Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wrapping February

Hello hello! This is gonna be my last post for the month of February. Wrapping it up nicely and gonna put it aside to welcome a new month, March. Let's march forward together, head held strong, shoulders straight and powerful heels.

But right before I march into March, I'm gonna start it with a vacation for myself. My long awaited vacation since last year. Well some sort of amendments happened somewhere in the middle while I was anticipating for this day to arrive. Nevertheless, I'm still on for this vacation!

It's gonna be the first flight tomorrow to Penang. Taking the first flight out for a fresh new day seems nice eh =) I've been to Penang once back in 2003. That time I was there with my family and 3 cousins. My pap drove us up from KL. It was a memorable trip. We had the best time throughout the journey despite the long drive. We sang and sang and keep on singing in the car. How I wish we can do that again cousins =)

This trip is gonna be different. I'm gonna explore every single corner of Penang with Kent. We're doing it the tourist style. Gonna just walk around by foot and I'm gonna try out the tricycle. Hehe =D Excited! I can't help but to keep counting the time left for us to fly. It's our first vacation together. It must be fun!

Although for the past few days I wasn't quite in the mood for any fun activities but I tried to cheer myself up. I have no idea why was I so down. Lack of sleep probably. Or maybe just bored at work. Oh the usual days~ Up until this evening I was still not quite excited for this upcoming vacation. But now that I'm writing this, I can sense my excitement heating up. Just hope Kent will be home soon so that we can pack our stuff together. Maybe I should put it as me asking him to pack his stuff. Haha! That lazy boy has yet to pack his bag! =P But then again, what's a gf for right? Hee~

Watching Gossip Girl just to pass my time tonight. Season 5. Man that's fast. I remember back when I was in high school, my penpal Fahon actually talked to me about this movie and I have no idea what's it about! It was only until 3 years ago when I was jobless that I spent my days watching Gossip Girl everyday at home. Speaking of Gossip Girl, really, sometimes I wish I have a happening life like theirs. They have parties every now and then. But ah, that's the high standard lifestyle. Not mine. Better not brag. Hehe =) Glad I have mine. Though currently quite bored with my job. Probably I should change my job. Hmm.....

But then again, so many things are happening and about to happen this year. I have so many plans coming up. Well I can't speak of them but my schedule is kinda pack for every month. I'm gonna make sure that I have at least an event for each month. Like for March, I have this vacation to Penang. And April? Oh need I remind you? My birthday of course! =) Can't wait! I have yet to plan anything but I'm sure something will come up, eventually. The months after that? Just wait patiently for my blog post. =)

Think I better stop here before everyone of you falls asleep. Hee~ See you next month readers! Cheers!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentines Day

Man Valentines was exactly 2 weeks ago! Haha! Yes I got *ahem* sort of tease by bf that my blog post are all outdated. He was asking where's my Valentines day post =.= I know lah. I'm always writing outdated post but hey at least I didn't drag til next month =D So let me post up my lovey dovey Valentines date. If you feel like puking, please be kind and leave so you won't dirty your own keyboard =P

So what was your Valentines gift? I never really prepare any gift for my bf so yes, same goes to this year. I came empty handed =D Everyday can be Valentines what. So long as I feel like giving, then I'll buy =) 

I was anticipating for Valentines to arrive cos I'm very very curious at what Kent will do for me. He didn't give a hint. I only know that dinner is confirm and that's it. It's our first Valentines together so yes, throughout the whole day at work, I kept waiting for any sign of him appearing at my doorstep or any sweet msg for the night's info. But none!

It was only until 3.30pm that my colleague intercom me and said there's someone at my office to deliver something for me. I was busy issuing cheques so I didn't think much. Just went out and saw a postman from Poslaju standing there.

I saw this box on the table. My mind was still at those cheques so I didn't bother reading it and just signed the slip. But the funny thing is that, my name written was not my actual name. The person who sent this to me wrote Angel Pep. Hahaha! And then my mind start to wander off. I'm not familiar with the sender. Then I read again. My phone number. It's my Maxis number. On immediate, I know, it's from my beloved bf =D

Just so you know, I rarely give out my Maxis number to people and it made me wonder who actually knows my office address. Hahaha! Somehow few nights back, bf tricked me to give him my office address. Dang! I didn't even suspect the bit cos he's smart at twisting the question.

Surprise surprise! What a sweet way to send a gift =) Thank you darling! 

As the sun sets, it's time for the candlelight dinner =) I have no idea where he's taking me. Again, blindly follow. This man of mine loves to make me blindly follow him to wherever he's taking me. A sense of excitement!

Alfresco was where we went. A new fine dining place just behind Hock Lee Centre. It's located at Hock Lee Centre's building itself but the entrance is at the back where the parking spaces are. It wasn't brightly lit so we had a hard time trying to locate the place. He managed to secure a seat for us many thanks to his friend who is also one of the owner of Alfresco =)

Feast time!

My beef steak! Yum!!! =D

And the ultra-yummylicious lamb chop! Now this, I must say, TWO THUMBS UP!!! I'm gonna go back for more of lamb chop! =D Even looking at this photo now makes me recall back how the lamb taste like *slurps~*

Of course, what's a Valentines Day without roses right? My very first bouquet of beautiful red roses! Roses made me happy! =D 

Thank you darling for the gift, the dinner and the roses. Our first Valentines is needless to say, a very memorable one =)

You walked into my life in an unexpected event. That first sight, that first chat, that first car ride, that first dinner, that first kiss. And now this first Valentines. Together hand in hand, we shall walk our paths together, two paths into one. 


Happy Valentines Day my Love~

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chap Goh Mei

Here comes the last day of Chinese New Year. Oh how time flies! So how was your Chap Goh Mei dinner? Mine was celebrated a day earlier. The usual Hakkas will always celebrate any occasion a day earlier than other people. This time, I followed bf to his grandpa's house for the huge family gather =)

Huge family means lotsa good food!!! All of these were cooked by his uncle's wife. There's even wild boar meat! My first time eating it. How did it taste like? Er.....I still prefer normal pigs. Hehe =D

Fried pork and chicken by 6th shu mu (Uncle's wife). Wait, how do you address uncle's wife? Just aunty right? Haha! Ah whatever!

Curry by erm....4th shu mu I think. I only remember seeing everyone carry a huge pot into the house =D

Fish by I-don't-know-who again =.= Fine so I didn't help out with the cooking cos there's already 7 aunties in the kitchen and I won't do any help also. =D

Hmm....I've a question. What do you call this vege in English? I only know it's call 'Suan' in Mandarin which means calculate. This is sort of a main dish for the Hakkas during Chinese New Year.

Last but not least! Tang yuan!!! My favourite! =D

What's after dinner? The ladies wash dishes and talk around. The men play mahjong. And kids?

Time for fire crackers!!!! Happily lighting the fire crackers with the help of older brothers.

The big boys are not left aside. They too enjoyed playing fire crackers!

Father and son.

Haha! He was so kiasu that he wanted 2 fire crackers!

And then they went wiring the floor =.=

Kids and their fire crackers =) Surely put smiles onto your face. And I was there busy taking photos while think back what I was like back then, also playing with fire crackers. Hee~

And when the big boys got bored, they went shooting the sky with beautiful lights! I was only with my phone that night so yeah, I had a hard time trying to capture the perfect firework cos as you know, phone's camera cannot adjust shutter speed =.=

After a few snaps, I manage to control the timing of both the firework and the shutter.

And I got THE PERFECT firework shot! =D Smiles!

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone! 

Baby Elaine

Let's skip my CNY Day 4 and hop over to Day 5. Haha! Cos Day 4 was only about friends coming over to my house, then me and family went to Bako for lunch and then went up to Qing Shan. Night time just drinks with friends at Wave Cafe. That's all. No visiting for me =) Therefore no photo taken. Nyek!

Day 5. Gathering with old buddies at Ms Chan's house. Our annual gathering just for the sake of chicken wings! Yes, that awesome chicken wings cooked by Ms Chan's husband. And again I forgot to take photo cos I was way busy with baby Elaine!

Who is she?

That chubby adorable girl belongs to my ex-colleague, Sze Sze. I did posted about her marriage 2 years ago. Now her daughter is already 7 months old! How fast time flies kan?

For a 7 months old baby, she is definitely a huge eater! The thing about her is that, she doesn't like it when other people carry her except for her own parents. How did we manage to get her into our hands? With the temptation of food! =D

That's the face of her about to cry. Hahaha! Yep we all busied ourselves that whole night just to make sure she doesn't cry. Oh tedah! =P~

Coming up next, Chap Goh Meh! Last day of CNY =) Gotta rush all the post before February ends. And when February ends, it means my vacation is here! Lalala~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chinese New Year Day 3

Ah time for CNY Day 3 post. Got lazy for the past few days and then mood swing came so there goes my blog-less days. Right. What did I do on Day 3? Visiting of course!!! It's yet another round of ST3P Family visiting. I wasn't planning for any visiting this year because many had left Kuching. But what I did not expect was Edmund to be back home!!! 

Boy I couldn't be more happy to hear him back home for CNY. The moment I got his message, I had to read twice to check that I did not read wrong. Haha! So on immediate, Day 1 noon time I mass message everyone I can think of and start my planning. But this year we didn't head to many house as a few were not home at that time. So had to skip a few.

First house was of course to Edmund's house. No photos were taken cos everyone came at a different time. And a few had to go to temple and wasn't able to make it. Next was to Ing Liang's house.

What's happening? The minute we stepped into Liang's house, we hear noises! We hear woof woof woof!!!

And who is she that Evelyn is checking out? Er ok that sounded wrong.

Say hello to Angel! No that's not me. That's just a cute furry fussy noisy hyper active dog that has got the same name as me =.= I felt so wrong calling her.

This year Joe's house wasn't open so there's no food for lunch =( But that didn't bring my day down. Because I should be awesomely proud that Liang cooked Maggi for me for the first time ever!!! =D Yes I'm loved by friends! Hahahaha!

With eggs some more ahhhhh!!!! That's what brothers are for!

*slurps* Maggi with curry flavour plus eggs! Superb lunch!

Lastly, group photo is a must when everyone's around =)

Cheers people!

Message to Edmund, Andrew, Thalia and many others: PLEASE COME BACK FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!! What is CNY without family? =)

Much love to all of you!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Chinese New Year Day 2

2nd post of February. Oh tedah! Let the food speak itself for my CNY Day 2. This year my open house was on Day 2 morning. Mom had me ordered some sushi from Sushi King. So that morning, I went to Hills to collect sushi! Sushi is the main dish at our open house every CNY. Previous years we had the time to make our own but this year, oh everyone got lazy =P

At about 11pm plus, you start seeing relatives coming into my house. It's food time! I invited few friends along too but they had to be postponed til around 1pm cos my relatives are way too many that my house was so packed! We don't even have enough chairs for everyone and had to borrow chairs from my aunty. Haha! And some even sat on floor =.= 

This year mom surprised us by buying a set of Yee Sang. It's very small compared to what I had at BCCK. Hehehe =P Sadly I didn't even get to eat it and it's gone! =( Man I miss BCCK's Yee Sang.

And then time for food! Smart aunties just sat around the dining table for easier access to food! Haha!

This photo was taken earlier before everyone arrived. 

After lunch, kids head over to my cousin's house to watch lion dance while the aunties stayed back for their game session. While as for me, it's time for house hoping! First was Mike's house. Then it's Aure's house.

There, my one and only photo taken on Day 2. If you notice, I will never ever miss going to Aure's house every CNY Day 2. Why? All thanks to her dad's awesome salty duck soup! Yum!!! She called me earlier on to ask why I wasn't there yet cos the soup was about to finish! Hahaha! 

After Aure's house, I spent the rest of the day at Kent's grandpa's place. Finally meet all of his aunties and uncles. Huge family! Boy I had a hard time remembering who is who. But then it was superb! Warm loving happy family who welcomed me with smiles =) 


Well that's all for Day 2. Stay tune for Day 3 =) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chinese New Year Day 1

Hello February! It's already 15th of February and here I am posting my very first post for this month. Haha! Super lazy and busy! So how was your Valentine's last night? Mine was sweet =) Will make a blog post for that after I edit those photos. Hee~

*ahem* Have you counted and banked in your angpow money? I just passed mine to mom to ask her help me bank it in. As the age increases, angpow always shrink kan? And then you will always get the "When is your turn to give me" question. Ah relatives~

I'll just let the photos speak for itself. I didn't take much photos this year. Wasn't in quite a good mood though. Oh personal matter~ Anyway, stolen a few from cousins. Happy browsing~

Family portrait. We got the Best Dressed Family award. Haha! Konon award lah~

Few months back, we 32 cousins decided to give all our parents a surprise on first day of CNY. We all promised to wear red! And we succeeded!!! =D Not all cousins are here because 2 went travelling, 3 were left at overseas studying while a few went back earlier. Nevertheless, we made it! Ka-chengs RAWK!

Another shot with a few aunties who were kiasu because they too wore red. Hahahaha!!!

Angpow giving time! That's my Tua Ee (Mom's eldest sis).

With 2 of my aunties from KL and another aunty who took care of me since I was a kid.

Spotted: Momsy jealous cos not in photo. Hahahaha! =P

With my Tua Kim (Mom's eldest sis-in-law). Rarely see her around cos she stays at Sabah. A very active aunty who talks so much to me about dancing =D

With my beloved sisters! Sisters for life!!!

With Wei and Jia. Cousins from KL. Sweet girls aren't they? =) The assets of being young. Haha!

Another shot with Wei. See our hair color differences =P~

With Sam Koko. Ah it's been so long since I last met him! Also cos he's at KL.

With Ricky. Active young chap! Single and available! Ladies, you know what to do =P~

Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Spotlight of the year! Baby Caylee!!! She's Sam Koko's daughter. Only 3 months old. SUPER DUPER HYPER ADORABLE!!!!!

Just look at her cute face! Ah she's being loved by so many aunties and uncles! And she absolutely loves to talk. Haha! How I wish she's here at Kuching so that I can play with her everyday! Babies grow too fast. In few months time she's gonna be a pretty girl =)

Coincidently this year's first day of CNY happened to be my aunty's birthday.

So her sons decided to give her a performance. Awwww.........

First day of CNY is always packed with visiting aunties and uncles. It's only til after lunch that I get to sneak out a few hours before dinner to go visiting with Kent. Haha! Day 2 photos coming soon! Stay tune!