Sunday, June 28, 2009


"It is not the piece of cert that determines your future...It is your ability that does the job.."



Hmm...ever since I got this job. I have been wanting to get a new handphone. For why? JUST COS I WANT TO ONLINE!!! Omg I seem so desperate all the time. Living without msn and facebook and blog. It's such a horror!!!

And also, since I watched Gossip Girl, I so love the handphones they use. It's so nice! So superb!

Ahhh....and that makes my head turn and turn and spin and spin....

And my direction ended pointing at this....Yeap~ The new superb high tech connected all the time punya N97~~~~ I know I know. It's expensive. Gonna cost me 6months of my salary. Haha! But it's such a love~! Awww........
All in one handphone worh...How nice....But it's gonna appear only in my dream. Haiz....Even I got this jackpot or mega thingie. Handphone will still not be the first thing in my mind to buy. It will be renovating my house. *ahem!* I mean our new house. Hehe =D

But I still wish to change my Samsung and Nokia hp to this N97~~~~

Can I plant money?

Door revamp project

Two months ago I was jobless and had nothing to do at home. So I started painting my room door. Hehe =D

Mum asked me to paint the bathroom's door frame and so I continued to paint my room door. Actually I bought the paint much much earlier on. But just didn't have the time to paint cos had been working everyday then.

Until 2months ago I finally had the time. But well, it sure did take me looooooong time to finish painting. Haha!How's it? I saw this design in some movies which I forgot the name. I thought it's nice so I adapt it to my room door. Hehe =D My room is so colorful~~~ Pink and purple wall. White and red door. What's next? Haha!

Fast fast comment liaw. I wana know what you guys think. Hehe =D

UBS Accounting Software

Finally I got the UBS Accounting Software book. Thanks to Choon Fung's cousin for borrowing me the book so that I can photocopy and have my own. Hehe =D

I'm coping quite well with work now. Come to the sense, actually UBS isn't that hard to use either. Heee~ As long you know the accounting principle then you're good to go.

So, wish me luck~! And to those of you who needs help in UBS, I am here to lend you my book to photocopy too. Hehe =D

UPSR review

Yesterday morning I was asked by mum to go bro's school and take his report card. Cos when mum and bro went, the teacher haven't arrive. Mum need to work by 8am. So she asked me go school and see teacher. Haiz...

Me: Ganti mak boleh?
Teacher: Boleh. Kakak ya?
Me: Ya.


And then the horror came. Teacher showed me bro's report card. *thunderstorm!* Bro got 4Bs and ONLY 1A!!! OMG! How can that be? Eh I used to get 4As and 1B for my UPSR leh. Why my bro terbalik one?

BM pemahaman 70+, penulisan also 70+. English 60+. Maths 60+. Science 84. KNS!

Then after I left school, the more I think the more I get furious. So after work I went home and think again. Worked half day yesterday. Then I didn't bother and went to sleep. When I woke up, aunty called to ask bro's position in class. I baru blur blur go take his report card and look for the position area. WTH! He got 26 out of 39!!! OMG!!!

This kid must be help immediately. Else he'll drop drop drop his UPSR. Haiz....then I think think think again. And went to pick him from school at 5pm. I told him.

Sis: You want online, you online tonight only. Tomorrow onwards I will keep your pc. Until after UPSR then you can play.
Bro: HAR??? Then what else can I do?
Sis: STUDY! REVISION! How can you get your result so poor???
Bro: ......o................
(few seconds later...)
Bro: Means later I can online til midnight? *grinning*
Sis: Whatever~

So last night, me and baby went to Boulevard. I wanted to buy a clear folder for bro to put his cert and a Arch file for me to use at office. But then I added few items to my shopping list. I went to look for.....

One English practical book....
One for Maths...
And one for BM.

Since his science is so good. So I guess he don't need any more of practice. Just revision will do.
And I took bro's Popular's Student Card. So got 10% discount of all items. Phew~ But still, it costed me a lil. I just hope that these practice will help him to get better result for his next exam and until UPSR.

Then I set a schedule for him. But I have yet to tell him though. Gonna have BM penulisan every Saturday night without me supervising. And every Sunday afternoon will be on alternate subjects. Hah!

As the word says, practice makes perfect!
And I even cleaned my room. Sweep and mop the floor. Clean the fan. Set up a table and comfy cushions just for him to have those practice in my room. And now he's was sitting there having his English Paper 1 but turned out. He's sleeping after half hour. KNS! How to gain good grades like that???

Needs more motivation!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


*yawn!* So bored!!! And so lazy to blog. Hehe =D

Let's just story about what happened last night. Hmm...let's see...

Last night when baby come to pick me up, we headed to E-mart first. Cos I wana get my specs done. I know my degree had increased. So wanted to change the lens. Went to Eyesight Optic to check check my eyes. Left side, as usual, nothing =D While right side has 350. OMG! Increased 100 leh!!!

Then the people wanted me to change both side of the lens into good UV protection lens. But too expensive for me. So I don't want lor. I took back the normal type. Costed me RM25 for just one side lens. Aihh....

Then after E-mart, we went to Guardian to buy some stuff. I wana look for lipbalm. My lips was cracking like hell. I think it's cos I doesn't suit using Vaseline lor. So I bought back the old Nivea Essential. Luckily there's sale and it's only RM6.84. Heee~ I bought other stuff too. So overall crash was RM14.66. Haiz....

After that, we went to Spring for dinner and shopping. Baby said to go Sugarbun worh. So we had dinner there. Dinner's always on baby =D~

After dinner, we went walk walk around lor. Window shopping nia. Baby wanted to look for formal wear with short sleeves. But can't find any. Me just browsing around. Then left FOS and went into D&D. I caught the sight of nice formal skirts! *drools~* I want them!!! But a lil costly =( Anyway, I got myself a white skinny belt there since my previous black one went putus already. Haha! The belt cost RM13. Another spend~

Then~! I beh tahan so poked into MPH. Hehe =P

AND GOT MYSELF THIS!!! Actually I wanted to look for books about UBS software. Trying to learn ma. There's a book title there cos baby search using the pc. But we just couldn't find the book. Even the salesperson couldn't find it. Haha! So I ended up splurging RM33.55 for another Cecelia Ahern novel. So far I'd read P.S. I Love You, Where Rainbows End, A Place Called Here and If You Could See Me Now. I think they're all SUPERB! That's why I bought myself another novel from her. Gonna get myself The Gift next time. Though it's more expensive than the rest, BUT WHO CARES! I want her whole collection!

Now, one question. Should I get the MPH membership card??? Is it worth it???

Til then~

Fish Spa @ Indulgence

Few months back, I got these free fish spa coupons from someone. I've been wanting to try out the fish spa since I heard of it. Well, it's just curiosity of how this things work =)

So there, I told my mum and we 3 went there together. It's at Indulgence Wellness Centre at Jalan Song. I called up to make an appointment at about 7.30pm.
When we reached, were greeted by the counter girl. Well, there were not much people there besides the worker. Probably it's a little too early for the clients to come.
We were told to wash our feet at this small tub. Then we went to the fish spa area. Sorry didn't take the pic =/
To the left side of the fish spa, it's the foot massage chair. At that time, still no one there.
There were about 4 aquariums of fishes. Ranges from big to small. We took the biggest aquarium with the smallest fish. Cos I was told that smaller fish doesn't bite that hard. Dahlah the gigi belum all keluar kan? Hehe =D
When I first put my feet in, OMG! I nearly shouted! Haha! It's so ticklish! The fishes all swim towards your feet as though they were damn hungry and that your feet are their food.
They tend to stay longer at the toes. Don't know why. It's very very ticklish when they're at the bottom of your feet. So I'll move my feet whenever they're there. But sometimes the fishes just bite to your skin and they won't go off! Urgh!
That's mummy's foot. She can tahan the tickleness. Aduhai~!
And that's my bro's. He let the fishes swim up to the leg. Haha!
So many of them gathering at our feet! But well, it's a fun experience =) We were each given a towel and a glass of water. Dump our feet in the aquarium for about 45minutes for free. Hehe =D

Go give it a try~ It's nice =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

MIA for a week!


I am back online after went MIA for a week!!! I mean 5days and nights! Haha! My job is damn exhausting lor. Get up at 6.15am every morning. That's the time my alarm rang but sometimes I just snooze another 5-10 minutes. Hehe =P

Then rushed off to work. Trying to escape the traffic jam. Sometimes stopped by McD cos I reached town bit too early. Hah! And here I am. Still alive ok!

Anyway, I'm coping quite fine with my job. Trying to learn about UBS software. Trying to figure out what should I do next. What's the priority list. And so forth. Cos there's just too many things to do.

With colleagues, things are just quiet most of the time. Apart from one lunch and when they want things from me or vice versa. I had been bringing my own lunch cos lunch outside is too expensive for me =)

So mum had to be the kolian ones to wake up early morning to cook for me. Hehe =P I know I know. I don't cook bah! What to do! Hehe =D

Well, I'm here just to update about myself. Gonna blog bout stuff that had been long long time ago. Just transfered pics from hp to pc bah. Remember my pc got h1n1 right? And I reformat it right? So yalor. The hp software gone. Had to reinstall it and bla bla bla.

Ok so I've got this one pic that I want to show to you guys.

Remember I said my pc was super outdated and ran color sometimes? Yeap~
This pic is taken with my Nokia 5300. No editing no photoshoping or anything. It's pure original pic. And that's to my horror on my second day of work. My windows is GREEN!!!! Hahahaha!!!

Go on and laugh~

Have a nice day~

Will blog some more later =D

Oh and btw~ I told boss about my pc case. And she called the technician. Technician came and change my monitor (Like I can't do that myself). And now I have this identical twins to my old monitor but it's much nicer WITH PROPER COLOR! Hehe =D

Monday, June 15, 2009

First day of work

So almost all you do know that today is my first day of work at a lawyer firm somewhere in town. Was introduced to this job by Sharon. Thanks gurl~!

Anyway, last night I slept at 2am. Nervous mah! Ma si cannot sleep lor! Cannot blame me. Blame my brain. It doesn't want to rest. Hehe =D

So, what do I do?

My position in the firm is as an account cum admin clerk. And as I saw before, there were 3 litigation clerks and two lawyer. The office just normal. Well, I've never been into lawyer firm before. So I guess it's normal.

Reached quite early cos want to avoid the jam at Matang and Satok and town area. So I stopped by McD to waste my time there listening to songs in my car. Hmm..who's there to join me for McD breakfast next time round? Hehe =D

When I reached office, I was suppose to meet someone called Ms Voon and she'll tell me what to do and all that. She sort of helped out for my position when the previous girl left. And as to my knowledge, she's the senior clerk there. But she doesn't look senior to me. So young! So gentle somemore~ Keke =P have a room to myself...And this is how my room looks like....Hmm....Cupboards and cabinets of course. My desk. And seats for clients. Like as if there's gonna be any client walking into my place. Ok forget about it.
And this is my workdesk. That's my pc and keyboard. Hmm...Where's the cpu?
And ah...this is what I see when I open up my window. My room has a window ok. Haha!

Fuh!!!! AS IF that's gonna happen to me. And since when town area has seaview? Hahahaha!!!!

I'll show you what REALLY are on my desk and how my room actually look like. I did not lie when I said I have a room! I do have one! AND I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!

I think I won't be sleeping tonight thinking of how to tidy and clean up and decor my room. Hmm...make a room revamp? Hahahaha!!!!!

Fine fine fine!!! This is how my monitor looks like. With the I-think-only 10" screen and the color tends to run away at times. It's internet-less too!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! HOW TO SURVIVE WITHOUT INTERNET!!!!!!!!! But I did survived one day without it though. Hahaz!

And...this is how my workplace looks like. Well, almost. Not exactly. But there's files all over the room. By the cupboard. In the cabinet. Under the table. On the table next to my desk. And on my desk too. WTH!!! And I think they haven't been cleaning the room for loooooooong TIME!!!!!

Oh what did I do? I clean up lah of course!!! Threw away quite a few stuff til my bin was kinda full. Keke =P I wonder do I clean my bin myself? Aihhh.....nevermind lah~! As long I have my own room I'm glad enough dy. Hehe =D

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What do you see...

No matter the truth, some people see what they want to see...

And some can a step back and found out that they're still looking at the same big picture all along..

Some people might see that their lies has almost caught up to them...

Some people may see what was there all along...

And there are those other people, who runs away as far as they can. So they don't have to look at themselves...

*Taken from Gossip Girl*

Turn Red Zoo/Restaurant @ BAU

Last Saturday was Agong's birthday as everyone know. Me and baby actually wanted to go for bowling at Crystal Bowl. But then plan changed. Sudden change! I was in the mood for adventure. And to my surprise, he is too! We both agreed to head over Bau to visit the Turn Red Zoo & Restaurant which lots of my friends had been there but me.

And that night, me chatted with Oreo til 3am. OMG! This Oreo memangz! I wanted to off pc dy. Then she dragged me. We were webcaming and it's SHO FUN!!! Gawd I miss her lots!!!

The next morning I woke up at 9am. 6hours of sleep =.=''' *yawn* Hahaz! I got ready, had my breakfast and drove to baby's house. Sorry lah. I don't know how to use Matang Road to go Bau marh!!! And the directions given to me were to head up through MJC. So had to go down lor~

About 10.15am we depart~! Adventure begins~! We drove drove drove.......Reached MJC and passed. Saw the turning to Bau and Lundu. Then reached a traffic light and turned right. And there! This was where we two got lost! We heard that Turn Red is near Wind Cave. My direction giver did not tell me exactly where it is. He just said "neh you turn right then that's where you can find Turn Red and Wind Cave". Me suku suku just "Oo".

We didn't know have to turn to the road to Serikin where have to go through the police checking. We drove straight up. We saw Wind Cave and Ranchang pool. And then Fairy Cave. We kept driving forward. Apu~! The place getting scarier. Hahaz! And then I tell baby "Let's just turn back to the main road". Then baby said "Maybe it's the fairy cave there?". So we turned into Fairy Cave.

Drive til inside and saw a tourist bus with lotsa tourists. We went to the place where people always climb the cave? Do you climb cave or mountain? I don't know what to call it lah. It's still Fairy Cave anyway. Went down and took some photos.
There. Kereta milik sayangku~ Hahahaha!!! Do not zoom for number! Haha!
And my man~ *blush*
Nice or not? I think they look scary =/
There were a group of guys there trying to climb up. But only one climbed. The rest stood there take his picture. Apalah! Such friends.

Looks like a piece of gigantic rock that's gonna fall anytime!
Sangat zhi lian! Kekekeke =D

*shivers!* Don't dare to imagine more...

And then we left Fairy Cave. We kept driving again. Until we really don't know where we were. We turned back to the main MAIN road. And I texted Kelly for direction. Haha! Sukuznye me! Kelly said we have to turn to the police there. Haiz~

So balik with the police yang sangat strict. The face no smile one bo. Ish ish! After passed the police checking, we saw Turn Red. It's only about within 10metres from the police. Hahahaha!!!

The weather was super the duper the hyper HOT!!!!!!

Yet-to-be-done Garden Accessories. Masih 'kang kang'. Haha!
This is the backyard of the restaurant. The tables and chairs were SUPER HOT!!!
Nice to see, nice to snap. But not nice to touch. Cos it's BURNING!!!
There's a small river...

And a man-made waterfall. Cos I saw the piping. So gg.
Why Turn Red Sdn Bhd? I pun don't know.
It's closed on every Monday. So people human guys girls aunty uncle ah kong ah ma! DON'T go on Monday ok! Adults will have to pay RM8 while kids only RM3 (I think).
Small alligator. It looks like an alligator to me but the name doesn't says so. It's a super long name which I can't even remember how does it read like.
Yuck! I hate snakes! This one is actually 2snakes tanggling together!!! Were they cuddling?
And this one's lonely...
Turkey! Christmas! Yum~ Hahaha! Ok and after this, my camera failed me big time again. Haiz.....
And birds....
And more parrots....Why no Hornbill????
Presenting to you all~ This is the wood fossil. It's super duper bright inside cos of all the lightings setup. Enjoy the pics~


This is JADE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I steal?????????

Ok. That's all about Turn Red Zoo~

After we left, headed over to Bau for Marrybrown and baby wanted to look at Tasik Biru. So called blue. Haha! And went home~! Home sweet home~~~ I was asleep in the car way back home. Kekeke =D

Til then~