Saturday, October 31, 2009



I'm suppose to blog bout something I remembered this morning tapi aku old sudah. Forgot ki. Eek =/

So I don't know what I'm doing now.

Wait til I ingat then I post ok? Haha!

Eh people!!! Where you all going to party tonight? I wanna join! Mentally! =DDD

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunshine in my window~

Ok I was supposed to post this up yesterday but last night couldn't get a time off. Hehe =D So here I am~

Do you know how much a simple hi can mean to someone or anyone? Sometimes all you need to do is send a simple sms or send via msn or facebook or anywhere you can think of lah. Just say 'Hello' or 'Hi' or 'Hey there' or anything nice. You can actually cheer people up!

That's the thought that I had yesterday morning. And so I did. I sent a sms to certain people. Let's see my list shall we?

My sms goes: Good morning sunshine! Have a great day!

To whom you ask? Let's just see what replies I got =) The arrangement starts from the fastest sms reply I got.

Kelly: Dy shine. But i still feel so tired sick. At lao lee want go office now..haih.....i forgot to wear my vest. Cham. (actually I sent a quite different msg to her cos she was sick the previous day. So instead of good morning sunshine I asked, sun shining yet? Haha!)

Jimmy: Yo. Angel.

Nian Han: Haha...since when i become your sunshine?

Siong: Wah so early ar. Haha. Gudmornin moonlite :d

Chee: Haha, so chun i today bo sim ur msg comforts me. Thanks =) have a great day to u oso hehe. Ing this sat bday le hehe

Ing: Haha morning! I'm now having final exam =) each day one paper till next tues... Hehe later 12pm got test lo... How r u le? Hehe

Henry: Lol..morning to u eng ah?hehe..

Melvin: Haha morning sunset! Have a nice day!

Sam: Morning!u

Viki: Morning. Going back to sleep zzz sleepy

Sze Min: Mornin mornin..have a nice day^^

Tommy: Hi morning, how r u lately? I'm at jakarta ^^

Sharon: Eh sorry just reload my phone.yesterday can't reply. Haha. Have a great day. =)

Done. Some of them didn't reply though. But it doesn't matter. At least I greeted them. Sometimes it's all about how much you wanted to get connected with your friends. How long have you not text every single person in your phonelist? When was the last time you said 'Hi' to somebody you've talk to long long time ago?

make us
make us
make us
make us
i hope MY
make u


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Streamyx Combo RULES!!!

I know many of us have heard of Streamyx Combo package or seen it on tv or wherever lah. But what actually is it? Did you guys bother to even find out? Or just everyday complain that Streamyx sucks? Haha! Well for me, I can say I never say that Streamyx sucks =) Proud leh~

So anyway, today I'm on half day leave to deal with lotsa stuff. One of it is to dig out info about this mysterious package. I heard there's unlimited phone calls too..oOooo.....

Here goes...

I went to the Telekom building at Batu Lintang with mum and bro just now. Enquire about the stuff at reception. But then the lady was too busy to entertain me due to some donkey people kept asking her questions. So another nice lady came to me. Then she explained to me.

They have 4packages for different speed. I'm not gonna bother you with too much details. The one I'm currently using or say paying every month is RM66. So the speed is 512kbps. I know you might say it's slow but it doesn't bother me at all =) I get good connection anyway. So for the 512kbps package, it's actually RM90 a month. RM90 consists of Streamyx and phone rental. And then here comes the good part. If you add RM10 to the package, you'll get UNLIMITED PHONE CALLS NATIONWIDE!!!!!!!! Not only that! You'll also receive a FREE CORDLESS PHONE and MODEM!!!! So let me show you some calculations in case you got lost in my words.

Before upgrading to Streamyx Combo:
Streamyx = RM66
Phone bills (average lah!) = RM28 (we don't normally use phone at home cos it's expensive to call and mum always scold me so now I online and vid call. Keke =P )
Overall every month we pay about RM94

After upgrading to Streamyx Combo:
EVERYTHING IS ONLY RM100!!!!!!!! No matter how many hours you use the internet or talk on the phone. IT'S ONLY RM100!!!!!!!

Worth it or not? I say it is! Hehe =D DO NOT COMMENT COS EVERYONE'S BUDGET IS DIFFERENT!!!

Time to show you my new cordless phone from Telekom. The modem is currently out of stock so have to wait til next week. Heee~

There's tons of these bags in a small room. Hehe =P
I don't know the brand I don't know the model. I ONLY KNOW I'M HAPPY!!!!
Got warranty but I have to read. Not even the manual guide. Haha! Blog first!!!
I know it looks normal but at last my house has a cordless phone~~~ Which I can talk when I'm cooking or watching tv or in my room or even in bathroom shitting!!! Haha!
Now tell me that you don't love Telekom? Hehe =D


Sunday, October 18, 2009

5 long days


Due to baby's current working hour, we're not seeing each other during the weekdays. If we want to meet during weekdays, it's either I wait for 1 hour in town for him to off work OR go out at night. But it's no use.

We did in fact. We did try to meet up after work. But heck. I don't even know where to go for that one hour. Alone somemore gok. So I gave up on that. I'm just too tired to wait. And after that what? Meet at 6pm then go home at 7pm? What for. 1 hour only. Made me waited for 1 hour then see him for only 1 hour. I know I know. Everyone will say if I want to see him that bad, I have to sacrifice. But sigh....

And then the other option. Meet up at night. Ok so here goes. If he comes to my place, meaning fuel prob. His car is like drinking fuel ok. Already costed him so much. Won't want more. Then it's the tired prob. Who isn't tired after a long day right? So we both wana go home and rest early. And so didn't make it too.

What the hell am I bragging about??? It's effort effort effort! I KNOW!!! But we're so tired to even meet up. And everything got tired. Even Saturday night I'm tired. Now it's like I got used to not seeing him. It's as if it doesn't matter anymore you know. It sucks to feel that way. I'm not looking forward to any meet ups or activities. Not in for any. I'm bored ok. And I'm tired.

I don't want a break! I only want company. Damn!!! And yeah I've been acting weirdly lately towards him. It's not fair. And I don't know why. I just don't have that feeling when I see him. It becomes more of something else when we meet. Sigh...

I HATE THAT FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sigh....why oh why must we humans have toothache???

Story aku...

A month ago, Mr Tooth acted up on me. When I eat things Mr Tooth screams for HELP! And then there was this morning when I was brushing me teeth, something fell off. Something small and hard. I don't know what is it cos it's gone. So I didn't bother punz.

And then after that when I ate my breakfast, something not right I rasa. So I went to the mirror to see. UH OH!!! BIG time!!! Mr Tooth already berlubang. So the 'thing' that fell off earlier on was actually chipped off from Mr Tooth.

And I thought, well, it's still weekday and I don't have time to go dental. So I waited til this Saturday. Had an early appointment with bf to go dental together cos his Mr Tooth is also acting up on him. BUT HOR!!! This famous dental that mum intro me was seriously damn famous lor. When we reached there, there was like more than 10 humans in there. NO!!!! Miss Nurse told us that we might have to wait for hours. Mana I want kan. So we left. Sigh. And bf went to work and I had to pick bro up. So our appointment cancelled.

And then only til the very next Saturday after that baru we went to dental again. This time we chose a different one. At town area. And I thought this dental is good lor. So yea. We both patched our tooth. Mine RM40 and his RM80. Cos he had spoilt teeth.

That is just the beginning. And then as you know la. These few days been raining and thunder and all that. My Mr Tooth pun lightning me and thunder my gums. 2 days ago Mr Tooth shouted for help again. Haiz...

When I eat I pain. Even when I do nothing pun pain. So I beh tahan. Just now after work I went back to the same dental and complaint. Not exactly complaint la. But ada masalah from there bah. Then he said my tooth too tall worh. Apa ni? So he had to flatten bit and drill and drill and drill. Sakit tau???

Damn when he use the metal to knock knock and ask if it's painful, Mr Tooth acted up on me AGAIN. It's not painful bo. How leh? I think Mr Tooth recognized the dentist. Haha! But when he drill, darn! Si beh tia ok!!!

After about 10 minutes it's done. RM5 for that. Now my Mr Tooth better shaped but hor, it's still painful til now. Haiz...Apa macam you say???

Quoted by Kelly anak Kong : As human you are tall, now even your teeth also TOO TALL!

You see kek si or not?

Sunday, October 11, 2009



Know where is that? Nyahahahahaha!!!!!!!! I'M BACK AT EARTHDANCE!!!!!! Oooohhhh I miSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS dancing sOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! Hehehe =D

My class is on every Wed night at on alternate Tues night. Time from 7.45pm to 9.15pm. Fee? Ask yourself. Haha! I'm there with Rose @ aHLosT @ mei gui mei gui~~ Haha! Her sis Irene is there too. Heee~~ Finally get to see Rose after AGES been missing. Kakakaka~~~

Anyway, I'm happy and am super duper HYPER glad that I took the class though I'm already broken. Cos damn! The time when I'm there, it's the happiest ever! Even teacher said I'm always the happiest there. Haha! Oops!!!

Gonna download the song now. Wana practice. Hehe =P Chaoz~

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Ahhh~ I'm feeling so happy today. Heee~

Baby came here since I don't know what time and went back just awhile ago. Aww....really miss him so much. Nowadays that we're both working at different place at different hour, it's kinda hard for us to meet. When got home, it's like super hyper exhausted dy. So we only get to meet like twice a week which is Sat and Sun. Sad huh~

But anyway, we're doing fine =) Last time whenever someone ask me "Hows things" or "Hows you and bf" or "Hows everything", I will either complain or say it's the same. But not now. I found myself happily saying "Things are getting pretty good with us". A good sign isn't it? Haha! I guess sometimes you might need to put some time apart for two person, and then you'll know that you'll appreciate more of the other =)

Hmm...Last night I watched 17 Again. Know that movie by Zac Efron? Hehe =D Nice kan? It teaches us alot eh. About our decisions and life. Life suck for everyone but at certain point, everything happens for a reason. And I'm pretty sure that there's a rainbow at every turning =)

And just now I watched Brides War. Again it speaks of friendship. I remember Kelly once said "We two must not get married at the same day else I can't attend yours and you can't attend mine". Hahaha! Preparation? Hahahaha!!! But we agreed on one thing which is to get married at the same year. Kekeke =DD And sama sama ada baby kot? Hahaha! Dreamz~

Recently I've been in some dilemma about my studies and work and my future life. Somehow I stressed myself til I got sorta hormonal imbalance. Oops! But I'm back to normal now. Cos I'd talked to friends. And I know what I'm up to. But something somehow hit me. Someone asked "What do you wanna do if say you don't wana get into this accounting field". And I went speechless. What do I wana do? Haha! I don't even know! But ah! Now that I'd decided to get into accounting field, I'm going to continue doing it and get something from it. Heee~

Hmm...I realized I had so much to talk and I can continue forever. It's been such long time since I blogged about my feelings =) And I miss that. I miss talking endlessly to this 'person' who only listens and never brags. My blog! Haha!

* Dear Diary, today I am very happy because I have a wonderful boyfriend who understands me and supports me in everything that I do *


Who's in for this? =DDD

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Morning Love

I woke up to a rainy dawn
Cold wind of winter pours over
Lying back down I stare
Into the blindness of the dark

Pictures slowly drifting by
Smiles, laughter, tears and anger
Complications built the past
Hopes and dreams holds the future

The smell of freshly baked cupcakes
The smell of sweet bubble baths
The smell of your aftershaves
The memories of you, of us

Times when we cried of no tears
Times when we spoke of no words
Times when we cuddled all night
Times when we made love

Closing my eyes I breathe
Your love surrounding me
Beside me, peacefully you sleep
"Good morning love, you're all that I need"

Happy Anniversary my sweet love~