Friday, April 30, 2010

Digi Umbrella

Last Saturday night, while I was walking around Spring Mall with bf, I saw Digi doing some promotion thing. So I went closer to have a view of what's the latest promotion. Have been a loyal customer of Digi for near to 10years!!!

Anyway, Digi was actually having promotion for their unlimited broadband. If you register on the spot or I think there's a time limit, you'll get a FREE modem, FREE unlimited songs download and FREE 10k worth of personal accident insurance! How's that? Heee~~

Yeah and about that. When I went closer to look, a guy approached me. Asked if I'm a Digi customer. And I showed him my handphone and was asked to fill my name, contact and email add onto his form.

After that, I was told to walk to the center where the MC was standing, then he asked me a question. A super easy one!

MC: When a customer register for our Digi broadband now, he/she will be getting a free modem, free music unlimited and what else?
Me: Neh! Eh I can't see!
MC: You can go nearer...
Me: ( =.=''' Mengesiasoikan sendiri in a huge mall! I then walked to the banner and read and went back to him and announced proudly!) Free 10k worth of personal accident insurance!

And there~ I was given an umbrella by Digi just cos I answered a super easy question!

Waaahhh~~~ I've been complaining for years about the old purple flowery umbrella that mom passed to me to use just cos bro doesn't wana take a flowery umbrella =.='''

Weeeee~~~ Now I have a new one!!! A black one!!! With the sunlight protection skin at the inner part. Now how cool is that? I love DIGI!!!!!!

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Previous weekend, me and bf went to Hills Shopping Mall for our casual stroll and eat-out. To the coincidence, it was also the night when Ah Niu and 3 other actor and actress came for their movie preview, Ice Kacang Puppy Love.

The very very talented MC of Hills Shopping Mall. You'll find him conducting almost all of the events held there. He's really good at making jokes and bring up the crowd.

There comes the director, actors and actress.

It's Ah Niu's first time directing a movie. All of the actors and actresses are local artist. Namely, Victor Wong (Ping Guan), Lee Sinje, Gary Chao, Nicholas Teo, Fish Leong and many others.

Ah Niu introducing the story line of his new movie. He acted as the main character in the movie named Botak. Heee~~ And Victor was the Prince Charming who has an ambition to be a singer one day.

Whereas for Chen Mei Er, she's the mother of Lee Sinje. Yi Jet Qi acted as Ah Niu's brother who's very good at making Kopi O and talks non-stop.

Aawww......I also want hugs~~~~

This surely captures a good crowd! I didn't know the crowd was this big until I saw this photo taken by bf. I was standing somewhere in the middle. Haha!

Then they had some singing games. Asked 4 audiences up the stage and start singing~

3 ladies versus 1 man!

This lady was the cutest. When she wanted to sing, Victor was making funny facial expression that she couldn't help but to laugh non-stop.

Even asked him to stand behind her so she couldn't see his face. But still she can't make it. Heee~~~

After that was the autograph signing session. I got nothing in hand for them to sign so we went off to shop around.

Spotted! A very loving man who helps his girlfriend to carry her hugeass handbag, Frankie. And also, a Rambo look-a-like with big guns in hand and bullets around his waist, Gerald. Hahaha!

I went to watch the movie last Sunday with Kelly and Gerald at MBO. It's a very nice movie! Thumbs up to Ah Niu!!! Everyone should go and watch! Support our local director~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baja Hitam

This post is SUPER random and HYPER vain!!!!!!!!!
Was playing with my hair and teacher's new sunnies after dance class one night. Hahaha! I like these types of hugeass sunnies but then it's just another fashion fever that will gone in awhile. So I pulled myself back from buying one.

Now the question is...........................................................................................................................................................................


Toy time!

Finally I have a new toy to play!!! Haha! I still have the kid-style inside of me ok.

Last night I went to Hills with darling for dinner. Actual plan was for dinner at Sushi King and then buy my new toy then go home. But then suddenly the day before, I spotted something nice on newspaper. Ah Niu and Victor Wong (Ping Guan) is gonna be there too!

Will post up the pictures later as I don't have the photos with me yet. Forgot to bring my cam out last night. Urgh!'s my new toy~~~
Weeeee~~~~~ I used to play this when I was at school. I find it very interesting cos it takes lots of techniques and skills to play this game. Know what it is or not?

In case you don't know (me neither), this game is call Pick Up Sticks. How to play? Just pick up those colorful sticks (duh~)! Haha! Yes indeed the game goes this way.

There's 29 colorful sticks, each color has their own point counting and also a black stick as the pick up tool. You have to hold them all together, except for the black one. Put them at standing position then let go your hand so the sticks will fall onto the table.

Then one by one takes turn to play. The turn only pass to the next person when the one playing, touches another stick while trying to pick up one. Can only pick up one stick at a time.

Price cost? It's only RM12.95!!! Cheap right? So why not grab one yourself and start playing~ Have some fun once in awhile =)

Yes this is the ToysRUs membership card. It's free of charge so I just apply for it. But then there's terms & conditions to activate the card. Mine's still inactive. Haha! Maybe gotta wait til my next purchase~

Gonna play with mom and bro tonight! Chaoz~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Skincare

Time to share my skincare secrets~ Heee~

I used to use cheap skincare products bought from supermarket. I'm not saying everything in the supermarket is cheap but those that I bought, never exceeds RM30 a bottle. After years of trying out various types and brands, I gave up searching. They all make my skin worst!

About 2 years ago, I came across a stranger brand called Thalgo. Never seen it. Never heard of it. I was kind of doubting it at first. Thinking that it's just another expensive brand that works the same as the rest.

But then after working at Unisense for half a year, I see difference. I see improvements on clients' face. Then I start to think, is it really that worth the price? My ex-colleague, the one who's in charge of facial department, convinced me to buy one. He said just get a bottle of the cleanser and try it for yourself. If it works, then it's good. If it doesn't, just take it as a one time investment.

So then, I made my first purchase of the Thalgo skincare product. I tried on the Cleansing Milk Pure Delicacy. It was for dry to sensitive skin. My skin was very sensitive and it gets oily at the T-zone. But I refuse to try so many at one time, so I gave my sensitive skin a shot.

I wash my face only ONCE a day. Yes I'm a SUPER lazy girl. Morning showers means 'time to rush' for me. So I only wash my face after I'm back from work.

After few months using the cleansing milk, I see the difference on my own face! Then there goes my commitment. Wana buy more?

It took my several months to get my hands on another purchase. That was when Thalgo was having sales, I bought myself another cleanser.

It's the Cleansing Gel Pure Freshness. Of course the picture above was the one given by my ex-colleagues as a birthday gift. That's actually the 2nd bottle. The cleansing gel is to help oily skin. Your skin will feel very, very fresh after using this cleanser.

Ok so I've got the cleanser. What about the rest? The toner, serum, moisturizer and mask?

I hesitated long time! It's seriously NOT cheap!

Then there comes my birthday and also the new promotion for Thalgo. That time they were selling this set of serum, moisturizer and mask for ONLY RM199 upon purchase of another product above I-forgot-how-much. So I got myself the Rejuvenating Sun Cream for face and body SPF 20 and then this moisturizer set was a gift from my paps. Heee~ Also as my birthday gift.

I forgot what toner was I using that time but I know it's definitely not from Thalgo. Cos I only bought their toner last year.

This was my latest purchase of Thalgo product. You can buy it in a pack of 2 bottles, 1 cleanser and 1 toner or you can have them separate. Since my cleansing milk has yet to finish, so I bought this separate.

Their cleanser and toner is the cheapest you can get. I'm not gonna reveal the price here. Hehe =) But now that my serum is finish, I'm thinking VERY VERY hard whether to get myself the Bio-Repair Serum or not. Maybe I should start saving cash in order to save my skin.

Can I have a question to the Thalgo management? Why Thalgo doesn't have membership that can earn discounts? Hehe =D Cos it sure will help alot for someone with a low income like myself.

Yes I'd talked alot. Time for you to see the difference on my face....

Herm.....this picture was taken on July 2008. See the red spots on my cheek? That's the sensitive part. My face was so sensitive that when I use the toner (cheap ones!), they're like needles poking on my face! Now, DO NOT compare his skin to mine! Hahaha!

And there you go. The pic above was taken very recently. Camwhored at work. Hahaha! Ssshhh!!! Do you still see red spots? Still have abit I admit but not that bad anymore. Hmm...probably I should really get myself the Bio-Repair Serum.

So! The question on my previous post. "Is Thalgo worth the price?"

I'll say YES! It's worth EVERY SINGLE CENTS that you pay for! Let me tell you a secret, do you know why Thalgo suits every single type of skin? That's because Thalgo is 100% marine based! Their main ingredients are algae (of course!) and aqua. Water doesn't do harm to your skin right? So there you go. Thalgo will never harm your skin =)

As a proud user of Thalgo, I'm here to help on a contest that they're organizing.

The picture speaks for itself. Thalgo is encouraging breast cancer survivors to write in about their stories. So am calling all breast cancer survivors out there! This month is the month to fight all the cancers. Please do write in to or you can visit the link below for more information.

Breast Cancer, My Heroes write-in contest

Are you still hesitating on Thalgo's product? =) Feel free to ask me about anything related to it. I'll help as much as I could! Which lady doesn't wana look beautiful? Even men wants! Haha! And to all the men out there, there is Thalgo for men. Check 'em out!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Terre & Mer by Thalgo

Last Saturday, I was invited to Thalgo's new product launch at 4Points Sheration together with a few Sarawak Bloggers. I was a little late for the press conference though. Somehow miscalculated my time =.=''' When I reached, Cyril and the rest were there already. Sorry for the waiting! =)

I don't remember whether this is Room 1 or Room 2. A few press were there too. But our gadgets are BIGGER!!! Hahaha!!!

Let me introduce a little about Thalgo's new product.

Terre & Mer is the latest organic facial product by Thalgo. Thalgo is an expert brand in natural marine skincare from France. Their main ingredient in all of their products is algae. Why? Because the meaning of the name Thalgo is 'the richness of the sea and marine algae'. Even now that they've created this organic product which is very very environmental friendly, they still have preserved algae as their main ingredient.

Codium Fragile & Olive are the 2 main ingredients that made up the new Terre & Mer product. Codium Fragile is an algae extract while olive, well, it's olive. =)

These are the new Terre & Mer skincare product. They have 8 types of home care product. Marine Cleanser, Marine Tonic Lotion (toner), Marine Scrub, Vital Fluid (moisturizer for normal to combination skin), Vital Cream (moisturizer for normal to dry skin), Vital Balm (moisturizer for night use), Soothing Concentrate (serum for sensitive skin) & Anti-Ageing Concentrate (serum to prevent signs of ageing).

There. A clearer view of the products. Don't ask me for price please. Cos I don't know. Haha! But then of course, due to the cost of the product, the algae and the olive seeds, they sure ain't cheap =) And then there goes the question, is it worth it? I'll give you a short story later. So keep reading....

The launching of the product starts at 2pm. With Prudy, the HR Manager of Thalgo; Judy, Managing Director of Unisense & Allunique Kuching; and the international trainer, Nawael Marechal from France.

Miss Nawael gave us the introduction and information of the new product, Terre & Mer. She's pretty isn't she? Many were mesmerized by her beauty and her voice. Hahaha!

And this bed was prepared for the demonstration by Miss Nawael.

Ok I admit. All the talking bored me. So I went loitering around the room and outside. Heee~

Chatted with few of these lovely ladies who were on duty that day.

Each of us were given this goodie bag when we registered ourselves. There were lucky draw coupons too!!! And those coupons are redeemable for Terre & Mer facial session! Nice!!!

Unique or not? I love the colors~~ Feel like bringing one home. Hahaha!

Ladies and gentlemen, tea or coffee???

Umm....ok no pictures of food cos it's not serving time yet. So I was only taking pictures of the decor =.=''' I was sooooo hungryyy~~~

After giving all the loooooooong introduction and speech. Finally it's photo session!!! We even took a photo with Miss Nawael. *Calling Fahriee!!!*

Miss Nawael posing with the salon facial products. Of course it's bigger in size and you won't be able to buy that home. Blek~~

These oil? And algae? I don't know. I'm just guessing =/

Demonstration time!!!!! Miss Elizabeth was their model of the day. It's really daring for her to do so eh. I mean, oh you know what I mean~

Before the facial starts, client will be given a back massage. It looks reeeaaaaally nice!!! I feel like lying there for the massage. Huuuu~~~~

And then goes the facial. The whole session including the massage is about 75 minutes. So long!!! I don't even shower that long =.=''' How to wash my face in 75 minutes???

After all the massages and cleansing and toning and removing of mask. Voila!!! Miss Elizabeth's face really looks brighter to me!

I've tried Thalgo's facial once. I was using the Cold Marine mask. It's really soothing and cooling and refreshing and all of the nice words that can ever describe! My face really did feel good and became better just after one session! I would love to go back for another session but then it's gonna burn my pocket =( Any discount for me as a loyal customer of Thalgo? Hahaha!!!

Judy giving a souvenir to Miss Nawael. Batik still represents the local us =)

Ah yes! The lucky draw that I'd mentioned earlier on. This lady SUPER lucky! Got a whole hydration set!!! Urgh!!! None of us (Sarawak Bloggers) got anything from the lucky draw. Hahaha! Kesian~~ I would love to have a set for my sensitive skin =D

The whole launching lasted for 3 hours ending 5pm. I was very exhausted after the long day out. Fuh~ Home sweet home!!!

These are the goodies which I got from the launch. The blue bag consists of 5 samples of the product and some brochures while the white bag, is a HUGE thanks to Miss Prudy who was being VERY generous by giving us 1 Marine Cleanser and 1 Marine Tonic Lotion!!! Thank you Prudy!!! And thank you Cyril!!! =D

Have any inquiries??? Please do not hesitate to leave a comment! I'm sure I can help to answer them =)


Just dial the number below~~

Thalgo Kuching Exclusive Outlet
Rock Road : 082-253399
Satok : 082-256262

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My 22nd birthday

Last Friday was Miss Me, Myself and I birthday~ This year my birthday doesn't really feel like my day at all cos the whole day was kinda horrible. I had to work whole day and also the next day. So I didn't plan for any big celebration nor late night parties. Just a quiet one.

Early morning, mum woke me up earlier to blow some candles~~
Mum got me a chocolate fudge cake as usual cos it's my favourite! =D This is actually my 2nd piece of cake. The first was from dance class.

After the song singing, birthday wishing, cake cutting and we're all off to work.

When I off work at 5pm, went to pick my cousin and head over to aunty's house to wait for mum and bro. Then we went to Pinoy Ihaw Ihaw for dinner. We've never been there before. At first I thought they serves Thai food but then I was wrong. It's actually Phillipinoes~~ Well, never try never know.

Darling arrived with another piece of cake. Kekeke =D It's a Tiramisu. Now people! Go and Google what Tiramisu means =) Spot that the 22nd is with a love and printed on paper? Darling actually made that himself! Using toothpicks to hold it there. Awww.....sweet!!!

And you'll never get this design if you order a Tiramisu cake from Taka because why? Darling's the one who designed this! How nice is that? So proud of him!!!

Weee....blowing candles for the third time. Haha!

Ok you can call me 'sakai' or anything but I'm here to tell you all that I actually NEVER eaten a Tiramisu cake before!!! The taste? Sweetness with tenderness!!!!

So yeah, now my fridge is full cos there's 2 cakes =/ Mum has no place to put her vegetables and fruits. Hahaha!

Thank you darling for the lovely cake~

Time to show you guys what we had at Pinoy Ihaw Ihaw.....

Mum ordered green tea =) She's loving green tea alot lately.

This is the Sinigang Sa Miso soup. It's fish head cooked in tamarind soup. SUPERB~!!!!! I love the sourness of it!!!

This is Pako. We ordered it to be cooked with garlic and oyster sauce ONLY but then it came with chili. When bro saw it, he wouldn't even touch it! =.=''' So we asked the waiter to change it for us.

And this was what he came back with. I think he just took away all the chili and change a plate for us. Hahaha! Not bad but a little too salty for me. Probably it's cos we've been eating healthy at home. Meaning no other added ingredients except for oyster sauce. I don't even put salt into my vege anymore! It still taste nice! =D

This is Pininyahang which means Pineapple Chicken. Not bad but the sauce isn't to my liking. The chicken was ok. Very easy to chew though.

3 of us had steamed rice. They all came in a special rattan plate with banana leaves.

While mum opt for crab rice. They have different type of rice. Ham rice, prawn rice, crab rice and one more which I forgotten. I didn't try mum's rice. So don't ask me whether is it nice. Haha!

After dinner, since it's a working day for me the next day, so we just head home and rest =)

As for presents.....

These are what I received this year. The angpow is obviously from mum =)

Darling gave me 3 novels in a box!!!!! I've been wanting this set but never get it cos it's a little expensive for me to spend that amount at one time. Thank you again darling!!!! =D Oh the socks is from my bro. Haha! Thanks bro!

Birthday card from darling. Not gonna reveal what he wrote. Blek~~~

Cuteness attack!!!!!!!!!!

This pair of flats was also from my mum. She bought this for me a week before my birthday when we were out shopping. Thanks mum!

That's all for my birthday. Time really flies. It felt as if it was just yesterday that I had my 21st birthday bash. But look, now I'm 22 already. Wuuu......How I wish I can stop the time....