Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tray Cafe

Last Saturday night I went with bf to try out Tray Cafe. Located at Padungan area. If you know Great Wall Bridal then you know where is it. Anyway, it had been opened for quite some time and I didn't try it earlier was due to the extremely limited parking space. Everyone should know how hard is it to park at McD town area eh? Hehe =)

The interior gives me a feeling that I'm in Museum Sarawak =.= But I love how the owner actually brings out the specialty of Sarawak. Not many cafes put this type of design.

The bar counter. The place is very small and so it looks kinda squeezy.

And they are furnished in only woods. There's a wall to the right with lotsa handwritten stuff on it. Cool eh? I wanted to write something too but couldn't find a space. Haha!

Drinks. As always green tea has now become my favourite drink of all.

Beef spaghetti that belongs to me! Blehh~~ It's nice but probably I was too hungry cos I didn't eat any lunch, this plate wasn't that filling. Hahaha! And I 'stole' some of bf's chicken chop =D

Bf had fried chicken chop. Quite nice but weirdly some of it tasted like fish. I mean it's really soft like fish! This one I'll say it's nice =)

Nothing much to comment about. Give it a try if you love a cozy quiet environment. They too have rice and noodles. Price wise, drinks are rather expensive but food is reasonable.

Til then~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kenyalang Morning Breakie

Last Saturday morning I decided to head down to town early for breakfast with my boyfriend tersayang =D We wanted to go for Carpenter Street's famous laksa stall for it was closed. So then we head over to Kenyalang instead. At 8.30am, Kenyalang Market was already very quiet. It seems all those aunties had gone home much earlier with their kuih muih and vegetables. Hmm...I wonder what time they wake up.

It's been quite some time since I had my breakfast outside. Hehe =D Normally weekdays I had breakfast at home and weekend I'm super duper HYPER lazy to go out for breakfast.

I've been wanting to have laksa so badly recently. Haha! Do not ask me why the laksa doesn't look like laksa here. I've never seen such laksa too. Bf said it looks more like porridge =.='''

***P/s: Dear @jfook, please just stare at the photo above and do not scroll down ok? Because I finally DHL'ed the laksa and kolo mee to you. So now please sign acknowledgement of receiving these two items. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Of course, nothing beats a cup of hot Kopi-O in an early morning! And again, I'm always against everyone, that's cos my love for tea is much mUCh MUCH deeper than coffee. Hahaha!

See it's so quiet already and the stalls were actually closing!!! Probably that's the life of Kenyalang people. Unlike me who wakes up at the time they gone home from market. Bahahaha!!!

The stall which bf ordered his bowl of kolo mee. My laksa was ordered from another stall and which at that time, they were washing up the stall already =.=''' I was like "Hey I'm still eating!" I wonder if they remember their bowl and chopsticks and spoon are still with me. Hahahaha!!

After the full and rather satisfied breakfast, I wanted to snap a few view of the market but sadly, yes, I was late. It's closed =.='''

So I shoot the scenery of Kenyalang housing area instead. It was drizzling and so the sky wasn't very appealing.

An outstanding better looking house standing proudly in the mid of these which I bet had gone over more than 50 years houses. Ehhh!!! I baru nampak Civic Center dalam gambar nii!!!!

Very very very slippery road. Bbbzzzzz.......

Vege farm spotted! Ok it's just around the house. Bf told me it's an old couple living in that house. Amazing eh? So many veges!!!! Fully utilizing all the empty lands available for planting!!

Another view outside the market. No more cars parking along the road. People all went home already.

A young girl selling some clothes. I suppose she's helping her mom around. PSP can be a very good company when it's a quiet morning =)

Fruit stall. I see lotsa oranges!!!!

Dragonfruit anyone? =) I finally fell in love with my own fruit. Roooaaarrr~~~

Leftover veges? I think. The carrots look fresh =D

Who says dogs are only men's best friend? Dogs can be a very good company when you're without your PSP =D Can be your security guard too!!! Awww.....I hearts dogs!!!!

Hmm.....and I thought Kuching is known as the cleanest city in Sarawak? Yoohooo!!!! People please help to clean up the mess before you leave your stall or shop the next time ok? We want good impression for tourist like me. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Snap & Win Contest

Hola people!!! I'm doing this on behalf of Sarawak Bloggers but then at the same time I hope no one joins so that I can win! Hahaha! Ok I'm not that mean!

What do you have to do to join this contest? EASY!!!

1st Step: You go grab your camera.
2nd Step: Think creatively and innovatively and smartly and whatever-ly lah~
3rd Step: Snap a photo! Or even more than just one or two photos! Snap as many as possible!
4th Step: Upload your photos into Flickr or Photobucket or Picasa or any other website that is similar.
5th Step: Go to Sarawak Bloggers and submit your url into the form provided.
6th Step: Complete the slogan "I love Sarawak because..." in NOT MORE than 25 words!
7th Step: Click "Send" and you are done!

Only 7 simple steps!!! Easy right? If I can do it, why can't you? =D

And just look at the prizes! It's a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic!!!! A brand new handphone FOR FREE!!!!!!

What are you waiting for? Get our of your seat now and go grab your camera to snap photos!!! GO GO GO!!!!!!

Kuching, Rock Cat City!

Last night me and bf went out on our usual Saturday night outing. But it wasn't that usual last night =) Cos we had a mission in hand. Brought out all of my gadgets and gears and we went off after sending 'dinner' to Viki at station. Haha!

So, what was our mission?

We're gonna try out night photography and my main mission was to snap a few photos to submit into a contest I'm joining. Will elaborate more on the contest in my next post.

Anyway, the best place to snap photos at night would be of course, town area since it will be brightly lit!

Our very proud arch at Padungan road. There wasn't many cars around town at 7pm last night so..................................................................................


Hahahahaha!!! It was ages ago since I step foot next to that cat!!! August is Kuching month and so the cat's 'accessories' is a never-to-be-missed!!! Rawk cat!!!

A random shot by my bf. I love how the word "Selamat Datang" got caught in this pic. =)

Challenge me to snap photo with the cat!!! =D

Buka Puasa at Cafe Majestic

Last weekend I had the chance to 'buka puasa' together with Cyril and Fahriee at Cafe Majestic. Thanks to Jason and Eileen for the invitation which made me went home with a tummy so bloated I couldn't sleep early that night. Haha! You ask why I 'buka puasa'??? I'll show you why.

Cafe Majestic is located at Riverside Majestic Hotel. The newly renovated cafe gives everyone a more cozy yet classy feel. Love it! And as everyone knows, now is the month of Ramadhan. So Cafe Majestic is doing something special this time round. A buffet is available DAILY at the price of RM79 per pax. Expensive you think? Hold back your thoughts cos you'll be thinking twice later. =)

If you think that 'buka puasa' buffet is only for the Malays and only Malay cuisines are available, you are wrong. The hotel's Executive Sous Chef, Chef Patrick Chew presented to us not only traditional Malay cuisines but also International varieties!!!

Ok ok. I'll stop talking and let the pictures show you the new way of 'buka puasa'...

I'm not sure how Malays 'buka puasa' at home but hey, there's appetizers here!!! I'm calling myself a salad lover now and this section surely is a not-to-be-missed!!!

Mussels anyone? Hehehe =DD I never had mussels for appetizers before! So this is a must try for me. My say? With the thousand island sauce available, it's HEAVEN!!!

Next, there were chefs on the spot grilling the beefs and lambs and chickens and prawns and fishes. Yummm~~~

Hmm....not slurping yet?

Let's see. You get to choose what you want and ask the chefs to grill them for you. Yay!

I love beef and beef here I come!!!

Just for display. Hahaha! Kinda regret I didn't try this cos I was busy scooping the rendang =D Of all the Malay cuisines, rendang is my favourite and there is no picture available because well, I was just too busy scooping them =D

Apart from these meaty cuisines, they too have soups and nasi briyani and also porridges!!!

Sushi time!!!!!! They're all mine, arigato gozaimas! Hahaha!!! I tell you, when I wanted to go back and take these sushis, they're all gone!!! So I had the chef to make some Sake for me. Hehe =)

See the thick salmon??? =P~ You don't have to stand there and wait. Just tell them where you're sitting and they'll send it over. That's easy!

So, not only they have appetizers and main meals. Hmm....thinking of some dessert to end your 'buka puasa' session? Of course they have it!!!

I had a habit. A very fattening one. Which is to take each one of the dessert. And yes I did. =D

Fwwaaahhhh~~~~ I'm thinking of Raya cakes already. Hehehe....

And of course, never forgetting healthy fruits as desserts for those who doesn't like sweet fattening desserts. Hehe =)

So, what's your say now? That's why there is a phrase "Never judge a book by its cover". Hahaha!!! Can someone sponsor me RM79 everyday??? I miss the rendang and the sushi and the dessert!!!!

Oh wait!!! If you have a huge family and want to make a reservation beforehand, you can always call them up at 082-427777 ext 4412. Give it a try!!! Else you'll have to wait until next year~~

I better go and eat now cos I'm already hungry looking at those food pictures. Hehe~~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ivy's Birthday @ EarthDance

Last Tuesday after finish dancing, as usual when there is someone's birthday either on the day or coming soon, our dear sweet crazy teacher will buy a cake for each one of us. Awww.....

And it was Ivy's birthday coming soon (as I heard) this week. So yeap! A surprise cake for her!

Presenting the cake which always comes from Mita Cake House. Hahaha! As aHLost wasn't around, I was assigned as the photographer and told to bring my small digicam along.

The expression after blowing the cake. Due to her super fast action, we had to redo in order for me to capture a photo =.=

And knife so use hand as knife =.=''' Phail~

Then never to forget, GROUP PICHAS!!!

Snap 1

Snap 2

Snap 3

And there you go, our dearest TaoCikgu and SuiCikgu were wearing couple wear that night!!! How sweet!!! So as promised, I edited the photo before posting up. Her requirements were: no double chin, must slim slim, no eyebags, must fair fair and must be very very very sui!!!

Now people, please do comment that she is sui or else she will kill me for the photo. HAHAHAHAA!!!!!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Bedsheet

Last night I had nothing to do while walking around Spring with bf on out usual Saturday night out. Wanted to look around for containers to store my DSLR accessories but it seems that Spring's stuff are all expensive =(

Refusing to go home empty handed. I bought myself a new bedsheet which I have been saying that I wanted to buy one since ages ago and it happens that Parkson is having Mega Sales. So yeap! My purchase of the night cost me RM21.90. Cheap leh~~ Haha!

There wasn't many patterns to choose from. One pink, one blue and one yellow. Since I already have a pink and a blue bedsheet, so I chose the yellow ones instead. It's the prettiest of them all anyway. Hehe =)

And then today I transformed my bed! Yay!

My new bedsheet!!! Photos all taken by my dear Nikon but due to my room's bad lighting and again I didn't attach the flash unit, I had no choice but to edit the photos. Only brighten them though.

Yes I know I'm already 22 years old but hey that doesn't mean I cannot have soft toys!!! Which girl doesn't love soft toys? Hehe =D I have another one not in picture which I hug to sleep every night. COOKIE!!!!!

And since my DSLR is on. So I try to snap a few more pictures. Trying to learn how to adjust the Aperture to the right one but I just can't remember the larger the Aperture means what and the smaller it went will give what type of effect. So I kept adjusting without bothering. =.='' NOOB!

Managed to blur to background a little in this shot. Hmm....

And then adjusted the shutter speed and it went all clear. FUh~~~

A random shot. Haha!

GOOD NIGHT ALL!!!! New bedsheet tonight~ Yeah~

Kuching Festival 2010


Hehehehe =D

I didn't bring my camera to Kuching Fest last night. I never brought anyway. I'm there to EAT. Not to take photos.

So I tapao'ed a few stuff home for breakfast the next day. Pichas delivered to you by Nikon D3000 with built in flash. Lazy wana attach the flash unit. Haha! So the photos looks a little cacat'ed.

This is one thing we have to buy EVERY SINGLE YEAR! It's muachi!!!!! SUPERB!!!

DURIAN PUFFS!!!! In case you are not there yet! This is a MUST TRY if you're a durian lover!!! Buy the PUFFS. NOT the crepe or pancake. PUFF PUFF PUFF!!!!! It's PURE DURIAN inside!!!!

Dragon whiskers. One of my favourite too. Looks like a bunch of caterpillars =.='''

Lastly, flavoured eggtarts from GingerBread. Sorry not Kim Bay's. Hehe =D I bought durian, green tea, mango and coffee. Not bad not bad!!!

That's all! If I were to go back there again, definitely buying more DURIAN PUFFS!!!!