Saturday, April 30, 2011

My First McBreakfast

Still remember when McDonald decided to give everyone the voucher for free breakfast back about 2 months ago? I was one of those crazy peeps who went super duper hyper early just to eat for free =.= Well of course it's not exactly free cos you'll have to spend RM5 minimum in order to redeem a voucher.

So yeah who else but my casual crime partners namely: Evelyn, Thalia, Chiang Hui, Sui Yin and Jim. Eve was the one who printed all the vouchers. She even had them in different sizes =.='''

So, I was the first to arrive, as usual lah~ That was about 7.15am when I reached and to my shock, man Kuchingites are just so greedy when food comes in free. Human traffic queued up til the doorstep already!!! What else was I waiting for?! Queue lahh!

After about 5 minutes, the rest came and we queued up altogether for half an hour =.= zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......Yes I nearly fell asleep cos I haven't had my morning coffee! I didn't even wake up that early for work! 7.15am was like my weekdays wake up time!

The result after half an hour queue =D Satisfaction! We all spent about RM35 in total and we only used 4 vouchers which we actually were allowed to use up to 7 vouchers! But heck who's gonna eat all those when there's only 6 of us. So we only get 2 extra which we thought the guys would eat them. But I'm the one who ended up having an extra piece of hash brown~ Slurpsssss~

Our sinful 8 sets of McDonald Breakfast! Breakie is fun!!! Oh what did we do to the other 2 extra sets? Jim and I shared one of the set and I actually delivered the other set to Oliver who was supposed to join us but sadly he had to attend class on a Sunday morning! So, pity him lah and I be the kind one to send over. Ho ho ho! Say thank you again! =P~

Hmmmm.......let's just gather the few of us and do more breakie session once in awhile~ =D It should be fun! 

What Is A Boyfriend For...

- A boyfriend is not to buy you gifts but to give what money can't buy

- A boyfriend is not to bring you out every night but to be by your side when you need him

- A boyfriend is not to take you to expensive restaurants but would appreciate your cooking

- A boyfriend is not to report his current location but to trust him with his schedule

- A boyfriend is not a pet that follows your demand but would lend his ears when you're down

- A boyfriend is not your stepping stone to forget the past but is your future life guarantor

- A boyfriend is not to bring the world to you but to bring you to understand his world

- A boyfriend is not a driver but someone to walk side by side with you for the rest of your life

- A boyfriend is not your parasite plant but to give him space to breathe

- A boyfriend is not a robot but one you must care and love equally

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

Every year during Easter celebration, the Spring mall will put up decorations just for the weekend. I'm always amazed at how creative and innovative and smart these people are. Last year was the Alice in Wonderland theme because the movie was out then. They even had the real bunnies there in plastic cage bunny house =D

This year, of course, I won't miss the chance of visiting Spring just to have a look at the new decor. 

And again, I went all 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' and 'ooooooooooooooooo' and the 'I want I want I want!' shoutouts. Hahaha! I felt like I'm back in 5years old wonderland~

Photo is a compulsory matter!
The main decoration table. Hugeass teapots with Easter bunny eggs!!! I wonder where do they put all these stuff after Easter? Can I have the teapot please?

They've got cupcakes too!!! Tiers of them!!! And seriously that teapot is huge!!! I so wana bring it back!!!

Just look at how creative are them!!! Can even make a bunny with breads!!! Cute right? =D Oh and there's a 3 tier cake too!!! Gosh!!!

Oh holla! Tea party anyone? =D I didn't ask them what is this setting for. Probably for some kids (actual kids, not big kid like me) to have some noon tea party~

Ah this one is just random new stall at Spring that sells all sorts of ice-cream. They've got grean tea, mint, durian, mango and many more! RM3 for one scoop and RM5 for 2 scoops.

Who can ever resist ice cream? =) Definitely not me!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Movies In Queue

My final exam is drawing near and yet I'm busy listing all the movies that I wanna watch =.= It's as if I've got nothing else to do. Ugh! I shall hibernate starting from 1st of May. Will leave my blog in the glass bottle for a month until I finish my exam. Well that's if I can do so. Or probably I'll just login to crap some stuff when I over-studied at night =D

So! Last night I was a lil too free that I went to facebook's new apps, the questions thing and answered several random questions. One of them was the 'Movies you've watched in 2010'. Hmm....thinking back I'm not a cinema person, I didn't watch that many movies eh.

But now I have got like 4 movies in queue to watch! And well, 1 is already up and the other 3 is coming soon. Oh heck how to do my revision like this!

The Fast and The Furious 5 is coming!!!!!!!!!!! This is a never-to-be-missed movie! I've got all the vcds for the previous ones. I love car racing movies to the max!!! Love the sound of the powerful engine and of course the macho men and sexy ladies! Ooo laa laa~~~ I can't wait for this one!!!

Limitless! A movie I've been hearing from Mix.Fm every single day!!! The story is something like a guy who suddenly have the ability to do and the knowledge of every single thing just because of a pill! This surely did caught my attention alot. Hmm....this Saturday probably? Heee~

Aha! This is a comedy! It's a Singaporean mix Hong Kong movie. About a family business that sells 'bak po'. Ok er...what's bak po in English??? Someone told me once but I forgot again =.= Anyway, the family somehow separated into 2 when the big boss passed away then they started their own business and then fight over stuff. I'm sure it's gonna be a great movie. You know how good Singaporeans are at comedies~

Last but not least, the latest movie by Donnie Yen! My new idol! Hahahaha! More to my bf's idol lah. He told me about this movie and I'm like 'hmm.....Donnie Yen? OK!'. Hahaha! Hey he's handsome what!!! =P~ I have no idea what is this movie gonna be about but it doesn't matter. Cos I'm just gonna accompany bf to watch this one =D

Now now, when to watch??? And do I even have the time to watch!!! =.=''' I'm still slacking away, not touching my notes. Aihhhh.......

Nevertheless, I vow to pass with distinction for all 3 papers! Good luck to me! Ciao~

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Craziest Birthday Ever!

Alright, this is the last post about my birthday. Oh such long post!!! When there's dinner with the gang, there's always round two!!!

This time we headed over for massive drinks and music and oh I love to dance!!!

Picca Picca Picca! I told you I'll be back!

The night was still young when we arrived =D And we got the cushion seats without even reserving! So true that the early birds get the worms!!!

Oh and did you know that Piccadillys have ladies night on Thursday and Saturday? =D Pay only RM10 and you get to refill it all night long!!! Cheers to the ladies! 

Surely all the ladies enjoyed our ladies night~

Joe went for something manly. Kilkenny!!! Before I could stop him, he drank that big gulp =.=

Me and my ladies night lucky draws!!! Hehehehehe It's always good being a lady eh? =D

DJ of the night~

Hmm....about Johnnie Walker. Yeah I was supposed to be at the huge event held at Palace of Golden Horses but what happened? I decided not to go because the air ticket is just way too expensive for me to spend just one night at KL. I'll do that next year =) Keep Walking darling!!!

The night slowly went wild and crazy when everyone got hype after a few glass =P

Met Tasha there too! I always love her makeups! I look so pale standing next to her =(

Yes of course I won something! Show you later. Damnit I was so excited over this shit.

Eve got hers too! She's luckier. Got a RM100 voucher. And again, WE'LL BE BACK!

Another birthday cake gifted by Thalia. But this cake, instead of going into our tummy, it went all over our face and hair and clothes and floor!!! Pity the worker had to clean it up for us =P

Hah! This is seriously shit! Picca owner knows it's our birthday, they gave us this shit drink and told us to finish it! It's call Flaming Lambo (Thanks Fahri!). Ughhh! The worst drink I'd ever had!!! This shit thing made me puke when I got home =.=''' I swear I'll never touch this thing again!

See how the flames went? It tasted like shit. Damn sweet and mild!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! You can drown me in anything BUT THIS SHIT!!!

The prize I won from Picca. A piece of orange soap by Body Shop =.= FML! F over a soap!

Whisky from Joe. Thank you dear!!! So, when are we gonna drink this? =D

I will say this year's birthday is the best of all celebrations I ever had in my life! Up to now though. Hehehe =) I'm sure life will be more interesting as I mingle more with party people! Sure everyone around me knows how to party hard!

Like I've always said, What am I without friends? =) 

Birthday at Kado

So, my actual birthday arrived! This year I decided to celebrate it with 2 other friends who's just 2 and 3 days apart from mine! Oh Happy Birthday April Babies!!!!!

Made a reservation at Kado, our old gathering place. Still love that place after so long. =)

The attendees: Me, bf, Eve, Liang, Mund, Oliver, Joe, Teck, Mag, Benny, Thalia, Dru and 2 other friends =)

Now this beef steak is much nicer cos I had it 70% cooked! Yay! This time I remember!

Dru ordered yam samosa. Not bad =)

The only camera alert guy: Dru

And he just decided that he wanted to be a teacher that night at Kado. Oh forgive him. Sometimes he just forgot to take his med =P~

Edmund ordered my favourite dish at Kado. Beef burger!!! With extra cheese and egg! Yum!!!

Our cake. I had Eve to order it cos I've got no time to do all those with my hyper pack schedule. It's a black forest again! Heeee~ I surely had lotsa black forest cake this time.

Joe helping us to lit the candles~ =)

The trio that celebrated birthday together!!! Liang is 2 days away from mine and Eve is 3 days apart =D

Why the laughter? Cos Eve blew off our candles!!!!! 

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~ Chocolate chocolate chocolate they're all mine!!!!

Honestly I love this shot alot! It's so natural!!! Love their smiling faces~ Great friends make each other laugh and roll~ =)

The lovebirds~ Mr and Mrs Lim. Haha! I'm pretty sure I'll be receiving red card soon =P

Andrew the chef helped us cut the cake and distribute to everyone.

Love love love! I love my ST3P family!!!!! What will my day be without them? =) Hugs!!!

Birthday Back Home

Just the night before my birthday, a Friday night. As usual, I had class til 9.30pm. Dead hour every single night! Anyway, bf reminded me to head home straight after class so well, I was suspecting something already =D

Reached home and yeap! Saw his car.

Bf came to celebrate birthday with me before anyone else does. Hehehe =)

Black forest cake by bf. He told them to made the cake with lotsa chocolate. Awwww........

Mom looks happier than me. LOL Probably I was just too tired after the long day.

Of course, I demand for present twice a year. First is birthday, second is Christmas =D Only twice ok!

And never had I thought that bf actually read my mind!!! How on earth can he know that I wanted a watch??? I didn't even put it into my wishlist (The one I showed him). Hmm.....心有灵犀??? Teeeheeeheee~~

Alright gotta admit. I was just so touched that I broke into tears =/ Seriously, how???

And he even know that I wanted a square face watch with black color straps!!! Gosh did he attend mind-reading class without my knowledge???

How can I not love this man more? =) He surely knows what I want. Thank you Love~

Next morning, another cake appeared on dining table! From mom and bro~ Oh did I forget to mention that my bro played guitar for me the night before alongside with the song Happy Birthday by mom and bf? Heee~ Proud of him being a great guitarist now!

I love my mom more than anyone else in this world! She is the first! She is the best! 

Mwah! I love my birthday when I have got chocolate cakes and presents and of course, loves from home~

Birthday at Garden Hill

Yeap it's 24th of April and I'm blogging about my birthday =.= This is only part one of my whole birthday post. Celebrated my birthday 3 times this year!!! And it's seriously an awesome one!!! 

Morale: When you've got great friends, nothing is ever down!

The weekend before my actual birthday, bf brought me to my favourite dining place, Garden Hill for an exquisite dinner for two. He even made reservation earlier! =D The reason I love this place is cos of the environment and the breathtaking view of Kuching from top. I'm sure everyone knows how beautiful Kuching is right? =)

Somehow I think my hair looks like the tail of an animal =.= Double colored =.='''''''

My ice blended chocolate! Yummmmmmeh!!! But I think the milk taste is a lil too heavy for me. You know I don't take milk =(

Bf had ice blended peach. Not bad~

Me and my beef steak with wine sauce! Slurpssss~~~ I've been trying to seek that very taste of beef steak I had years ago but I still can't find it anywhere in Kuching! Help!!!!

Bf ordered Gordon Bleu. I don't know why there's a weird taste in it =( Made me nearly puke! OMG! =(( I still don't know what is that thing that gives the weird taste!

Thank you darling for this awesome dinner! Not for the food but for the breathtaking view! =)

Later, I receive tweet from Eve the Dutchez asking for HH. So yeap! Since we have no where to go, I called her up and we headed over to Picca!!! My first time there wehh!!

And when it comes to HH, everyone will say YES! The HH kaki: Eve and friend, Sally (right?), Rodz, Sherrie, Fahri and of course the mayor, Tasha! =)

Picca is gonna be in my list for drinking place cos it's just peaceful and cozy unlike other clubs thats full of smoke and extreme loud music =X

There goes my pre-birthday celebration~~~ Mwah mwah mwah! Gonna blog part 2 later noon =)