Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Starbucks & Hoegaarden

It's finally 31st of August! Malaysia's National Day! Means public holiday. Yay to everyone cos we can sleep til no time tomorrow morning~ Remember to off your daily alarm alright? Hehe =) So while everyone is partying outside, I am sitting at home trying to update my blog to my latest daily life. I realized I've been really slack this year. My number blog posts are so......................pathetic!

So what is it with Starbucks and Hoegaarden? Let's talk about Starbucks.

I received a tweet few weeks back, on a Friday night, asking for drink session. Starbucks has always been Fahriee's favourite hangout place. So I joined him that night together with Cyril. Just the 3 of us and our Starbucks. Be it ice blended or frappe or whatever they have in the list. I didn't want to go for coffee so I had my very first Chocolate Cream Chip. 

My first expression when I took my first sip? AWESOME! Forgive me but yes, that was just my 2nd time stepping and sitting at Starbucks. I've never been a fan of one cos of its price. But ever since that night, that very first cup of Chocolate Cream Chip. I got addicted!

For the two weekends after that night, I found myself driving to Starbucks after sending my bro off to his friend's house on my usual Sunday routine. Hahaha! But last weekend, I managed to control myself. I was at airport remember? I managed to keep myself away from walking into Starbucks. That also cos I have limited cash in my wallet. Hehe =P Else.......................................

It will be a different story~

I do not know why. I do not know how. But I fell in love with you and been wanting to taste you every weekend~ Oh I sound so wrong but who cares! =P My beloved Chocolate Cream Chip! 

Next, is my virgin experience with Hoegaarden.......

Previous weekend, I went on a date with Mike. Ho ho ho! That night I was oh-so-virgin NOT! Ok maybe towards Hoegaarden. We were browsing through the drinks menu at The Junk and I was filled with question marks above my head. I pointed at one name after another and asked Mike what are those. The only answer that he gave was "Well the best way to find out is to try them!". Haha! Fair enough. I gave Hoegaarden a good try.

Hmm.......fruity, sweet and good enough for me. Mike had..................ok my memory sucks. I forgot what he had but it's in a bottle and there's a slice of lime to be put into it and VOILA! The sour taste of beer. But I find myself prefer Hoegaarden than whatever beer that he had. Hehe =P

A night to remember~ *ahem* The Junk, Havana and Backstage. And the oh-so-many surprises after surprises! Hehe =P ssssshhhhhhhhhh! Keep them down darling. No one should know about them =)

My life's getting better lately. Yes I may be still under recovering process but I'm doing pretty well now. I managed to fill my weekend schedule. And I managed to laugh. Thanks to the many friends who stood by me. You know who you are. *winks* I'm really glad I have friends like them. Nothing means more than precious friendship. Thanks guys!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sematan Trip During Raya

3rd day of Raya, also the last day of Raya holiday. In the morning, I followed Sui Yin and the rest to visit an uncle's house. None of us know him except Yin. Haha! We were there just for the sake of rendang. But what disappointment splashed onto us. No rendang =( Only cakes and cookies. Nu! I've been craving for rendang ever since Ramadhan started. Didn't get to visit Fahriee's house cos he was away. Haiya! So sad there's no rendang this year.

After the visiting, the guys sent me home and they went for lunch at Siang Siang. Initially I didn't want to follow them go Sematan for day trip. But the kids pestered me so much that I had to give in. Hehe =) Yes kids can always make me nod my head. Never ever use kids to ask permission from me =P

And so the guys came back to pick me up after lunch. We all went up in Martin's car. The poor Vios. Skirts were all ruined after the trip. Hehe =)

Sisters! Look like me or not? Haha! So I'm being corrected by Kim. They're not my stepdaughters but my foster daughters. Right.

This is the first time the girls went into the swimming pool. I was very surprised that Clarice is no longer afraid of water. She used to cry whenever we're at the beach. Little girl has finally grown up =)

Gab was so excited to found the swimming floatie that has his name. Haha! The girls were having so much fun learning how to swim. *ahem* I'm their coach. Haha! But I went energyless after few rounds. It's really not easy!!! Hmm....would love to send the girls for swimming lesson. Hehe =)

Group photo in the pool~ Martin and Welly did not join us ler =( Sad case!

After pool session, time to relax and chill by the shore~ These girls really know how to enjoy themselves. Haha! We finally left at around 6.30pm and went to nearby coffee shop for dinner.

Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so hungry that we finished all these and ordered for more. Haha!

More food! Taufu with jellyfish and curry squids!

The day was filled with laughter and a little emptiness in me. I've been avoiding the beach for a month. Wanted to drive all the way up to Damai many times but I quit. Because the beach always reminds me of someone. Someone I don't want to be reminded of. But that day when I was standing at the beach, yes memories did hit me. But later, I came back to reality. Came back to myself. The beach has always been my favourite place to chill out and just relax watching the waves. So why am I pushing it aside? It should be my comfort zone. Not my sad memory zone. So I'm back, to face the beach. Face my fear is how I overcome my fear =)

Anyone free to date me to the beach again? Heee~

Til next time~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Fruit Cake

So, Raya has finally arrived! How did you spend your 4 days holiday? As for me, I tried to pack my schedule with as many activities as possible. But in the end, what I did was only to stay up late til 2-3am every night =.='''

A week before Raya arrive, I asked my mom if she wanna bake cake. I've never bake fruit cake before. If you followed my blog, you will know that I only bake butter cake. Mom has yet to teach me how to bake fruit cake. Though as estimated, the recipe should be about the same except there's fruits being added. 

Mom agreed. On the second day of Raya, my mom was also on leave. We decided to do some baking in the afternoon. Ingredients were all being purchased 2 nights before. I won't write out my mom's recipe. Hehe =P

After about an hour of preparation, the cake is ready to be baked!

Mixture of sugar, butter, flour, cocoa powder and of course, dried fruits. The smell of cocoa powder is very strong which I kinda like it. Makes it more chocolatey. =)

After nearly an hour of baking. Yum! The cake is ready! It looks perfectly fine from the outside. I laid it there to cool down before slicing it.

Tadah! Ready to be served!

Notice anything weird? Hehe =P This fruit cake wasn't a success. The fruits decided to sink to the bottom of the cake. Was kinda disappointed though. I asked mom why did this happened. She said could be because she forgot to heat the oven before putting in the cake. Yes, we're still using the super old fashion type of oven. The round ones with glass view on top. It has to be heated up to a certain temperature before you can put your cake in and bake.

Nevertheless, I'm not giving up. I will bake another fruit cake. Just don't know when =P The cake itself is nice. The only failure is the fruits that sank. Sigh.........

Monday, August 27, 2012

Shopping Is Happiness

There was a phrase that says "Whoever that said money can't buy happiness, doesn't know where to shop!" Well, I kinda agree and disagree. Haha! Of course, pure happiness such as love can't be bought with money. But then again, there are just some types of happiness can be bought with money. Such as SHOPPING!

Last weekend I shopped almost all over Kuching. Friday night I went for grocery shopping with mom at the newly opened Everrise at 4th Mile. It was renovated til so nice! The lights were so bright and the place feels much bigger though it's actually the same size. After mom bought her stuff, we went opposite, Boulevard.

I wanted to look for shoes and my computer mouse. And since mom has yet to see Boulevard's new phase, I suggested us to shop there while waiting for time to pick my bro. There, I managed to find myself a normal looking mouse. Friends all told me Logitech is good. Oh well, since the price is reasonable, I got myself one at Boulevard IT Store. But luck wasn't on my shoes side. =(

RM19 Logitech mouse. I just need a very normal one. No gaming use. Don't need the laser high tech type also. Just optical will do. Hehe =)

On Saturday, I went to Spring right after work. Shoes hunt again. Nose and Vincci. Though the sales were huge but nothing for me =( It's either no nice shoes or my size is no longer available. Sigh.......Tough luck!

On Sunday, after dropping my bro at his friend's house as usual. I went off to airport. Yes you heard me right. Airport! Goodness, the departure hall was so packed!!! At that moment, I only had one wish, to get a one way ticket out to anywhere. Haha! If only I can do that =) Maybe I would. One day I shall try.

Anyway, previously I did saw a few nice pairs of flats at airport. But this time when I went, tough luck again. The nice ones were sold out. The rest, kinda pricey =( After lingering around for few more minutes, I went off. Couldn't bear seeing people hugging all around at departure gate. Hate that moment.

Off I went to Sentosa. Wahahahaha! That was my first time driving alone to 7th mile. I remember there's a shoes shop inside the Unaco building with nice shoes. So I went to have a look. And found myself inside SOS. So apparently, that shoes shop inside Unaco building is SOS. Nice. The sales was pretty good too. Was very tempted to get myself a pair of heels but luckily I did not. Managed to secure myself a nice pair of ballet flats. Love!

Later, I went off to nearby shop, IOI Store. The word SALES written hugely on the banner sure attracts me alot. I went in and came out empty handed. Why? The nice pair of sport shoes that I saw, no other size available. Sigh....And I was left with RM60 in my wallet. The others without sales, needless to say, pricey.

So I left with disappointment. I was thinking where should I go next. I have 3 destinations. To MJC and look around the many shoes shop there. Or to Lea Centre at Hopoh. look for food first =P In the end, I decided to give someone a surprise and headed over to 4th Mile Everrise. Ho ho ho!

And it turned out, my surprise cost me RM50. Hahaha! Thanks to that someone, I managed to secure myself a pair of sport shoes at Bata =) But I'm happy. At the end of the day, I went home happily with 2 pairs of shoes.

Mission accomplished!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yong's 15th Birthday

Finally I managed to transfer the photos that were stuck inside the Fuji camera's internal memory. There was no cable so the photos had been stuck there for months. Until, suddenly my brain decided to work and I transfered them into the memory card. Ho ho ho! 

Yes! Delayed post since May!!! 3 months! Heck!

Right. So it's my bro's 15th birthday. A simple one at home. I wonder how this boy grow up so fast. It's like it's just yesterday he walked into St Joe primary school. And today he's preparing for PMR. Time sure waits for no one eh. 

There you go. He must be wishing for straight As in PMR. 1 more month to go before the big day! Yooo!

Happy birthday there little brother~

I know I've been procrastinating about blogging but I will try to update as often as possible. Past few weeks had been busy with dance performance. Shall write another post tonight if the Photobucket allows. Somehow the system went a lil haywire. The edited will not appear even though it's being saved. Gotta wait for several hours before the system captures the edited one. Hmm....anyone facing this problem?

Anyway, cheers~ I'm still alive!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

15th July 2012

15th July 2012. The day everything ended in storm. The day I never expect to come so soon. Way too soon. Way too fast. Way too short. Way too sudden. It could have been any other day. But because of certain stuff that I did, it happened on that day....

Exactly 8 months ago, we started to talk as friends for the first time. You sent me the first sms. And since that day, you text me almost everyday. At first I was kinda reluctant to contact with you. But soon after, we tend to get closer. There's this spark that existed between us. Yes, existed. Because it's no longer there. Not for my case but for your part.

I remember the first time we spent the whole day together. Well not exactly the whole day but from noon til night. At Sunday market. It was then that we both realized we had this common bridge in between. I can replay everything that happened there and then as if it's just yesterday. No strings attached. Just friends. Merely friends who knows nothing about each other but enjoyed the company. It was the first time I sat in your car and being clueless about where you're bringing me. It's as if I'm being kidnapped but I had the trust in you. I trust that things will not happened. Why? I don't know. The trust is just there. Bako lunch. Telaga Air sea wind. The world is my stage. No. You had your own way to your stage.

2 weeks passed. We started to hangout more often. The Junk. Spring. Hills. And that Sunday afternoon sudden trip to Damai Central. I was distracted. My decisions were distracted. And I changed my mind about leaving. That noon, I told you, Yes, You are the one who made my change of mind.

For the next few nights, we continuously stopped each other from getting into relationship. You told me to leave. I hesitated. I told you not to fall for me. You said you might and might not. You told me to chase after my dream and chase after him. I told you I'm afraid things might not work out the way I wanted. Again I hesitated. I told you I'm not ready for a relationship. You said you gave up on her. We're both in midst of confusion and rejection and fear. Fear of losing this precious friendship. Fear that things will not work out. But we know we wanted each other badly. In the end, I said I wanted you but am afraid to commit anymore. You said let's just hold hands and decide everything else later...

That's how we started. From repairman and clerk to hand in hand on the street. There were happy times. There were sad times. There were achievements. There were disappointments.

宝贝, I was the one who gave up trying. I should have hold on and keep on trying. But love, I will stand strong again. For you, anything I would. Fear not because you are never alone. I am always behind you. You will forever remain in my memories, my heart. Yes things still hurt, but not as bad anymore. It's not that I moved on. But I grow from there. Go on and have your independent life. I will be there to hold you if ever you fall. You are my strong, smart, independent man. Always willing to learn anything that comes in your path. Always there to remove the obstacles. One day if God and Cupid permits, we will be together again. I have faith in God. I have faith in us. I believe in us. Believe.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Rainforest World Music Festival 2012

I've been procrastinating about everything. Way too many stuff happened lately. I'll be posting about them later. While I'm just here to update about my first time at Rainfest. After so many years, it's my first time partying at RWMF but sadly, it leaves the worst memory ever...

Story cut short. I went with Kent to Rainfest. Ticket was bought online few months back. We head up after having lunch. Um...more like lunch in car cos we were running out of time. Reached there when the hot sunny sun came out, nevertheless, we walked from Santubong resort to Cultural Village.

A photo just to prove that I was there =)

First stop: The theatre. We were glad to found air-cond room. It was burning hot outside. There, we get to play the angklung. Angklung is a traditional music instrument made of bamboo and originated from Indonesia. It's carved according to different pitch then tied onto a frame. How do you play? You shake the whole thing!

There, er....can't see the angklung properly. Happy boy playing angklung =)

Then we left the theatre to venture more parts of Cultural Village. It's been 12 years since I went there! Ah those primary school days~

That happy smile =)

This is what I've been waiting for. The dance-dance get-together session. This is the main attraction of all workshops. Hehe =P

Hello again~ I'm wondering if I should still develop all these photos......

After the dance session, we went out to Damai Central for food. There's so many activities going on there! Lots of booths and game stalls. It's a different Rainfest this year eh.

And then the sun sets and the music starts~ Our entrance tags. Oh dang I need to take these back!

The music was pretty good. Starts off with something that almost made me fell asleep, until the other group came in and the party begins! One thing I must mention, I was kinda looking away from the Malaysian performance. We went out to hunt for more food. But what surprised us wasn't the food there, nor the beers, but the performance by the Malaysian group! Immediately we ran back and joined the crowd in the middle and danced away~  Ah lesson learnt: Never look down on Malaysian music! =P

I might and might not be going back to Rainfest anymore. Gotta depend =) But I will never ever forget the memory I had during our first visit. I shouldn't have.....really....I shouldn't have.............