Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy BeeeeeeeLATED Birthday to Paul~

I know I know. This post is SUPER DUPER HYPER LATE! Hahaz! Due to my heavy workload and many other stuff, I am very very VERY SORRY to Encik Paul Wong yang dah tunggu lama for my post for him. Hahaz! Sorry handsome! =D

I don't really know Paul though. Only tau he's ahlost'ses brother. Ahlost'ses brother also our brother lah! Kekeke =) And also punz, sorry I wasn't at your birthday celebration. Couldn't drop by cos got class. Sowee~

Ok. Loso habis. Now, wishes wishes for you~

Encik Yang Amat Berhansem, Encik Paul Wong~

Ada song to dedicate to you~

Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy beEeEeEeLATED birthday to Paul~
Happy birthday to you~!

I pun don't know your age. Kena I visit your sis'ses blog baru know. So bad lah me. Keke =P

Already 25 liaw this year(tak macam pun). Hahaz! How many wishes should I give you leh?

#Wish you all the best in everything you do~
#May all the angels and saints be with you always~
#May you grow hansem hansem~
#May you always stay healthy and wealthy~
#Wish you happy happy happy always~
#Stay happy stay cool stay cute stay crazy STAY VAIN!!!
#May all your wishes come true~
#Wish you success in your career~
#Last but not least, wish you have a great year ahead!

Presenting Encik Mr Paul Wong Yang Teramat Berhansem~HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAUL WONG~!






LOLX!!!!! Hereby, I declare myself as a Sales Consultant of Unisense Health and Slimming Centre!

I'm SOLD...


I'm exhausted...

I need a break...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008







Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Darling~!

Today is my sweet baby's birthday. I'd planned a whole week ahead for this night. Hahaz! Wanted to surprise him lots lots. But my plans kept changing. From A to B to C and to don't know where. Hehe =)

But lastly, I still decide to make full use of the Privilege Book *winks*. I called up Patio (The Terrace Cafe) 4 days ago to make reservation for the two of us. Then I asked if they offer any specials during birthdays. A very nice lady named Flora offered me free dessert. Weee~ So, dinner's done.

Then I headed over Taka Cake House to order a small cake just for him. Using the Privilege Book coupon as well *grins* And as for the present, I brought him to shop for it. Hahahaz! You all must be wondering why eh. Cos I got no time to shop! And the only time I have now is Saturday night which means, the only night out with him also. So, NMW, I'm still getting him the present.

After a long tour at Spring, he finally set his eyes on a very nice white shirt. And that's it. I bought him the shirt and both were happily satisfied. LOLX!

Back to dinner tonight. My reservation was made for 7pm. He didn't even know where I'm bringing him. I just direct him how to go there. Hahaz! Kesian =) *hugs*
The nice interior of Patio. It gives me a very comfortable feeling. Heheee =)
OoH! I love the cushions and pillows and and AND!!! The curtains around US are SUPERB! Flora gave us a seat facing the entrance and with red curtains around. Love it much! So privacy feel =D

A girl came to serve us. Brought us the menu and we ordered. Baby said it's expensive oh. But honey pie, it's once in a year. So it's ok *hugs*

After the order, to baby's surprise. The girl brought us a cake. Hahaz! Actually it's the cake I bought from Taka. I brought it over to Patio in the afternoon (half-day leave). Hiak hiak hiak!!! He was kinda speechless though (but I think he expects that dy) =P
My honey pie making his wish upon his birthday cake. Hehe =) One year older lor dar~ Owh and! See the shirt he's wearing? It's the shirt I got him *happy*
Weeeee~ Finally~ I won't tell his age. Let you all guess. Hahahaz!
A nice small cake just for my sweet baby love~! Happy birthday darling~!

Then our drinks and foods came...
Peach smoothie is darling's while the strawberry smoothie is mine! Blek~ Each smoothie cost RM7.90. Ok right?
I had mixed grill. It consists of four types of meat. Beef, lamb, chicken and fish *slurps* RM22.90 per plate. Not that bad. I couldn't finish it all. Hahaz!
Baby had chicken chop which cost RM14.90. Hehe =) Told'ya all. He complains that it's expensive. Hahaz!

The dinner was fantastic I say. After meal, Flora served us fruits as promised =) Sorry no pics were taken. LOLX! Though it is a lil expensive, but it's worth the try.

Honey pie~ One year older already. Any wishes for this year? Hehe =) Anyway, hereby I would like to wish you all the best in everything you do. I'll always be by your side darling~ And also, I wish all your dreams will come true. Love you much!

HaPpY biRThdAy sWeEt bAby LovE~!

With lots of love;
Perpetua Angeline

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My birthday celebration

I had my best birthday celebration this year! It was S.U.P.E.R.B!!!! Love it love them love all of you~!

Ok~ Let's see. Previously I had one cake from Sis Judy. Now, this birthday, I had overall 4cakes!!! Of all sizes. Hahaz! Pictures all shown below.
This one above is from my dearest mum. Mum's da best! She bought a small cake. I think only half kg. Exactly alike with the cake that sis bought the other day. Hehe =D Just a lil different with the decor. Instead of strawberries, this one is wish cherries. Yummy~
Then, this one above is from my granduncle, Mr Kuang. So nice of him~! *hugs* I didn't expect he would know my birthday. Amy told him so. Haha! At first I thought it was Amy them who shared and bought the cake, but well, it's really unexpected. *grins*
Um...peach cake with bla bla bla. Sowee~ I didn't really get the details~
This is white chocolate cake. These two cakes above are from Secret Recipe. Treated by Aurelia dear. Very nice of her to treat me to Secret Recipe @ Spring. Hehe =) Kelly was supposed to follow us, but sadly she can't due to some circumstances. *hugs* Love you both!!!

Ok ok~ Enough of cakes. Time for presents. Hahaha!
The BUM purse was from mummy. I wanted to buy a purse for myself, then she said, "Aiya. You go find lah. Then I pay. If later I buy then you don't like." Hahaz! That's my mummy. Bought the purse at Everrise. Dar dar chose that very purse. Hehe =) Thanks mummy and dar dar~ The red animob hp pouch was from my lil bro. He's thoughtful when it comes to my birthday =) Thanks bro~*gasp!* Choon Fung and Amy must have got sixth sense!!! How on earth can they probably know that I wanted a handbag so much??? Hahaz! This silver handbag is from Amy, Choon Fung, Sze Sze, Chew Lian, Clarissa and Bee Bee. THANKS GURLS~! Love you all!!!

Then, it comes to the time to open my sweet darling's present...
Cute blue bear's present paper. Hahaz! Dar said he wrapped it on his own. Awww......
Two things inside. One card and a love-shaped wooden plat =)
The card. Nice darling~ Not gonna reveal what's inside. Blek~ hehehe =D
A closer view of the plat. Dar dar knows I'm so in love with poems. Love you much much dar~! *hugs and kisses*


Perpetua Angeline

p/s: It really was my best birthday ever. My happiest one! With so many lovely angels around me, I can tell all, that I am happy =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In love with someone...

REAL reasons u're in love with someone:

1) Your will be waiting for his/her sms/call even you are really busy.

2) If he/she pass by, you will just pretend that u don't see him/her. but when he's gone, you'll quickly look/find for him.

3) You love when you were together with him/her, just both of you alone.

4) When he/she is together with someone else closely, you'll feel uncomfortable/jealous.

5) When he/she is sick, you will worrya bout him/her very much.

6) When you see him/her smile happily, automatically you'll change to a happy mood.

7) While you are reading this, u think of someone in your mind.

Monday, April 7, 2008

说... :-p


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Sweet Anniversary~!

Sweet baby love~! Happy 1st month anniversary darling~! Sorry I'm late for a week. Hehe =)

Here are some random pics for all to view~Em...taken on 23-03-08 at KIA. Hahaz! Airport is a nice place to hangout though. hehe =)
Specially for you, hunny bum~
With love, we shall make it all come true. Love you lots!

Hugs and Kisses
Perpetua Angeline

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to US!!!

Last Tuesday, 1st of April. It was no April Fool day for the 3 of us; me, YL and Elina. It's a day to remember!!! I applied for leave and head over another place to work *ShHhH!!* =D As that place requires me to work til 8pm, YL asked me over for dinner at his house. I reached there a lil later than usual dinner hour.

*ahem!* I was there to celebrate Elina's birthday cos her birthday falls on 1st of April. So I didn't expect much from that night. Maybe just sing birthday song and dinner then go home. What I didn't expect WAS!!!
As you can see from the picture above. Foods (duh~) and two cakes!!! Two cakes? I thought. So I went closer to look clearer at the other one.
*OMG!!!!!!!!* That cake is actually for me and YL. Gosh! I was so shocked alright. I thought it was him who bought the cake cos, erm..well...1st of April is also our first month anniversary. Hehe =) But then! What I found out was that, he doesn't even know about the cake being bought! It was his sis, Judy who bought the cake for us.

My birthday and YL's birthday falls in the same month, April. But it's still days away! Sis Judy is really nice. Thanks lots sis! Hehe =) She even bought chocolate cake! My fav!!! =D *slurps*

Well, they're really nice to me, I say =) Love them much much! Really touched with what Sis Judy had done. She's thoughtful. *hugs*
There~ Elina's lil dolphin cake. Cute right? Hehe =) She's same age as my bro. 11years old this year.
Time for songs and wishes and candles blown and cakes cutting! Wah!!! I never had this feeling before. 3 people celebrating birthdays together. It's really something touching to me. Can never forget this day!!!
If all of you were wondering who is Elina. She's YL's niece. Pic above, second on the left. The one in gray top.

Happy Sweet Birthday Dear Gurl~! Hugs!!!

And specially to my sweet baby love, Happy 1st Month Anniversary~! Love you much~!

p/s: I'm really glad I met you and that your family accepted me. Love you all~!

Sisters Cafe

Today YL was on leave. So he decided to came over to find me for lunch. For the first time eh. Hehe =) We were both thinking hard of where to lunch since there's not much time and there's only kopitiam around my office area. Then mum suggested a place called Sisters Cafe nearby. She went there with my bro the other day. Said that it's not bad. Since mum said it's not bad, so we head over.

Paisehz. No pichas of the exterior. It's located somewhere behind Thompson Corner at Nanas Road. Hehe =)
A nice mirror at the corner. There's another huge mirror just right beside me facing the counter. Wonder what's it for.
Menu...The price there not that bad oh~ Not as high as expected. The rice some only cost RM4+ to RM5. Drinks, usual price lor~
I ordered Ribena Sprite and YL had ice lemon tea. It's been awhile since I last had Ribena Sprite. Still love it much much!!! Owh, Ribena Sprite RM2.50 and ice lemon tea is RM2.20 =)
And again, and again, AND AGAIN!!! I ordered sweet and sour fish fillet rice. LOLX!!! Cost only RM4.50 eh. But it's a lil too...urm...'chiak beh pa' for me lor. Hiakz~
And as for YL, he ordered K C Mee. Not my fault! That's what they wrote on the bill!!! Hahaz! The K C Mee only cost RM4 and it's so much! *gasp!* No fair!!!

But ah~ Forget about it. They're nice anyway. Hehe =) I'll be going back there next Monday. Gonna treat the rest for lunch =D

p/s: Two weeks left...sobs...