Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Day of July 2010

Before the clock ticks away to 12am and before I head over to bed. Would like to make a short post just to end this month.

July passed really quickly and rather quietly for me. But it was very very surprising!!!

I got a very surprising and joyful news from Kee Man the other day over Twitter. His tweet was "You'll be upgraded to Prime Blogger soon" and I was like OMGOMGOMG!!!!! How can that ever happen??? Haha! Yes you bet! It did happened!!! I am here proudly announcing myself as a PRIME BLOGGER in Sarawak Bloggers! And I was told that I'M THE ONLY ONE BEING UPGRADED!!!! Now how great is that? =DD

Also, July is the month of remembrance. Finally I got my hands on a Nikon D3000. NO REGRETS!

Before I end this, would like to wish a friend, Sharon Sim, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! She's the Queen of the last day of July. Hehe =D

News update! Tomorrow Yado Cafe & Bistro will be having their soft opening. Grand opening is on Monday. A cafe owned by my cousin, Richard. Located at Jalan Keretapi just right behind Etiqa. Do drop by!!!

That's all. Good night people!

p/s: Anyone went Kuching Festival tonight? Hehe =)

Friday, July 30, 2010

How Can You Resist?

"This is an article posted on a magazine. Find this rather interesting and thought of sharing it with the guys =) "

When she offers forbidden pleasures, it's tempting to forget your vows. Before you go any closer, read this....

You've met her, maybe you work with her - the woman who hints at possibilities. But when flirting turns to invitation - and it's definitely not your imagination - you have a decision to make. Will you exit gracefully or act disgracefully?

Rather than say "I would never have an affair", be honest and look at what makes you vulnerable. As in driving, it's easier to avoid dangerous situations than escape from them.

The Chummy Coworker

Ask yourself : "Am I treating her just as I would a male coworker?" If not, then that's your warning. Re-establish a formal relationship and call her Ms Cooper, not Debra.

When you're together : Never close your door or blinds. The more eyes on you, the better. Never gripe about your home life - it's an invitation for her to 'demonstrate she's better than what you have'.

The Still-Hot Ex

Ask yourself : Could my wife (or girlfriend) be invited to this rendezvous? If not, don't have that meeting with the ex. You need to remind yourself of how this woman was bad for you. Repeat the mantra: "She's trouble - run."

When you go : Tell your wife you're going to see the ex. This automatically helps keep you in line because you know that when you get home, your wife is going to ask you about it.

The Biz-Trip Temptress

Ask yourself : What will happen after the sex? The more you think it through, the easier it is to walk away. Imagine everyone you're near has a hotline to your wife. Then imagine her look of horror and despair.

When she keeps touching your forearm : Blurt out, "I'm married" (or "I have a girlfriend"). It's to remind yourself of your situation as much as it is to inform her. And have a "trouble buddy" stand by to bust if you start canoodling.

When you feel the urge : Go to a bathroom and masturbate. This can relieve some sexual tension and give you about 30 minutes of sanity. Use this window to get out.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dream Lover

Listening to the sounds of waves
Wind of summer warming my face
Footprints printed on the sands
My heart floating to wonderland

Turning around I saw
You were playing by the shore
Sweats glistening down your chest
Making you look so perfect

Your eyes, they caught my attention
Green, intelligent, familiar
You gave me a smile so warm
That sent my heart melting away

I know it wouldn't be right
For me to ask you out tonight
But I couldn't hold myself longer
Although you are just a dream lover

So baby, would you come
With me, to the party uptown
I promise we will have fun
Cos you and me, we are one

Yours truly,
Perpetua Angeline

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Dream Came True

Today marks a very historical day for me =D 25th of July Year 2010 is a new day for me to remember. Hehehe =DD


There comes in on how my title connects to this post.

I've been doing surveys for months. Saving up all that I can. Budgeting myself in everything I spend. Just so my dream can come true.

Yes. It is once again due to my 'kiasuness'. Partly because it's what I like to do. Partly also, it's because I promise myself I will travel more. Travelling means seeing the world. And I don't wana miss a single moment not being able to remember where I went, what I did, what I ate, what I bought and of course, who I went with.

So, I've finally settled myself down.

And I turned my direction towards Nikon =)

And today, this noon, I went over Copal at Jalan Kulas with my sweetness-overdozed boyfriend to bring home my new baby =DD

These are what I brought home. =DD I can't smile anymore because my mouth is already numb. Haha!!!

Yes I know it's ONLY a D3000. I downgraded myself from D90 to D5000 and now to D3000. Reason being my budget is very tight and I would prefer to spend more on the lens and the travels than on the body of a dslr. Hehe =) So yeah, I'm very vERy VERY SATISFIED!!!

Finally I have one in hand. Tonight can hug it to sleep. Hahaha~~

Friday, July 23, 2010

Do You Love The Rain?

It rains everyday in Kuching lately. Just now when I was on my way home, made a little thoughts about how much I love the rain when I was little. =) Let's see what I've got...

When you're 10, you LOVE the rain because you can play with waters =D
When you're 20, you're SCARED of the rain because you don't wana get sick and stay home while all your friends party out =X
When you're 30, you HATE the rain because it spoils your newly bought Jimmy Choos =P~
When you're 40, you get STRESS over the rain because when rain pours, you have to bring in your clothes and they won't dry inside the house =O
When you're 50, you GRIN slightly when it rains because your 20 years old daughter/son will be staying home =)
When you're 60, you WORRY when it rains because your grandchildren will be playing under the rain!!! =D

Hahahaha!!! Yes I actually made that up in my mind while I was stopping at the traffic light near Reservoir Park and while I was stuck in the long queue outside Satok. Hahaha~~

Sometimes I really wish that I can blog anywhere and anytime I want. Like having a netbook in car or while I'm waiting for long queue at any place or when I'm waiting for time to pass in office. If that can be done then I guess my post will be lots more than just by 20s every month. Too busy to online during weekdays and nothing much to blog about.

Anyway, tell me. Do you love the rain? Hehehe =DD

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too Much Tech?

Have you ever wonder if technologies these days had taken away our social life?


1) SMS rather than call your parents saying that you'll be home late
2) Facebook comments rather than get up from your seat to walk to your colleague's cubicle and comment on her clothes or hair or her emotion of the day
3) MSN chat rather than talk to your sister or brother who is downstairs

Need I go on?

Sigh. It's such sad case that these are actually happening nowadays. I find that the 'bug' had gone into my body too. Techs oh techs~

10years ago when I was in Primary 6. The year when I learnt about #IRC chat and emails. They were so fun, yeah. Mainly #IRC chat is for one to get to know another person. To me, it's like going into a new world as anonymous and make new friends all over the cyberspace. Hmm...sounds interesting doesn't it? Remember how we used to !ping in order to stay connected? Haha!

Those were the days when we can actually talk to anyone about anything! You don't even have to know who that person is and you can jump straight into interesting conversations together. Well if that person doesn't suit your social taste, you won't need to bother whether you have to delete him/her off your contact list cos you can just ignore him/her. Hee~~

Then when I got into Form 1. Days starts to get a little better when I finally own a new computer plus printer and mom got me the internet line. It was dial-up back then. Oh-so-slow~~~ But then after few months of using it, mom complaint that I used too much so she had it cut off. Snap! And it's gone!

So I've been living without internet line for a few years. Luckily I met an online friend who is from Sibu. We both decided to write letters since we can't get online to email. Honestly, writing letters is so much better than typing an email. Writing takes up your emotions. Typing don't. We even slipped small gifts like stickers, keychains, or anything small in the envelope and sent out our letters. The waiting was dreadful. But when you finally got the reply, I can tell you, it's much more than just happy =)

Years go on, until Form 3 when I have my first handphone. Not a brand new one. Picked up from somewhere. Haha! Me and a friend shared the phone since our parents refused to buy us one. Each of us get to keep it for a week and then pass. Well, I did alot of SMS but then calling was so much more fun! I really wonder how I was able to talk for hours on the phone back when I was 15 years old! I can have late night calls and talk til no time. And when I had a boyfriend, we used to call each other up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to talk for half hours! Gosh! I really wana get back to that now! Seriously!!! From 8pm to 8.30pm. Whenever the phone rings, mom will say "Your phone" without even answering it. Haha! Oh dear. Where have that gone to???

And then the long wait was finally over. Streamyx came in. So I went to apply one immediately and promised to pay it on my own. Hehe =D And there comes in again. Friendster, MSN, Skype. Those were the 3 main things. Oh and blog too =) This is the blog I started when I was in college. Back at 2006. Yeapz! It's the kiasuness in me that made me wana own a blog too.

And now? Facebook. The utmost popular social site which actually made us all became more and more addicted to everything in it. Do you see yourself on Facebook every single day? Do you send SMS that much to your friends? Do you even call up your friends? When was the last time you talk on phone with an old time friend or best cousin? Or where has your buddy gone to?

You see. What I'm trying to say here is that. I find all these cyberspace social sites and programs like MSN really 'killed' my social life, more like talking life. I was (Note me. Was!) the kind of girl who is able to talk about anything to anyone even if it's the first time I met that person. I can talk on phone with friends for hours. I can write like 3 pages of letters and then post it all the way to Sibu. But now?

Sigh....Now don't you even try to call me up cos I don't talk on the phone anymore. I don't even know what to say! There's like nothing nice to talk about but when it comes to Facebook, everything can be commented. Haha! Even when I go out with a group of people these days, a group of friends, I feel so left out. People are talking and rambling but I just can't seem to join in. Why???

How to cure this virus???? Can anyone help? Hahahaha!!! I don't want to be the quiet me. I WANT TO BE TALKATIVE!!! Kekekek =P~ As in talk using mouth to speak. Not type!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Footie Gather

2 weeks ago, while it was still the World Cup season, a few of us (Sarawak Bloggers) made a teeny weeny footie gather just to watch the match between Germany and Argentina =D

Date: 3rd July 2010
Venue: Premier 101
Time: 10pm (Duh~)

But of course, everyone went earlier to snatch a good place =D Thanks to Kee Man and Cyril that we got the best spot! Which is right in front of the huge projector. Haha~!

I went a little later at about 9.30pm cos went to Saberkas to have a look at the Pikom Fair. Nothing much there. Not many booths. Very very quiet =X They didn't even come to 'snatch' business when you pass by. Apalah~

Anyway, I got myself a World Cup t-shirt just to rise up my football mood for the night. Haha! And I didn't know it's Brazil until Cyril mentioned =.=''' I want England!!! But nevermind, *breathe breathe* There's still other flags like South Africa, Argentina and Spain. Hehehe =D

It was really a good night to watch that match with them.

Attended were: Me and bf, Kee Man and Looi, Cyril, Fahriee, Bongkerz and Mel, and Norman who left earlier.

That was my first time catching a match with friends. Honestly, it's really good to catch a great match with great companions!

Cheers guys!!! We should do this again after 4 years! Hahaha!!!

Oh~~ And after watching few matches of Germany, I fell in love~~~ Huuuuu~~~~

Hahahaha!!!!! Ok I copied that from Facebook =D

Oh wait!!! I haven't mention!!! IT'S MIROSLAV KLOSE~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to make my bf even more jealous =P~

Isn't he so charming and handsome and good-looking and atheletic (duh!) and fit and muscular and tall and has nice nose and dark eyes and rawwrrr.......YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!

A photo of him in a neat grey suit. Hm....gorgeous!!! I don't care if he's married or has children! I'm under the girly-crush-which-will-last-for-quite-some-time. Hahahaha!!! Oh Klose oh Klose oh Klose oh Klose~~~

I found a photo from Google of his childhood. HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! *cubitz cubitz!!!*

Hmm......maybe I should consider German husband....HAHA! Dream on! *slaps self!*

Enough said! I'm just gonna 'fly' to Germany tonight!!! Late night flight!!!

Next up! Paul the Octopus which is soooooooooo SMART that it can PREDICT the football match!!! Dang, who needs to watch the match anymore if it can predict so well?

And the crap thing is that, it chose Spain instead of Germany in the semi-final. Sighh....Why lah Paul oh Paul??? You forgot Germans the one who fed you??? They spent so much on mussels just to feed you fat and you betrayed them!

Oh dear~~~ I should visit the pharmacy soon to buy the KoolFever since my World Cup fever is still around. Mmmm......

*Gonna muchi muchi Klose tonight* Chaoz~

Magnum's Gift

According to my title of this post, yeah, this is just a short one showing you guys what Magnum 4D is giving away. Um...don't ask me how to get this thing or is there any terms and conditions or is it a competition or anything cos I know nothing! Or more to say, I forgot =/

Mom got it from Magnum 4D few weeks ago, not weeks like months-weeks but about 2 weeks ago. It's interesting that a lottery business actually give this things to customers eh.

At first when I looked at it, I thought it's a reading specs casing or maybe just an empty case. But heck no! Nothing similar to my thoughts!!!

These are what I found inside! Little beauty accessories!!! Nail clippers, nail buffer, scissors to trim eyebrow, hair clipper and the thing you use to clean your ears. Wow!!! Nice kan? Hehe =D

Maybe you will wana go down to Magnum 4D and check it our yourself on how to get this thing! And then, do share with me since I'd forgotten about it. Hehe =P

Monday, July 12, 2010

YBKMM Excellent Brand Appreciation Charity Night'10

Dinner was held at Pullman Hotel on the 26th of June. I was there with bf and his family because his sister, Judy had been awarded. One for herself and one for Allunique.

Let the pictures do the talking.

My theme for myself: Vintage! Even dug out my new handbag to use. Hehe =) Wasn't plan on using it until my current ones spoil.

Also, I was assigned to be a cameraman's assistant and my job was to help carry his bag... =.='''

While he went around talking pictures of SO MANY pretty ladies..... =.='''''''

Menu of the night. There's a little gift for everyone. A small piece of marble cake by Maria Kek Lapis Sarawak.

Our table. 3 tables all under Allunique (EM) Sdn Bhd.

My favourite shot of the night! With little Elicia who is camera-shy. Hehe =)

Opening ceremony of the night by the YB and Dato and Datin.

Traditional dance performance took it off as the start and we "starvers" swallow down our food.

One of the trophy for Allunique.

#Exotic Four Hot & Cold Combination Platters

#Red Lady Roasted Chicken With Crispy Prawn Crackers

#Wok-Fry King Prawns With Butter Oat Lemongrass

A closer shot taken with Canon 50D. =) I got the opportunity to handle it while the cameraman was eating. Hehe~~

#Stir-Fried Broccoli Topped With Braised Shittake Mushroom

#Chilled Sweetened Fresh Honey Sea Coconut With Tropical Longan

Also, performance by ballet dancers. I find this quite entertaining. One of their dancers was one of my ex-schoolmate.

Pretty and delicate and soft. All the fragile term to be used on a lady =)

Cameraman with 2 of his nephews. Do they look alike? Hehe =)

And of course, never to forget yours truly~

Now that's how I paired up my clothes with my boots together with my bag =)

Again, how can I resist Canon 50D? =D Loving all the moments that night just cos I have it with me as the owner happens to be out of town. Haha!

Til then~


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hanging Around @ KIA

Last Friday night, me and bf went over to Kuching International Airport (KIA) to hang around. Hehe =D As if lah we're so free. Was actually there to sent my dear friend, Chester off. He came back for about 10days and time just flew off like that. Aihh...

Anyway, he told me his flight was 9 something. Didn't tell me the exact time and I didn't know he's flying off to KL instead of SG. Logged into AirAsia site and found nothing that reads KUC-SG. So what time should I go to airport? To be safe, I went there at 8.30pm sharp. Haha!

And dumbly waited for an hour =.=''' It was freezing cold ok! And I was stupidly wearing my sleeveless tank. Ish!

Pictures were taken using Lumix DMC-FX35 which belonged to bf's niece. Also, pictures were all edited by bf before he sent them to me =.=''' And thus the words on the photos.

And since I have so much time to waste, we went around and fooled ourselves just for the sake of photos. =P~ That monster I'm holding reminds me of something but I forgot what.

Heh? Lost in KIA? It's not KLIA lah~~

Bah~ Fooled until got nothing else to be fooled with so we decided to take some pics of the KIA itself. When there's only one camera in hand, the other person will be dumbly sitting at a corner looking as if she's lost or maybe waiting for a taxi?

And finally he came! Grab a hug and a photo and off he went.

Gonna miss him much. Until probably he comes back again or I fly SG for vacation. Hehe =)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Willing's Farewell Dinner

This post is long overdue for a month =D Reason is cos the photos are all in my Samsung phone and again the long history of my spoilt cd-rom goes. Anyway, I finally took the time to upload all the pics into Facebook last weekend and take it down then post into Photobucket for editing.

After the long lazy days of editing, the photos are finally ready and then I realized, it's already 1 month old =.='''

Cut the crap.

This post as mentioned on my title, is about food again =D Though it's a farewell dinner but I've got no single photo of humans inside. Haha!

Venue: Planet Amore (located at Golden Arch @ 3rd Mile. Very easy to spot if you make yourself turn a few rounds at the roundabout. Hehehee )

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Honey is sweet, But not as you.....

I like the exterior environment =) Full of nature and romance~

There were 2 tables set at the outside also. Good for people who loves to enjoy the night cool breeze like myself =) But sadly, why lah people always choose to sit inside??? Having the aircon blazing at me for the whole day at office, I already had enough of it. Sorry but I love nature more =D And aircon is NOT GOOD for skin hydration!

There's a little bar inside. Love love love!!! I promised to myself that I will have one in my own home next time. =) This is a promise I will never ever break!

Table setting for two. A very romantic place for couple indeed.

Chandelier~~~ Another love!!! Lately I've been loving classic =D

The menu. Erm...when I first flipped through it, as someone who is super duper hyper calculative, the price kinda shocked me. But then again, what can you expect from such a place right? Surely not less than RM10 per dish.

Sweet roses as table decor. Each table has a bouquet. Nice eh~ I told you, it's a place for couple's dinner. So gentlemen, do bring your ladies here for sweet dinner. I'll tell you if it's worth the price you're gonna pay =)

There goes our food. Bf had chicken spaghetti. It is super dupa huge!!! And it tasted really really GOOD! He only finishes the spaghetti. Couldn't take in the salad anymore. Haha! Really big portion here.

Then there comes my chicken chop with mushroom soup. This is the first time I see people serve it with corns and hash brown and sausages. Normally you'll see fries or wedges with the never-to-be-missed salad. I wouldn't rate this dish the best I'd had, but for the side serving, it's better =)

Yes it is huge. The only thing that I couldn't finish was the corn. Did gave bf a piece of the hash brown too. Haha!

How much per dish? Er....sorry I forgot cos it's one month ago =.=''' *curse self* Next time must remember bring my own camera!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Half Year Preview

Time surely did fly a lot faster than it used to. With just a glimpse, today is already 1st of July. Half of year 2010 has gone. What have you done? Or achieved? =) I'll make a preview for myself this time.

Things I've done:

1 - Managed to finish LCCI Level 1, took the exam and now waiting for result
2 - Made a few new friends
3 - Joined Sarawak Bloggers and met a few more bloggers *AM THE FEATURED BLOGGER FOR THE MONTH APRIL!!!!*
4 - Learnt alot about dslr *poisoned!*
5 - Got my belly pierced =P~
6 - Invited to the first paid event =D *Thanks everyone included!*
7 - First time played aeroplane chess in public with bf, bro and cousin! It was real fun!!!
8 - Organized 2 reunions with primary schoolmates and more other small gatherings
9 - Christmas came early! Got more than just 1 free gifts!!!
10 - Watched movies with friends! *Ais Kacang Puppy Love, A Team, Knight and Day*

Now...what did I achieve from all those activities listed above?

I definitely cherish my friendships more now. Friends are everything to me, apart from family of course. When you're home, you have family. But when you're outside surviving on your own, who do you have? Friends.

Though people said "friends come and go but true friends stays", I think it's how you connect to your friends. Even if that friend isn't true to you, or wasn't true, people can change. Like myself, I don't cherish friendship that much last time. So I tend to lose alot of friends in a year although I make alot new ones. I somehow am the type that goes "new one comes, old one goes". It's not good I know. But now I've learnt that I shouldn't be like that. I should treat everyone the way I want to be treated =)

Anyway, what will you be looking forward for the next half year? =)

As for me, I'm gonna make a few plans.

1 - Plan on my CNY trip properly and with more details. Probably going HK and China =D
3 - Well my handphone just dieded on me today. People can't hear me when on call. Gonna bring it for repair this weekend. If it doesn't work, probably will get myself a Blackberry.
4 - Finish up LCCI Level 2 and MUST PASS WITH DISTINCTION!
5 - Attend more events!!!
6 - Gotta be more low profile and stop looking at the sky
7 - Save up more cash for future usage *more trips to come!*
8 - Earn more money with business *namechains & blogshop!*
9 - Spend more time with my loved ones
10 - Lastly, love my life the way they are but must never give up hopes and dreams cos without dreams, everything is just a piece of white paper =D

Cheers people! I hope everyone did well for the first half of year 2010 and we shall all strive for the best in the half year to come!