Friday, February 29, 2008



我会介意吗? 他会介意吗? 那你呢?



Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chapter 4: Gorgeous eyes

It was Friday night, p10 class tonight. She had her stuff done, changed her clothes, took her dinner and left for class at the usual time. It was a lil jam on the road to school. But she managed to reach school on time.

Getting into the lift and into class. She was all prepared for the class that night. Opening the door, only about three to four students in class. Am I in the right class, she thought but then remembered the similar faces of those girls. So she settled herself down.

Hmm..why isn't he here yet, the question played in her mind. Then suddenly the door opened slowly, it was him. Their eyes met. They exchanged smiles and nodded. She was excited and so was he. His eyes brighten up like the shining diamonds. His eyes are gorgeous. Realizing herself looking at him for some moment, she looked away to distract herself. He walked to sit beside her. They didn't speak to each other just yet.

Ms F came in and class started. During class, they did laugh when Ms F joked and turned to look at each other. P10 class was always quiet. Less students than P7 class. And students are more focused on lecturer.

When class ended, while packing stuff, she spoke up. "Erm..excuse me. Erm..can you lend me your textbook? Cos I wana photocopy it," she asked after a long thought. "Yeah sure!" he replied with a smile. "Thank you," she replied back with a smile as well. They left the class together and went down. By the lobby, they bid each other goodbye and went home with a smile on their face.

To be continue...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

2nd Day of Chinese New Year

2nd day of CNY, everyone went over my 3rd aunty's house for lunch. After lunch, as usual, all my aunties and my mum will gamble. Hiakz! I left to Aurelia's house. Reaching there, chit chat and kong wu kong bo. She served me her ownmade cheese cake. Yummy~ Thanks Aure! It's nice! Then we two called up Kelly and went over her house.

When we reached there, only Kel's bf and Phoebe were there. Then came Melvin and Nelson. Then Kelly sent Phoebe home. After Melvin and Nelson left, Elaine and bf came. Then we start camwhoring. Muahaha! Girls bah! It's been ages since I last saw Elaine. Gosh! Really miss her lots!!! And Elaine dear, u've grown so much much prettier!!!
Elaine's bf willingly be our photographer. Hehe =) We tease and joke beh tiam. LoLx! Then around 5smth, we all left. I sent Aure home and left to Chee's house.

As usual, 2nd day of CNY's dinner will always be at Chee's house cos it's her bro's birthday. Lucky guy! So all relatives and lotsa friends will be there too. ED gangs were there too!!!
We mustn't miss this every year! Hahaz! It's us again! Muax baby muax!
Then my mum called me to help photoshoot sikit. It's the 7sisters. One is missing. Aunty Grace and family went traveling to China. Si beh song cinz! Me mummy is the 4th sister~! Muah!
There~! The naughty boys from ED. Present were; Warrence and gf Fen, Ricky, Ben, Boy and gf Shirlene, KF, Raymond and two of his friends. We had so much fun that night! Really love them! No matter how quiet the situation can be. Once there's music, they'll be heat up!
And brEAk the ruLes!!! Just look how cooL they are!!! And the winner of the night goes to Ah Ben!!! His new way of breaking! Cool isn't it?
Then they start bullying KF. Hahaz! Kesian KF. Whole night he was the one kena target. It was Siang and Warrence's idea to do this african dance thingy when they saw KF on the floor. I was laughing and at the same time trying to snap pics. So the pics are quite blur. LoLx!
Next! Story line, King wanted to attack Ah Siang. Then in order to protect himself, Ah Siang fought back. But sadly the innocent Ah Ben who wanted to help King got punched! Ouch!
And then, somewhere in the middle of shooting this movie, Warrence came in out of nowhere to capture King. Not knowing which side was Warrence at, Ah Siang continued to protect himself by hitting whoever was present. In the end, all got beaten down by Ah Siang! -The End-

LoLx!!! What a story. Anyway, it was really fun. After the jokes and dances and all, we settled down for movie. Firstly we watched The Wicked Ghost. It was quite scary. I called mum to say I wasn't going home. Afraid to drive home alone la ok! LoLx! Then continue to the next movie. About 2.30am, they all headed home. Left Ah Siang there with me and Chee. They continued to watch movie til I don't know what time cos I fell asleep. Hiakz!
These are the pics of the fireworks I took that night using my Casio 6.0megapix camera. Hehehe =D Not bad right? It's not the biggy DSLR like JF's or Pazuzu's or Allen's or Tim's boh!! It's just a digicam nia. Hiakz! Very satisfied with my own photography. Til then, chaoz!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Sharon~!

Happy birthday Sharon~! Sorry I'm kinda in a rush so I'll make a short post for you ya? First of all, let's introduce who Sharon is. Hiak hiak hiak! She's the owner of A sweet girl who loves pink A LOT!!!

How do I get to know her? Blog lor! Hahaz! No la. Actually I know her through skype. Jimmy intro de leh. Hehe =) What else hor? Hmm...I know she's very in lub wit her Lemon lor. And she lub lub lub cute cute stuff. LoLx! Which girl don't? Oya! I know she very shy de. Haiyo Sharon dear ah. Blogger mana boleh shy worh. Come out meet with us ma. Hehe =D I don't want loso so much la. Show you something~
Sharon dear, since I know you love pink. So I got you a pink strawberry + kiwi cake! I think Alysha Momi will tiu alot lor. Cos she'll go nuts when she sees the strawberry later. Hahaz! I should be keeping this cake for her but later too long it will 'seh ko' so I give you first =P
There you go~ The pic above is our Sharon dear~! Sweet leh! Pink leh! Hahahaz!!! I wana do something gok...

Sharon is sweet,
Sharon loves pink,
Sharon is she,
Our one and only dear~!

Hereby I wana leave some wishes for you:~
@ Wish you happy birthday~!
@ May all the angels and saints be with you always~!
@ Wish you all the best in everything you do~!
@ Wish you stay sweet and pretty always~!
@ Wish you have happy sweet everlasting moments with Lemon~!
@ Wish you always healthy and wealthy~!
@ Wish you success in career~!
@ Wish you happy happy happy all the time~!
@ Wish you stay slim always~!

Oki~! 9 wishes sent to you! 9 means everlasting! Hiakz! Til then...chaoz!

Perpetua Angeline

Superstar Travis~!

Last night mum asked for my help to ask around for people to vote for her friend's son. I was like O.o? Apa tu? Hehe =) Then my mum susah susah explain to me. Hahaz! It's her friend's son who joined the Superstar contest at Astro. She still said if she's not mistaken la. LoLx!! Mum mum..biasalah~!

Anywayz, just doing her a favor back. I decided to post it up so can ask for more help. So calling people from all over Sarawak!

Travis is his name (sorry no pic). He's from Kuching, Sarawak. The one and only Sarawakian who manage to get into finalist. Please vote for him!

For those with Astro, the show is at Channel 708.

Date: 24-02-2008
Time: 8.30pm - 10pm

SMS "TRAVIS" and send to 33399 !!!!!!!!! Please send him a vote! Thank you! Make us Sarawakian proud!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chapter 3: HV

The second week arrived, it's gonna be Mr D's class again that night. As she was getting ready for class, her mind played back last week's scene. She dislikes it when everyone's eyes were on her as she walked in the class. So she decided to leave earlier to class.

While walking into class, she stopped by the notice board to look at the schedule for the day. It's the class arrangement schedule.

Subject: P7
Lecturer: Mr D
Class: HV

"HV?" she thought. Changed of class. Previous week they used LD for class. Different class means different seating. She sighed and reluctantly walked into the lift.

As she opens the door, only a few students were in the class. Mr D wasn't there yet. Then, she spotted him. Sitting alone at the back of the class. Being a student who prefer to sit at the front row, she ignored him, walked to the first row and sat down. Little did she know that he was actually waiting for her.

Mr D came in and sat right in front of her. Before he starts class, he asked how many students were still without textbooks. She raised up her hand and turned around to look at the rest. There were still a few students without their textbook. She saw him with his textbook and again, she ignored and turned back.

An hour passed, her handphone suddenly vibrated. It's a sms received from E. The sms read, "I'm here." E were to pass some stuff to her. So she went downstairs to get 'em. When she went back into class, she took a glimpse at him before sitting down.

She was alone that night and so was he. Time seemed to pass very slowly for her. When the clock strike 9.30pm, Mr D called it for the night. She packed her stuff and leave. It's without goodbye again, for the third time.

To be continue...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chapter 2: It's him again

Thursday evening, she was all prepared for class. "I must not be late again," she said to her colleague and left for school. When she reached school, she found a nice parklot. "How perfect," she thought and skipped happily to class.

Slowly she opened the classroom's door. She was as nervous as the previous night. It was the first class for P10. So there will be new faces again.

When she opened the door, to her surprise, it was him again! The same guy who sat next to her in P7 class last night. Surprised, happy, excited, relieved? There was no word to describe her feelings at that moment. Without hesitation, she took the seat and sat next to him.

She felt so much relieved in her to actually see a familiar face in the class. Ms F introduced herself and class started. Then again she was without textbook but this time, he has. Being a gentleman, he shared his book with her.

Throughout the night, silence kept both of them occupied. Class ended and again they departed without goodbyes.

To be continue...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Chapter 1: First sight

Someone threw the question onto me...I was happy but I hesitated and rejected...

On a Wednesday evening, she was rushing her way to school. "I'm late!" she mumbled to herself. Reaching school, parked her car and ran up to class. First day of the new semester. Nervously, she opened the door, everyone's eyes were on her. "Darn! 10minutes late!" she scolded herself in her own thoughts. The class was almost full of student. She quickly spotted a seat just by the door. Seated next to her was a young good-looking guy. Neither did she bother to even greet him.

Sat down and teacher started class. Mr D introduced himself to all the students. Mr D is a very funny man. The class was filled with laughters. Notes were being distributed. Many students were still without text books include her and also him.

The night passed without any conversation. Both 'em kept quiet the whole while. She took a lil peek at him. Long sleeve button shirt, black long pants and black shoes. Fair skin, petite and gentle. Dare not she ask for his name. Time passed. Class ended and they departed home without goodbyes.

To be continue...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love Consultant Wanted

I need a love consultant!!! I need someone to talk to about relationship. Anyone to intro? Anyone volunteer??? Please leave some comment!!! Or mail me at I really need one now....

1st day of Chinese New Year

First of all, I wana greet everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! My first day of CNY is as usual. Woke up around 7smth to get ready. We were to meet up with all the aunties and uncles at my grandparents' house. Me and my parents went in separate cars cos I'll be heading over friend's house in the noon. Hehe =) Bro followed my car and mum and dad went pakto. LoLx!!!Reached there around 9smth. Few relatives were there edy. Some has yet to arrive. Grandma and grandpa had started to distribute 'angpows'. Hiak hiak hiak!!!

Pic above: (top left) That's my grandparents; (top right) Relatives~; (bottom left) Arrival of aunties and uncles; (bottom right) That's my mum giving 'angpows' to my cousins. Hehe =) She wore til so red on the first day. White top with red patterns, red skirt, red handbag and red pumps!!! That's my mum =D
Pic above: These are my cousins. Some are currently at KL, some at Sabah and some stays here. Hehe =) Those in KL and Sabah, they only comes back once in two years during CNY.
This is us! The triplets who played and laugh and joke and cried and fool and is always for each other since lil~ We love each other to the bits! Muax!

Around 11am, we left to visiting around relative's house. Firstly, we went to 5th aunty's house at Penrissen. Then head over 2nd uncle's house for lunch. Then 3rd uncle's house for dessert. Hahaz!

By 4pm, everyone departed home. Mum, dad and bro went home to prepare for dinner cos everyone will be going our house for dinner that night. I didn't go home =/

I went over YL's house. Hehe =) Stayed there til 5.30pm and left for Mr & Mrs Liong's house. Met up with other colleagues over there as well. Then around 6.30pm I left for Mr Kuang's (my boss @ my granduncle) house. His house was opened that night but I can't stay long cos my house was open too. So before everyone arrives at Mr Kuang's house, I left dy. Hehe =)

Went home, and blah! My house was packed! LoLx! House too small bah. Seeing my dad busied in kitchen, I rushed to help him with the dishes. Then there's food, laughter, gamblings, games and movies all over. Hehe =) Around 9smth, my colleagues came over as well. Then we together left to Ms Chan's house. I went home around 11pm. Phew~ That's my first day~

Picture of the day:...My family portrait~


Saturday, February 16, 2008

My lovely angels and doves~

Ola people~ Do scroll down to my blog footer and search for your face ya? These people makes my life beautiful~

Perpetua Angeline

Friday, February 15, 2008

Reunion Dinner @ Tian Chu

This year, I had my reunion dinner with mum and aunties uncles and cousins. It's different from previous years cos mum had to work til 7pm. Kesian~ It's nice of my uncle to invite us to reunion dinner together. We had our dinner at Tian Chu @ 3rd mile. I can't remember what's the english name of the place. Hehe =P

Since mum and I had to wait til after 7 pm then can go, when we reached there, we missed two dishes dy. First dish is the 'lau shen'. My cousin, Ing said she 'lau' my share dy and she's sweet to keep some for me. Thanks~ She even kept a bowl of soup for me. Hahaz! The only thing I do was eat and eat and eat once I sat down. Didn't even have time to greet people. LoLx! Third dish dy lor. It's the 'mantou' with pork. Nice! I love this dish!!!
There...the bowl of soup which Ing left for me. Hehe =D
This one is mix vege. There's mushrooms, brocolli, sea cucumber, seaweed and others.
Fifth dish: Prawns!!!!!! Now this prawns are nice!
Last dish: It's the so-called 'ba zhang'. Hahaz! Cos according to chinese calendar, we eat 'ba zhang' (dumpling) at the end of the year, so this 'ba zhang' will always come out last when dine at restaurant. Hehe =D
Then! This is a must. Girls bah!! Vain and vAiN and VAIN!!! Cheers gurls~ Love you all~
And lastly, our table, only cousins la. All teens bah. Hehe =D We had our very own 'yam seng' session. Hahahaz!!! Our voice 'sapu' the whole restaurant. LoLx! Happy reunion everyone~

Chinese New Year Eve @ Spring

Ok ok. I'm gonna start blogging about my CNY this year. Gonna start from CNY eve. My dad and bro went back kampung for reunion dinner. I didn't follow cos my mum has to work on that day. So I'll be accompanying her to dine with my aunties and uncles at night.

On that day, I woke up early in the morning to clean my house. I did my second time vacumn the whole house and wipe certain areas. Cleaned my room as well. Then it was time for lunch. Called YL out for lunch. We went over Spring.
Since it's CNY eve, Digi had a roadshow at Spring with their very own 'Cai Shen Ye'. Hahaz! Handsome isn't he? LoLx!!! Gong Xi Gong Xi!!
After walking around, we stopped by the newly opened The Chicken Rice Shop which came all the way from KL I think. I remember always seeing the advertisement on tv.
Look at the cute lil culinary tray. It's a rooster!
*slurps!* Even the menu makes you drool~~~ We were there joking saying let's order all these. BUT!!! What we didn't know is that.....
These are what we ordered!!! OMG!!! It's a h**l lot!!! We sat on a table for two. Our table was SUPER small and the whole table was full!!! LoLx!!! Si beh pai seh!!! Now people, this is only two sets ok? Each set is for one person ONLY!!! And look at all those! Gosh! We were wondering how are we gonna finish all them since the two of us doesn't eat much. Hahaz!
There, the set consists of 1 plate of beancurd with braised eggs, 2 plates of breast meat, two pcs of pai tee and a bowl of dessert. Those not in picture were: 2plates of bean sprout, 2 bowls of soup, 2 plates of rice, chinese tea and pepsi.

That's really too much for two person. We didn't manage to finish them all up. What's left were one bowl of soup, one plate of bean sprout and part of the beancurd. LoLx!!! We were reaLLy REALLY FULL!!!! These two sets cost us only RM25.08 eh. Not bad hor? It's actually RM22.80 and plus service charge of 5%. Not bad not bad. But next time will remember, call one set is enough for two of us. Hahaz!
There you go~ The Chicken Rice Shop~ It's fully recommended for family~

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a Valentine's day...

As everyone is very well known about, today marks the day of love. Valentine's day it is. A day to be happy about. A day to be celebrated with your loved ones. A day to be memorable.

Sigh...indeed a very memorable day for me. I found out that I did a very huge mistake. Sigh!!! It's my fault for being so careless. Darn me! Still can't get it out of my head. Stupid stupid me!

Nah..I think everyone should just ignore this post cos I'm here to complain only. I saw 2 accidents on road just now eh. One at Ong Tiang Swee road and one opposite The Spring. Haiyaz. It's Vday yet there's accidents around. I nearly got into one myself. I think twice eh or thrice? Don't know la. Don't bother. Was occupied by my thoughts. Sienz!!!

How did my Vday went? Mistake, near accidents and work and work and work. It's like none other past Vdays of my life. Hehe =D A Vday being single~ Weeeee~ Ok. You can call me crazy.

Hmm....I did, did something similar during this year's Vday eh. For the past years, I've been making Vday cards for my 'that someone'. This year, though I don't have that particular 'someone', but I did made a Vday card for someone. What am I talking about with the someones someones?? Hahaz!

Anyway, to that someone, you read what I wrote la. But it's a lil too late now I know. Hehe =P It's ok. Thanks for accompanying me throughout the night~ Now this gift, is priceless =) Happy Valentine's Day to you~

No expectation this Vday. Cos I know it's gonna be a lonely one. Cheers to you all~ Sorry about this annoying emo-cin post. Happy Valentine's Day~!

光良 - 爱可以点亮整个世界











:. 爱真的可以点亮整个世界吗?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Xiao Zhu Xiao Zhu Fei Du Du~

Time to show some CUTE ADORABLE pictures!!! No caption. Just pictures~

Hiak hiak hiak!!! Enjoy ma? Cute ma? FYI: I was driving that time. Hahaz!

My First Nail Art

Finally I have the time to update my blog. My blog's been so outdated for the whole CNY. Hahaz! Anyway, I did my very first nail art during this CNY. While everyone was busy playing with fireworks, I busy myself with nail arts. I bought some blings blings. It's very cheap ah! 50cents for one packet. Small packets la. But can use many times worh~
Pics up! Black and white! Hahaz! My blings are of purple triangle and white round shapes.
The pics blur cos I use my hp to take. Hp camera no macro mode ma!
Nice? Ok la hor? First time worh. My uncle haolien si. He said why wana waste so much of my time painting and sticking all these bling bling. Mine da best la. Save money and save time *pointing to his own nails*. Hahaz!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

List of requirements? Hehe...

Alright. Obviously I'm out of stuff to do now and am too bored here since no one is online to chat with me. Well, might as well take this chance to 'ngey ngey' update my blog. Hahaz!

Recently I've been asked about my requirements for my other half. Some asked, what are my requirements, some asked what are my taste, some asked what type of guys attract me. Funny huh. All of a sudden. Anyhow, doing them a favor back, I decided to list my requirements in here.

So here goes:....

1. Loyal
2. Non-smoker
3. Non-midnight-clubber (I don't wana sleep alone cos I'm afraid of being alone in the dark)
4. Loves kids
5. Knows how to cook (at least when I can't cook, he's there to cook for the kids)
6. Willing to help with house chores
7. Respect my freedom
8. Respect elders
9. Has a stable career
10. Clean and neat and tidy (I can't cope with someone who laze around with newspapers, clothes, towel, shoes and everything else everywhere in the house)
11. Image matters (but not too over till has to dress up an hour before! Or kept asking me how does his hair looks like or is his shirt tidy enough)
12. Punctual (I hate late-comers cos I hate to wait)
13. Animal lover
14. Isn't a spendthrift!!! (but not too stingy or calculative)
15. Doesn't mind so much about what brand he uses =)
16. Not picky with foods
17. Doesn't compare both our abilities
18. Knows how to swim (cos I don't =D)
19. Doesn't mind my past
20. Sincere


I think that's enough eh. Hahaz! Didn't know I can actually listed out so many terms and conditions =D Some which I noted, is a MUST-HAVE. Hehe =) Others negotiable. LoLx!!!

Lift up your CNY mood~

Another post for my CNY decor. As the other day my decor was just too plain. So I decided to add some more. Hehe =)The 'Fu' is now surrounded by a boy and a girl and also two new year cards below. Hehe =D
Tadah~ Angpows with a 'Fu' added. My house really full of 'Fu' this year.
There, the golden bao which I mention in my previous post. Big leh~
Added some decor onto my main door as well.
And mum asked me to decor the plants. She told me to tie some red ribbons onto them. And so I did. After tying all up. I decided to play around with my camera. Hehe =D
And look what I've done. Hiakz! Very satisfying results~ I set my camera to the 'Flower' setting and snap ki snap lok just one plant. I think my neighbour must be thinking that I'm crazy. LoLx! Happy Chinese New Year everyone~

p/s: ahlost, the 'siu kiong' no more liaw cos it's not suppose to look like 'siu kiong'. Hahaz! See the new ones? Hehe =D

How to tell if he's totally into you!

Since Vday is also around the corner, just wana post something lovey dovey up~ I was reading the seventeen mag (I know I'm not 17 anymore). Hahaz! And I came across this article which looks interesting to me. It's guy's body language. Enjoy it gurls~ And guys, do give me some feedback whether these are really true or not. Cheers~

1. Locking eyes - "When I see a girl I'm interested in, I feel shy, but I make sure to keep plenty of eye contact with her. The key is focusing solely on her-not your friends!"

2. Changing his style - "I'll start to style my hair to fit her personality, like depending if she's preppy or punk. I'll also splash on some cologne so I smell good when she goes in to hug me."

3. Acting chill - "A girl can tell I like her by how I talk to her. If we talk like she's just another one of my boys, then that's the hint that I want to pursue her."

4. Showing off - "I play guitar so if I like a girl, I'll write a song and sing it for her. My crush must have really liked it because now she's my girlfriend!"

5. Sending notes - "I'll send a random text to a girl I like. Simple messages like 'Hey, what are you up to?' or 'How's your day?' let her know she's being thought of."

6. Paying the bill - "If we go out to eat and I pay for both of our meals, that is a sure sign that I really like her. When I am 'just friends' with a girl, we each pay our share of the bill."

So guys and girls, take note and leave some comments for me. Thanks~

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Will You Be My Valentine...

Cupid is in the city
Lovey dovey spirit in the air
Red roses, love cards, sweet quotes
All willing to send till doorstep

I see no point for celebration
The past is still haunting
Doors locked, four walls I face
Forbidding myself from the world outside

Lying in the dark, I closed my eyes
Similar faces floating away
A sudden light caught my attention
I saw, I recognized, I smiled

It was you, who smiled to me
It was you, who gave me your hand
It was you, who accompanied me all this while
I just didn't notice you

Now that the door had been unlocked
But I still don't dare to open up
Just to ask you
Will you be my valentine...

Truly yours,
Perpetua Angeline

p/s: This post is specially for someone..I hope you know who you are...Just a valentine...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chinese New Year on its way

Hola people~ I know my blog had been dead for days. Due to my heavy workload I wasn't able to update my blog. But now that I am free, I'm back to daily updates!

Well, as everyone should know, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Counting...4 days more!!! Have you all done your shopping spree and house cleaning and decors? As for me, I'm done with my shopping spree. Last night was the last shopping for my CNY and account's closed! Hahaz! (p/s: I am broke now!)

And as for house cleaning and decors, last weekend I did some vacumn and wiping the corners. This morning sweep the floors too. It's no use cleaning your house too early cos after a week it's gonna be like before you clean. LoLx! So why bother? Wait til the last day la! I'll clean one more time on the last day. Hehe =D

Decorations...Chinese New Year is the time whereby one should fill their house with red packets, red ribbons, red decors....EVERYWHERE! I went shopping for decorations stuff last few days during lunch time. Bought few decors and they all only cost me RM8.50. How cheap! LoLx! Let's see what I had bought...
A very big FU word. Hehe =D Fu means luck. I filled my house with luck this year. Hiakz!
There's angpow packets (those are free =D) and that's my mum's idea of hanging little stuff at the angpow packets. Haha! Don't know where she got this idea. I bought the dangling stuff. It's only RM0.30 for one!!! They consists of golden 'bao', gold fish, gold oranges, gold fans and alot more others. It's so cute!!! I did bought a very big 'bao' which my mum put it on our living room tv but I forgot to take pic of it. Hahaz! Maybe will post it in my next post. Btw, 'bao' is the gold money which were used by the people in China last time =D
I found this decor stuff somewhere so I decided to hang it at my kitchen's light. LoLx! I think my mum's gonna laugh when she sees this. She's not home now. Hiak hiak!
I bought few stalks of erm....'mei hua' (I think that's what its called). Each stalk cost me RM1.20. I bought 7 stalks overall. Hehe =D I love to decor ler~ And I love to make flower arrangement too. Hiakz! That's all for this post. Hope you guys will decor your house nice nice also~ Cheers people~ *backz to decor*