Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Hola~ Just a short post.

Looks like I'm not having enough time to blog anymore about 2009 review. Will see about tomorrow~ Hee~ Gonna try to have fun tonight!

So Goodbye 2009! And I'll say hello to 2010 tomorrow morning~!

You all have fun too k? Don't tell me no plans anymore. Let's just celebrate the coming of 2010. And be thankful for 2009!

Love you all~!

Perpetua Angeline

2009 Annual Lunch

Yesterday noon boss brought us all 5 staff and another lawyer to lunch at Mei San Restaurant which is located at Grand Magherita (I think that's how you spell that?). Used to be Holiday Inn. Hehe =)

My first time there. Suaku never know such place exist =.=''' When stepped into Grand Magherita, found out it's newly renovated! It now looks like Sarawak Plaza. Haha! Typical KL style of a hotel.
Setting on the table. A simple classic Chinese restaurant lor.
I like the ceiling and the chandelier. Hehe =)
The only funny thing there is that, there's no people!!! Only another table and us. Whoosh! How did they survive? And the staff doesn't really know how to serve us lor. We asked stuff, they blur blur like that.
Sorry no pics of food cos am very paiseh to snap pics when everyone was busy eating. Haha!

My comment? I'm not going back for a few reason.
1. I don't fancy Chinese restaurant.
2. It's EXPENSIVE!!!
3. The service quite suck lor. You eat halfway ah, they suddenly come and collect ur plates. So weird right?
4. No one goes there. Hahaha!!!

Am being super kiasu here. Trying to think of as many things as possible to post. Haha! All cos tonight I won't be blogging around cos will be kidnapped by my darling to don't-know-where. And I hope my memory still works. Hmm...what else did I missed???

Random stuff before 2009 ends~

Hmm...and I still thought there's lots pic I haven't post. Adalah. Still in my Samsung phone. Haih...suan le bah~ Blog about them next year. Haha! Please remind me not to take photos with my Samsung anymore. Huu huu~~~
This school bus pic was taken during office hour. Was looking outside the window from my room, saw a HUGE LONG school bus! So long didn't see these types around lor. Nowadays only short ones. Haha! It's so long ok! I wonder how the driver drives in and out of such small space in front of my office. Kiang du si kiang!

I think it's some kids from some tadika went to Hollywood Bridal there take pic. So noisy lor. They ran up and down the stairs =.=''' Like never run like that.

And when they leaving hor. They wave like crazy to the uncle downstairs. Walao eh! Kids are all the same.

Familiar with this mustard hotdog? Hehe =D I've always wanted to try it out. Pic taken at Chicago 7. Went down there for dinner at a random night to be with darling cos he's meeting some client. It's huge arh! And nice too! *thumbs up!*

Ok that's all for this post. More post coming up! (I hope!) Stay tuned!

A gift name Kelilikz

Today I received another Christmas present! A late one! Hahaha!!! Because this old aunty forgot to bring it during our Christmas eve's lunch! So now it's New Year eve's lunch, she baru remember. Kekekeke =D

Wrapped in red bear bear papers worh~! Cute kan? She know I love red (I think). Haha! When I goyang goyang got sound worh!!! Then when I press press it's soft worh!!!

It's a toy!!!!!!!!!! A CHRISTMAS SNOWMAN!!!!!!!!! Lalalalala~~~

And I shall name it Kelilikz!!!! =P~

San q san q Kelly-ku~ Blek~~~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

E-Drive Spoilt

Sien betol!!! I still have lots more pichas to upload. But hor hor hor!!! I found out that my cd-rom is spoilt. Haiz...


1. I cannot install the Samsung software into pc which makes it impossible to transfer pic
2. I cannot watch movies from dvd via pc
3. I have to figure out how to transfer pic from Samsung to this pc cos the stupid photo format doesn't work in my Nokia! Urgh!
4. Matilah need to spend another 100 lui on the next pc fair
5. Sienness KILLS!!!

How now brown cow?

Better get my blog done before 2009 ends. Gonna try modify or simplify or whateverfy my other blog soon. Cos the current layout damn lousy. Too small for my sidebar widgets. Aihh...

Christmas Eve's eve @ Sports Toto

Finally!!! I got the photos of me as Santarina~~~ Lalala~~ Wana know what happened? Hehe =D

It falls on the 23rd of Dec. I took a day off from work to be at another place. Well, should say all around Kuching! Woke up not-that-early that morning, get ready and pile my face with make-ups. Huu huu~~ So long didn't put on blusher dy. Haha!

Then drove down to aunty's house at about 10smth. And aunty drove me over to headquarters. Manager told me to reach at about 11-ish. So I reached at 11am sharp!

Manager came. Officer came. Greet greet. Intro intro. It's been so long since I last stepped into the hq. Used to go there often with my mom when I was little. Hehe =P~
So here we are. Picture taken at Sports Toto Headquarters which is located at Rock Road. Manager is Aunty Helen and officer is Ah Ong. He's too young to be called uncle. Hahaha!!!
And my job? Is to distribute packets of cookies to customers~!
We went around from one outlet to the other.
And I was to say "Merry Christmas". Said that for the whole day til it got into my head and kept saying it to friends after that. Hahaha!!!
These two really hype when they saw me. I don't know why. Hahaha!
This one was at King Centre outlet. It was rather quiet in the morning though.
I think this is someone from next door shop. Kekeke =D
I think this is Green Road outlet. And this uncle looks familiar. Hmm....
Don't know which outlet. Manager helped me carry the cookies too. Haha! Paiseh betol~
This also forgot where. 3rd mile? Not sure =)
Is this uncle eyeing for more? Hahaha! Some asked for another packet. While some doesn't even wana take from me =/ Weird weird people~
The end. The day was tiring but I had so much fun! I love to be involved with events and activities even if I have to busy myself all day long.

So, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! It's still Christmas!!!

p/s: Manager said next year still got worh =DD

Christmas Pressie

Come come~!~! Time to share share what I've got this year =D
A pink floor mat for my room. Cute kan? Hahaha! This one actually isn't a Christmas gift lah. It's just something mom bought for me. Bro has one too but his is bigger and it's blue~

This is from my beloved mommy~~~~
A pair of jeans, a top, a necklace and a angpow. Kekekeke =P~
Yay~!~! Another accessory to accessorize myself~~ Lalala~~~ But hor! I found out that I don't usually change to other necklace. Cos always use the one I wear daily. Maybe get a new pendant next time. In stainless steel. Muahahaha!!! Time to pamper myself can? =D
This one's from bro
A small towel and a shower cap. Haha! I've been wanting to get a shower cap. You know what he says? He said "Sis I know you're gonna get me something useful so I also get you something useful lor". Haha! Yesh I got him notebooks and pens.

We two shared present for mom. A red wallet =D

And lastly, never wrapped. Gifted by my darling. The novel was actually bought long time ago and been with me but I never take it out. He said cannot take out from plastic bag til Christmas. Hahaha!!! And the pants is what he insisted me to get. Kekeke =D Thanks darling~

And thanks mom and bro~!

KELLY ANAK KONG! MANA AKU PUNYA PRESENT??? Tau I don't want give you first. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

This year I'm super broke so I only bought gift for 4person. Mom, bro, darling and les-ku. Hahahaha! Oops! No! Blek~! And next year I'll be even more broken. Aihh....cannot cannot cannot!!! Must save money for trips!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Lunch

On Christmas day, I was rather lazy. Haha! Stayed up all night for countdown. But well, didn't go out. Countdown by ourselves at home. And via sms to everyone~ I must do something different next year. Cannot always like this. Bored die!

So anyway, early morning I wake up to open pressie of course~ Hehe =D Will reveal my presents in the next post. Then I came online to update status and blog some stuff (I think). Mom said wana go out for lunch and then some shopping in the noon. While darling said wana go for dinner at night. How leh? Lazy worh~ Hahaha!

But still dragged myself out of my comfy chair. Went lunch with mom and bro at the newly opened After Four which is located at Nanas Road. Mom and bro went there before. But it's my first time there. Snap snap time!
If you know where Kuching Porridge is then you'll know where this is. Heee~ It's at the small roundabout somewhere at Nanas Road. Lala~
No Pork. No Lard. No Cigarette. No Alcohol.
Christmas theme all up~
Even on the mirror. Hehe =)
There used to be an antique car here. Probably they moved it away to other branch. Sien betol~
If you do notice, outside every After 3, After 4, After 5 and all the banquets banquets, there surely is a fountain or waterfall. Feng shui? =)
A nice place to chill in the afternoon~
I had wheat grass. So long didn't drink dy. Was plurking halfway. Haha!
Ok I don't know what this is but it's SUPERB!!!
Mom ordered dim sum~~
While I have the set lunch. It's beef rice with dessert.
It's my all-time favourite Gu Bakz~~
Dessert~! Yummy~!

Comment? The food there is not bad and price very very reasonable. Tryout oki~ But er...somehow I prefer After 3. Probably cos of the location and people =D That's if you get what I mean.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 did you all celebrate your Christmas eve this year? Family dinner gathering? Eat out? Friends gathering? Countdown somewhere in town? =D Let's just browse through and see mine =)
We went Spring-a-ling-a-ling~~~
Every girl dreams to be a princess one day.....

Mom posing with scary dolls!!!!!!!!!!!
And the Santa that dances all night long =.='''
Ok so here was where we dined. Our Christmas dinner~~

There's Japanese style seats available too~~
AND OUTDOORS!!!!!! Dang I LoooooooooooooooooooooooooVE outdoors~~~
Feel like in some kind of castle? Hehe =D
Nice kan kan kan??? I'm gonna come back here some day and dine outside here with the starry starry sky above~~~
Looks scary no? Hehe =P

Graphics on the tables~
I have a knight on mine. Haha!
Bro's 'Blue Ocean Soda'. RM0. Hahaha! Cos it's included in the steak set that he ordered.
My 'Love A Stranger'. Ooooo....hehe =D Loving a stranger? Yes of course~ This one RM6.
It's the sour sour lime~ Slurps slurps!!
Mom's Jasmine tea. RM4. I think!
Darling's 'Eternal Fire Flame'. RM6 also. This one's the 'seng boi'. Haha!
Bro's black pepper chicken chop. The whole set including drinks is RM24.90. Not so worth it lor. You see ha. The chop is only RM13.90 then the drink is only RM6 worh. So please take your calculator and count.
Darling had Portugal chicken rice. Quite spicy but he still can take it. Haha! This one RM6.90 I THINK! Bad bad memory!!!
Mom ordered Cantonese yee mee.
And last but not least, my black pepper beef steak. A lil overcooked. Haiz...Total splurge? RM82.05. Still ok larh. But the portion quite small though. The drinks are worth but not the food. But hor hor hor!!! If you order like the noodles arh, it's really huge lor!!!

And then we continue to walk around Spring~~

WoOtz!!!!! I don't know this group of band comes from where though. Suddenly there's thunder inside Spring. Hahaha!!!
People mountain people sea~~ That time it's about 9pm.
Then we headed to the outdoor to see the stage performance.

Don't know who. Only know they sing well.

Kekekekeke =D

Promoting KFC!!! Newly open!!! Haven't try yet =D

Can I bring these home?

I wonder why my bro always smile like that =.='''