at Spring. Spotted a few at Charles & Keith, Nose and Viss. *dreaming* Hehehe =D

But a lil sad lor. Cos due to my height, I can't wear the oh-so-high wedges. Urgh! Sometimes I do wish I'm just 2inch shorter. Hahaha!
I love those wedges whereby its wooden and not the whole heel is of the same color. Cos I love the casual look. Can pair it with anything and wear it to any occasion I want! Kekeke =D

Love checkers!!! Preferably red =D~
Look! Red! Haha! My bf said that red suits my mum more =.='''
*slurps* Kekeke =D So in love with espadrilles. Hahaha!

Nothing much about this post. Just my recent craves =D Gonna get one when I got my increment next month. Muahaha!

By the way, I'm now a confirm staff at Unisense Boutique. Had just signed the confirmation letter yesterday. Heehee =P Til then,


Happy 7th Month Anniversary~!

Darling, it's been 7 months for us. You've been a cupid (cos I'm the angel) all this while. Kind, caring (although sometimes lagging a lil), sweet, loving and huggable (although a lil thin) and kissable (oOoOoOo!) Haha!

With all the cares
I give you hundreds of sweet moments
With all the hugs
I give you thousands of wishing stars
With all the kisses
I give you endless happiness
And with all the love you gave
I give to you, my heart to keep

Happy 7th Months Anniversary My Darling~!

I Love You~!

Selamat Hari Raya = Save Raya Day


*p/s: do send me kek lapis ok? hehehe =D