Sunday, February 22, 2009

Farewell to Jerome~

Today is a Sunday well spent~! I woke up around 10am (I know I know it's late. But it's a Sunday! Haha!) Woke up then had my breakfast while watching Tom and Jerry. Hehe =D Then I watched dvd. Borrowed quite a few dvds from Greg the other day. I watched Honey this morn. It's superb! Oh how I love their dancing moves!!! Made me think back of my days at EarthDance. Awww~~~

Then after movie, I came online. Checked my mail and chatted with baby and Galvin and Kelly. I was suddenly in the mood to go out for drinks since all of us were bored and saying the sien word to each other. Hahaz!

Then Galvin was telling me that he can go for drinks but by 5pm he needs to go to airport to send a friend off. And so I kepo-ly asked him who is that friend. SURPRISINGLY!!! It's Jerome! I was so OMG!!! He has been back for SOOOOO long and yet I haven't meet him til today that he's leaving to Perth! I'm so mean!

So without much hesitation, I went to shower and rushed to airport! Hahaha! It was only 4pm when I reached airport. Went to pick baby and bro tagged along too. Kelly ffk me ler~ Haha!

Then at airport, we went to this place to have MY lunch! Heee~
Now where is this place???
At McD larh! Hehe =D First time I went to try out McD at airport. So sakai hor!
Teehee~ We aimed to take more pictures of us this year. Cos when we looked back our photo album, we were like, why so few pics? So the kns! So now everywhere we go, we must take pic! Muahz~!
My bro with his McChicken.
Me and my all-time favourite DOUBLE CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE BURGER~!~!~!~!~!
Baby also had McChicken since he can't eat beef =)
Our yummy fries~~
Each of us had one? No no no!!! I had 2 and they shared 1. Funny eh? Haha!

After that, since it was still quite early. We went shopping around KIA. Walked around perfume store and toy store. It was so nice when you're surrounded by perfumes~ Ahhh~ I'm gonna collect my JLo perfume soon! *grins*

Then about 5.15pm, I saw Jerome and his mum walking to the counter. He was so surprised to see me! Hahaha! And he was even more surprised when he knows that I'm there to send him off. Hahaha! Omg! He looked so different from the last time I saw him! He surely grew taller and more good-looking eh. But girls, he's not available! So hands off! Haha!

After checking in, his family brought us (me, baby, bro, Galvin, Karen & Andrew) for a treat at KFC. Awww~ So nice of his parents =) And I'm so touched that his mum actually still remembers me!!! Hahaha!

The food sessions~ The chatting sessions~ The laughters~ The jokes~ Awww~ How I miss them much!!! Friends are the greatest creature you can ever have in your life besides your parents! Hehe =D
Then the sad time comes.....He has to walk in the departure hall....A pic of his family before he leaves to Perth...
There~ How I can ever miss a photo session with the engtao Jerome right? Haha! Oh and I haven't tell. Jerome's my primary school classmate! The transformation after 8 whole years. Haha!

A note to all students of Year 2000 of SK St Theresa Padungan, I MIGHT! might only arh! Hopefully can lah. Hold a gathering for all of us next year =D

Theresian rules!!! Kekeke *winks*

Cheers all~!
Perpetua Angeline

Monday, February 16, 2009

My most romantic Valentine~

The story of my Valentines day starts here.....

Early morning, I woke up as usual around 7.30am. Went to shower. When I was about to finish my shower, I hear the sound of car's engine very near my gate. My bathroom can hear sounds from outside ok. Haha! And the engine sounds like Myvi's engine. I didn't really bother cos I thought it's quite impossible for baby to come (although I wish) at that time cos he always bring his mum to market during weekends.

Then when I came out from shower, I found that my handphone was ringing like mad. Both handphones has missed calls. Baby called. I picked up and guess what, he's right outside my gate. Haha!

What a surprise!

But he came empty handed. I'm ok lah. Cos I'm still waiting for the surprise at night. Then he sent me to work. We had our breakfast at Eastmoore Cafe.

The day went as usual until 5pm. He came to pick me up. Brought me to my aunty's house to shower and he went home to ready for the big night =)

By 6.45pm, he arrived at my aunty's place to pick me up. Still he's not telling me where are we going. Haha! Baby is so cute!

Well, where did we end up to be at? He brought me to candlelight dinner at Mr Ho's Fine Foods at Crown Square. Baby went all so sweet~! He booked the place earlier on when I told him that I would love to try out the food there as all my friends were telling me that it's nice.

The place was fully booked! Each and every table has a name on it. When we arrived, there was about 3 other couples seated there. The waiter came and we ordered our drinks. I had apple lemon juice while baby had orange juice.
Then a lady came with a rose held in her hand. She passed the rose to my baby and said, "This rose is for your partner." Smiled and walked away. And baby, of course, gave me the rose. *hyped!* Nice or not the pic? I took that =)
The first dish came. It's the appetizer. It's called sauteed fresh button mushrooms. It's quite nice. My first time trying half cooked mushroom. Hee~
The second dish came after we finished the mushrooms. This one's a soup. It's called double boiled rib soup. Came with a slice of ginger bread. This one's nice! I like! As you can see the above 2pics are quite blur. Baby were quiet shy to on the flash. That's why lor. Picture quality being reduced. Haha!
But soon after, he became a pro to his bro's camera. Looks slurpy? Keke =) That's the main dish. It has a huge piece of lamb chop, rib eye steak and barbecue ribs. Something like that I think. This one's SUPERB! *two thumbs up!!!* I'm so gonna go back there for this! Hahaha!
And lastly, the Strawberry Napoleon came. This one's good too! It's so creamy! Oh how I wish it's all filled with chocolates instead. Hahaha!
Overall, the dinner was superb! Thank you baby love! This is my first time experiencing candlelight dinner and also foods at Mr Ho. It was all so great!!!

Then after dinner, we went to our very own home again. It's always our place to go =)

He still haven't pass me my present when we're at home. And I start to went curious. Did he really buy me any gift? Haha! But he said he did. So I kept waiting and waiting. The whole night there was nothing bo. How come?

Baby's getting sneaky. He only passed me my present when we were about to head home. Wana know what is it? I actually read the whole thing in car while he was driving.

Baby gave me a box and an envelope.....














The envelope contains a card and also a letter....
What did he wrote? He loves me! Haha!
And the letter? Made me teared! Baby is so bad! He wrote all the messages which I sent to him every month during our anniversary. Oh my~ Touched me so deep! I teared right in front of him. Haha!
And the box........
Baby bought me a pendant~!~!~!
He's so sweet~ Awww~~~
This rose...... is from him to her =)


Perpetua Angeline

Saturday, February 14, 2009



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Guests~ *UPDATED!*

This post was suppose to be posted up yesterday but I was having a gathering at friend's house so didn't manage to get online and post it up. Hehe =)

I know it's a bit early to post about this but I decided to post it up on the 9th of Feb and March. Just right before the actual date =D

What is this about? My birthday lah! Yang Amat The Sangat The Very The Super 'Pen Xiao Jie' aka ME, MYSELF AND


I have a list of guests to invite. Scroll down and LOOK for your NAME! Ok?

1) Me mummy *grins* (Sure lah! Haha!)
2) Me bro (like duh~)
3) Me darling~
4) Chee Chee
5) Siang
6) Kelly Kong
7) Ah Wei
8) Aurelia Teo
9) Sam Teo
10) Sharon Sim
11) Fahon
12) Ms Chan
13) Choon Fung (please try to come ok? hugs!)
14) Sze Sze
15) Khoon Siang
16) Chew Lian
17) Bee Bee
18) Hillary Hat (you too, please try ok? but I won't mind if you can't make it =)
19) Jimmy Chin
20) Galvin Chung
21) Siaw Wui
22) Li Lung
23) Wilfred
24) Hellen
25) Kuet Phin
26) Kui Ing
27) Ah Hui
28) Rose Wong
29) Johnston Foo
30) Chai Sia
31) Nian Han
32) Icelyn

SO.....I do have 32 people in my list eh? Hehehe =D I just hope that all of you can make it. If any of you wana bring a friend along, you're always welcome~ Cos the more the merrier~ Next month 9th, I'll post up the venue and time and maybe...MAYBE! Theme for the night~ Hahaha! Will think about that first! Hehehe =D

Stay tuned~

Perpetua Angeline

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My sweet baby love~!

I am here to story about someone. He whom I decided to call...The man of my life~ My sweet baby love~ Hehe =D

Many things had been happening around lately. Lots of ups and downs in between us. But we both managed to go through it all. We now promised each other to stay tough and strong til no time.

5years, darling...5years is our target from now. So by year 2014, you all might be given surprises. Hehe =) I don't promise but that's our target for now.

Anyway, you guys wana know what he did recently? Kekeke =D
Before CNY, he bought me this box of Ferrero Collection. He knows I love chocolates! I was hyper! Hahaha! But it has been kept in the fridge til now. I haven't open yet =)

Then, it was kinda ages ago that I've been wanting to buy a rim of a4 papers cos mine is finished dy. But I haven't have the time to head over any bookstore or stationary shops around. The stationary store near my office sells expensive stuff. And everytime I passed by any stationary stores, I'll forget to buy it. Old me! Hah!

Then last 2nights, baby love came to my workplace after I off work. He passed me this plastic bag of heavy stuff. I took it out and WHOA! Hahahaha! He actually went to buy the a4 papers for me! So touched! Hehe =D

He even wrote some stuff on it. Sooooo sweeeet!!!!
Want me to translate? Nah! Get your own translator! Hahaha!

Well, that's not just it. Guess what happened yesterday?




Com'on give it a guess before I tell my tale....

Guess more!!!

Hahahaha! I think you all got fed up dy lah. I'll put it into diary-like way.

07-02-2009 @ my house
7.00am: Alarm rang but I press snooze and doze off again~
7.30am: Alarm kept snoozing. Then I woke up. Go check my gate outside. Not lock. Ok!
7.35am: Still feeling very tired and sleepy. Walking half awake to bathroom.
7.40am: Hp rang. Baby called.
Baby: Dar, open door. I'm outside.
Me: The key is behind the door. Push it open and take it.
7.55am: Came out from shower. Greeted baby who sat at dining table reading newspaper. Went to check for my breakfast.
Me: Dar, mummy got cook fried rice bo. How? You cook your own maggi lor.
Baby: Har? Like that then nevermind lah. I'm ok.
Me: No no! You must eat! If like that, I bring fried rice for lunch lah. Then u cook now. Hehe =D
Baby: Oh ok. Where's your maggi?
8.10am: Me went to make-up and dressed up while baby cooking breakfast for me. Although it's just maggi mee but AT LEAST he's there to COOK BREAKFAST for me!
8.30am: Done with my make-up and dressed up. Had breakfast with baby. Got my 'ai xin zhao chan'. *grins!*
8.50am: Baby send me to work.
9.10am: Reached office. Baby went for drinks with Greg at next door.
Baby: Tonight 8pm?
Me: Yeapz!
Then for the whole day at work. Bla bla bla~ Etc etc etc~
7.00pm: Done with work and training bit earlier. So called up baby to pick me.
7.30pm: We went to Kenyalang to take away foods for dinner. Then head over 'our home' for dinner and 'er ren shi jie'. Hehe =D
10.00pm: Baby sent me home.
That's all for yesterday~ He's so nice right? Right girls? Hiak hiak hiak! He really changed alot since the 'storm'. So proud of him now! So loving him! Hehe =) Don't get goosebumps arh! Hahahaha!

Well, it's good that he knows how to change. But of course, time will heal everything...5years...


*tOns Of huGs & kiSses!!!*

Just the two of US!

Me being VAIN now! Muahahahaha!
These pics were all taken at baby's place. Muackz! He as my photographer and me as his. Hehe =D And also me as our photographer. Hahaha!
Nice kan? This pot of decor is always our spot to snap pics~
Now his turn. Always the ah pek pose. SO sien!
Ini baru betul lah! Baru ada gaya sikit!
Muackz baby!
This one is quite nice eh? Hehe =D I use the camera auto-snap settings.
So dark leh!
AhHh! I still loooooove this one!

Love you baby!

The vain US!

Now here's the vain SHOTS! Muahahahaha!

Why is everyone looking away from my camera??? Me being squeezed by my cousins~ From left to right is youngest to eldest. Hee~

As always...the three of us being VAIN!Me and cousin Hui Lian. Same age with me~

Greg, YL, me and Hellen. This was taken on the 3rd day of CNY up at Hellen's house at Serian! Haha! See how nice of us to go til Serian to visit her. Kekeke =D (OMG! I looked so dark in this pic! NoOoOoO!!!)

Me and cousin Ing. She's now studying at KL lor. Missed her much much much!!! Why my eyes become so sepet?
And again! The three of us at Chee's house on the 4th day which is also her house's open day. Hee~

Muackz muackz!


My fireworks shots for Year 2009~