Tomorrows Leaders Summit 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Hahaha! Yes my birthday was yesterday and I had a blast with my ol great friends over at Kado and Picca. Awesome time! Will try to blog bout that soon =)

Remember I mentioned about Tomorrows Leaders Summit here? Alright now this is gonna be about what happened when I was there from 8am to 6pm. Dead tired max! I didn't even wake up that early during workdays! =.=

First time stepping into BCCK. Found my way there with the many help from Mike. Thanks to him I did not get lost in the area I'm not familiar with =D

The Sarawak Corridor Of Renewable Energy in short, SCORE board. It's a five regional department corridors coming together to improve the quality of life for the people in Sarawak. Visit their official website here if you wanna know more =)

The main hall for the morning session's activities. Stage were all set and done for the important guests.

Seatings were all in proper arrangement and there's also place for tea break and lunch break behind the seatings. A very huge hall indeed!

Everyone took our own seat and there comes the gearing session! =D

Anyone wana call up BCCK? Hehehe =D

I took the seat at 2nd row just to be near the stage so I can keep myself awake =.= Cameraman in front bah! How can sleep there.

I was given the Media pass by Cyril and I had to bite myself now cos I actually lost it =(( Drinks and glasses were placed on each table.

We were also given the schedule of the day. Looks like a very long list to me. Oh and that's Priscilla, a new face in Sarawak Bloggers event and Fahri, the *ahem* Prince of........Ok I will not reveal what's his new nick here. Hehehehe =)

Alright I got bored. Then I started to do what a girl does best when she's bored. LOL And then I found a partner in crime to camwhore together! That's pretty Sherrie~~

Introducing, Professor Douglas D Osheroff, Nobel Laureate, a world reknowned speaker and one of the leading scientist!!! He gave speech about his background, his childhood moments and how he grew up to become a scientists. His wife is a Chinese!!!

A clearer view. Sorry lah I was snapping away using a digicam. Was just too lazy to bring my DSLR with me =P

The man on the left is Professor's idol. Hehe and that's Professor's family photo. He said he's the 2nd son of the family.

A group photo with the Professor.

This is er....the speakers. LOL I do not know them but i know Cyril from Sarawak Bloggers, Bernard from YouthWorks Asia and Kwong Weng from UNAS is there.

They were each given a souvenir. This one belongs to The Boss!!

This is Mr Yap Kwong Weng from United Nations Association of Singapore. He came all the way from Singapore just to attend TLS!!!! A very friendly man!

A group photo of bloggers with Kwong Weng and David of UNAS.

Ho ho ho!!!!! Must show off this photo!!! One with the handsome and one with the gorgeous!!! Our CM's wife is just too beautiful to not take photo with! Seriously she is gorgeous!!!

Then it was tea break time and then lunch time! I was just busy talking and talking and talking away!

Starbucks sponsored the whole event!!! Thank you Starbucks! No that drink wasn't mine. Haha! I just curi sip sip sip~ I still have a voucher with me. Anyone free for Starbucks session? =P

After lunch it's time for workshop! There's a long list of workshop to choose from and I chose.......

Filmmaking!!!! I'm just curious about how film-making actually works so I decided to learn about it. Our speaker is Ms Gayatri Su Lin. She's a local producer who had produced quite a number of local movies!!!

There's freebies too!!! Postcards and stickers!!! And yes that's her new movie!!! It's out in cineplex already. Have you watch it yet?

The workshop was an eye opener to me. I get to know what exactly a producer does everyday and how a law student actually became a famous producer! Hmm...I forgot to ask if she wana accept me as her actress. LOL

The workshop lasted 2 hours and we moved to another workshop~

Where Eve the Dutchez joined me! It's time for some fashion revamp! Yes I attended the Fashion Unplugged workshop. And our speaker this time is a local fashion designer who is so much into textile! He is Mr Faisol Abdullah.

What's the workshop about? Well what can you ask from a fashion workshop except......

Catwalk!!! =.= No that's not me. LOL Everyone of us were asked to do a catwalk. Hahaha! Nervous sia!!!

The workshop lasted another 2 hours with much satisfaction from everyone.

Overall, I personally think that I'm glad I joined TLS 2011. Not because I get free food and drinks but because I met alot of important people and found myself being able to talk to them about anything after so long stuck in my own world. Yeah my biggest fear of all was that I couldn't get a topic to talk about when I meet new people but hey, at TLS, it's totally different! You will eventually follow the flow~

Next year's TLS? You'll probably see me there again! So, see ya~


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