Monday, January 31, 2011

LCCI Level 2 Result

Ok now I'm gonna make a short simple post. Cutting through my whole line of vacation post. Hahaha! And since I can't post up photos from my handphone into facebook, therefore there is no photo because I'm too lazy to take out my camera and snap the photo then transfer and upload and edit =.= It's just way too mafan for the moment. LOL

So, the long awaited result came out this week. Tuesday noon I received a sms from Sunway College asking us students to collect our result slip. And since the second I received that text, my heart had been beating faster and faster. Kinteo bahhh!!! I wasn't that quite prepared for this exam because on the same day, well if you followed my blog, then you will know that I flew off to KL just after my exam. Hehehehe =D

Alright stop loso'ing. My result turns out to be.....ummm.....well........kinda unexpected but yet a little expecting....erm.....heeeee~~~


Now please congrats me! LOL *my face skin very thick!*

Oh btw, today is already the last day of January 2011. Tell me if you do not feel that time is flying. And tonight imma have the awesome reunion dinner with ex-colleague again~ 1Family! Hahahaha!

Ok gotta go~ Tata~

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Window of The World!!!

I WENT TO WINDOW OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I lied. I did go but I did not went in =( So sad wehh!!!! I wana go in and see the whole mini world!!! But our tour guide didn't bring us in. He said the ticket is very expensive. Sobbb.......*emo*

Someone please go to Shenzhen with me again and we go Window of The World can? Please please please!!!!!

We only went to the outside and took photos. It's like so wtf! Since we're already there and why not we go in! Argh!

And I'm the only one being naughty here. Hahaha!!! My parents and my bro are like blocking the dwarfs. Ish! Yeslah I'm the giant lah and they're the dwarfs. Hahaha hehehehe =D

MAD AWESOME CHRISTMAS TREE with the stupid me! I was telling my bro how to snap my photo and the way he held the camera damn phail lor! Maybe I should learn how to camwhore with dslr. Hmm...

This horse is from the movie Troy kan? Hahaha!!! It was such hot day and I do not have a lens hood and therefore my photo sucks! Who wana sponsor me a hood for my lens? Hahahaha!

After taking a few snapshots of the place, we head over for lunch.

A not so nice restaurant. I mean the food. Not the restaurant. Probably I'm more of a western food eater so I do not enjoy most of my meal at China and Hong Kong.

After lunch, we went for something that looks like a LRT and the train took us around Shenzhen's Cultural Village. Will post about the Cultural Village on my next post. There's gonna be tons of photos. Hehehe =D

Next post will be up on Tuesday night I suppose. Til then~

Lian Hua Shan Park

Alright continue from previous post. 2nd day of our trip. We were to wake up by 7am and get ready by 8am because bus is gonna leave at 8.30am. Tour guide said if you're late then you'll miss the bus =O So the night before I set my phone alarm at 6.30am. Hahaha!

Of course breakfast is always provided by the hotel. 

This is the hall where we had our breakfast at Hotel Bonanza. Huge hall. Feels like wedding dinner =.= The food, comment. Just normal porridge, eggs, vege and bread. It's China you know =) Not England. Hahahaha! =P~

On our way to the first tourist spot. It was a Monday morning so 8.30am is the jam packed time where everyone rushes to work. Shenzhen is a very well developed city. So you can see that their roads are so much wider than ours. And China's driving side is different from ours. Hehehe

Our first tourist spot, the Lian Hua Shan Park where Deng Xiao Ping's statue was built at the hilltop. And we had to climb all the way up just to see him. Hahaha! Anyway, if you're wondering who is he. I kindly googled for you all. Here's the link about Deng Xiao Ping.

The view from hilltop was damn awesome!!!!! But then too bad it was so cold that the cold clouds were covering the city! Dang! Else I would have gotten a great photo of those buildings.

Us imitating the statue. Hahahahaha! Damn phail lor this photo =X

Then there was this interesting uncle. He was writing all those traditional chinese words on the floor using a huge brush that he created on his own. The guy in purple was asking him how he write until so nice and so he demonstrated one for us to see. Seriously it's not easy!

On our way down I spotted alot of trees. Erm I should say all of the trees there were half painted with white paint. I was wondering why. Then bro said he overheard someone asking a painter there, and he said it was to avoid some bugs from destroying the trees o.O? Not bad huh~

A cafe at mid hill. We were told by our tour guide that there's alot of route to go up and down the hill. He reminded us over and over again to use the same way down and we still used the wrong way down. Hahahaha!

And then we came to a park where lots of people were flying kites and I think this tree is pretty! Looks like sakura tree =D

Walked and walked and walked and we came to this entrance. Hahahahaha! The other family's dad called up our tour guide and told him where were we and he came to find us. We had to mafan the bus driver to turn around just to pick us lost-goats. Kekekekekeke =D 

It was a tiring morning but hey I get to view the city from hilltop! Awesome!!!!! The park is big. I think there's alot other sections which we didn't go. Hmm......anyone wana go back with me? LOL

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hotel Bonanza at ShenZhen

Hohoho!!! Finally I am sitting here at 7.15pm and blog about my super awesome 8 days trip to China, Macau and Hong Kong! Alright I'm gonna post according to places and not days. Can never squeeze a day's photo into one post. Hahaha! I took like I don't know....erm.....579843156 photos? Blek! I chose those nice nice ones to post up into blog. But I had the full album in Facebook. Heeee~

Ok stop talking. On 19th December me and family departed from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu at 7 early 8 early. We were at airport by 6.45am T_T Our flight was ok. But dang I hate MAS's pilot. They brake like hell! Urgh!

Anyway, upon reaching Hong Kong, we took a bus and then went straight to Shenzhen. A very big and modern and of course, advanced city =) I've been hearing people saying that Shenzhen is like KL, just bigger =O

We reached Shenzhen around evening time and went for dinner right away. We were all starving already! Hahaha! Oh btw, there were 14 of us in the tour. Hehe =) After dinner, there was no activity so tour guide sent us back to hotel and told us if we wana go shopping, there's always a night market near the hotel.

So here is our hotel at Shenzhen. We stayed 2 nights here. It's call Hotel Bonanza. A very great and awesome hotel!!! Why awesome? Cos they've got the best breakfast meal and a great hotel room plus FREE INTERNET CONNECTION! That's the most important thing that I need when I'm away from home. You know, I cannot live without friends. Hahahaha! How did I online you ask? I brought a netbook with me lah duh~

The main entrance. All decorated with Christmas decors. Super nice lahhhh!!!! Kuching die die die die die can never ever ever ever compete with China people's decorating ideas!!!

That's the super grand wall behind the reception counter. Tell me that is not enough =)

The staircase leading to 1st floor which I don't know have what. Hahaha! Definitely not the cafe cos it's located at 3rd floor. Eh the stairs are made of marbles kah?

And the super sui glass wall along the side lobby =D

Did I say it was near to Christmas? Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree~

Our tired faces. LOL Photo was taken when we got back from the night market. It was already 11pm. Hahahahaa!

Herm.....a photo shot by my bro.

Ok I better go have my dinner first. Another post coming up tonight, hopefully =P~

Do drop a comment about the hotel cos I think out of all the hotels in China, this one is the most awesomemess!!! Is there such word? Hahaha! Ok bai~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Present by Grabbs

Last year before Christmas, I joined a contest sponsored by many online blogshops which I found through A Shopaholics Den. It's to choose a gift sponsored by a blogshop then email them and say why you wanna win this gift. And so I browsed through the gift and saw a handbag. A very nice one which will fit my mom well since she's complaining about small bags and very little compartments. And without much thoughts, I sent them an email.

While the contest was going on, I was busy away for vacation and I totally forgot it! Mom actually bought a handbag from Hong Kong. The fake Burberry bag. LOL

Days after New Year, I received an email from A Shopaholics Den saying........I WON THE CONTEST!!!!! Goodness I was so excited!!! Seriously I totally forgotten about it. They asked for my details and I immediately press the 'Reply' button.

2 days later the parcel arrived! Weeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's a gift sponsored by Grabbs, an online blogshop. Do check them out alright? Heeeee~

I asked to send the parcel to my office. The bag is huge! See the size compared to my keyboard? Haha! But most importantly.....................................................................................

IT'S RED IN COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom's favourite color!!!!! When I pass this bag to her, she was so hype that it's of course, a belated Christmas gift from me and then I asked her, "Nice or not?". You don't need to guess, you will always know her answer =) "As long it's red then it's nice." Hahahaha! Oh that's my mom~

Here I wana say THANK YOU to GRABBS and ASHOPAHOLICSDEN for this great contest and THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING ME!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Toy Story at Disneyland, Hong Kong

Have you guys ever wonder how Toy Story movies were made? How they move the toys and all that? I know lah many will said it's by using computer programs. But hey I've got something to show you. Something that amazed me! Found this at Hong Kong Disneyland. I watched a few times but then I got dizzy. Hahaha! Anyway, enjoy the video I uploaded into YouTube~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Performance at Hills

This is a late post. Hahahaha! And due to my laziness to transfer photos from camera, I'm making an old post now. My last performance for last year was at Hills Mall. It was a week before I leave for China trip. This time our performance came a little different. Instead of wearing the same attire for everyone, we each were told to act as a character in the society. So....I'll let you guess who is what....

See how many of us here!!!! Hehehehe =D This was the most fun performance ever!!! I enjoyed myself alot. And the best thing wasn't just that. It's having friends coming over to see me on stage was what touched me. I thought everyone will be just joking about coming over. But then when I see them, I was so surprised and happy and excited!!! It's not that I'm trying to show off myself on stage, but I love companions. I love friends. And to be there for someone is one very important thing to me. Thanks guys! You know who you are!

Ok so that's me. Laugh all you want. Hahahaha!!! Green top and black vest from myself. Trousers from teacher. Gloves from bf. And last but not least, the most important item of all, the gun! The black long toy that I've been talking about belongs to Fahriee. Heehee~~

I do not have the video on Youtube so you gotta click here to view it in Facebook. I hope you can view it though. Teacher posted it. Not me. Hehe =) Enjoy~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Aloha everyone!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! How was your New Year's Eve celebration?? I had an awesome bbq party at my house with Sarawak Bloggers' peeps! DAMN NICE!!!! Friends whom I met for only months are seriously awesome! Yet to join us? Come along and click here =D

Alright alright. I know it's time for new year's resolution. I've been thinking so much about it. Wondering should I make a list of 10 or maybe only stay with a single one. Heeee~ Guess I'll still keep mine short and simple. Well, that's also because I think this year won't bring huge changes into my life except for one hopefully-in-time graduation =D I know it's only a Diploma level but hey! Look I'm graduating! Hahaha!

So........My year 2011 resolution......

# Study at my best and graduate on time with the title Diploma in Accounting!

EVERYONE PLEASE WISH ME LUCK! Because I MUST NOT fail a single subject and then resit. Why? Cos my title will be different if that happens. Ok choi touchwood! I'M NOT GONNA FAIL! I'M GONNA PASS WITH DISTINCTION!!!!!

2010 Review

It's 12.52am right now and I'm gonna do some review for the whole of last year. Time definitely flies alot this time. Could it be ageing signs? Hahaha! I might miss out a few stuff since I didn't blog that much this year. Too busy with studies and work and games probably. Heeee~

*Organized my very first primary school reunion. Not all came but it was awesome max!!!
*Started LCCI Level 1 class. Fuh~

*Chinese New Year =)
*My great ex-colleague, Sze Sze finally got married!!!! Awwww......true blessings!
*Another simple reunion for primary schoolmates on the 5th day of CNY and it was again another blast!

*2nd year anniversary celebrated at Silhoutte
*The month I joined Sarawak Bloggers for good!
*My grandpa got into newspaper!!!!! Heeeee~
*Got my first birthday present from someone.....a Sony walkman!!!!
*Continue to collect more novels from Popular book fair

*And the biggest present I've got this year? To be announced as FEATURED BLOGGER OF THE MONTH BY SARAWAK BLOGGERS!!!!!
*Attended Pullman Grand Opening Gala Dinner
*Earth Hour falls on April too. Celebrated with few friends at Secret Garden
*Attended first event with Sarawak Bloggers - Thalgo Terre Mer launch
*The movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love was up and I met with Ah Niu and Ping Guan for the first time~
*Went to the dog show at Kenyalang. Also my first time. Hmm....
*And finally went to movie with friends! After ages!

*Got my belly pierced. *oops!* Heeee~
*Mothers' Day celebration and bro's birthday

*LCCI Level 1 examination. Huuuu~~~ BUT I PASSED WITH DISTINCTION!!!!
*Joined aeroplane chess competition with bf, bro and cousin!!! FUN!!!
*Photoshoot at Prince Vogue Bridal
*Attended my first paid event! The Celcom XPlay party!!! And I met Jun Fook for the first time there!!!
*Chester's homecoming dinner

*Footie gather at Premier 101. Go Germany! LOL
*The month when my dream came true......oh Dear Nikon D3000~ =D

*A very very sad old friend, Nancy passed away.....
*Yado cafe finally opens =)
*Of course, August means Kuching Day and that too means Kuching Festival =)
*Went to my first FREE FOOD session at Cafe Majestic
*My first Street Photography session with Sarawak Bloggers

*Laksa session with the bloggers
*Bf's friend, Annie got married and I drooled over the car. Not the food. Hahaha!
*My very first dance performance on Malaysia Day! AWESOME!!!!

*Another dance performance at Bridal Fair located at Pullman
*Oh Selamat....Hari Raya~~~ Ada rendang dekat rumah Fahriee~~~
*Surprise dinner by Choon Fung
*Went all the way up to Mount Singai with colleagues and friends

*Assigned as photographer at Yado. Heee~
*3 days trip to KL just to send bro over and had fun at Times Square which I now regretted cos I didn't shop! Argh!
*LCCI Level 2 examination. Huuuuuu~~~ Awaiting result =/

*Nothing big happened this month except.........I WENT TO CHINA, MACAU AND HONG KONG FOR 8 DAYS!!!!! Weeeeeeee~~~

Alright that's it. Tomorrow I'll post up my new year message. Getting dizzy now thanks to Rodz. Nights!